My unrequited love

I know your average girl. Skinny, long and silky hair, short dress, pretty smile, coverup makeup, thin eyebrows. I'm not like that - slightly muscular, broader shoulders, prefers jumpers and long sleeves.
"I like that". He smirks.


5. Angie, huh?

5. Angie, huh?

"How?!" I stare at him stroll out of the head teachers office. He convinced Head that I should be his freaking guide. It's like people can smell the meekness in my personality. I clench my fists and look him in the eye. Not anymore, Bub,

"I have Math now, you have another subject so I can't guide you anywhere I'm afraid. I'll tell you where your class is if you want", I explain and reach into his jeans pocket and grab his timetable as he flinches. I groan. He has all the same freaking subjects as me apart from Chemistry for which he has physics instead,

"We have maths now. Follow me", I hiss, shoving his timetable at him and walking away. The most annoying thing? I could feel his stupid grin as we walked behind me.


"When we go in, if miss asks, we're late because I was guiding you, not because we came into school late", he starfes at the notice board on the wall and I roll my eyes. Hopefully he got the message. 

I walk into the lesson and luckily everyone was still talking so I go up to miss,

"Sorry I'm late Miss Hemms, I was guiding the new student, Mr Lucif... Lucius" I hastily alter and walk over to my seat at the front. No one likes itting on the front row so it's more spacious but hopefully that won't mean Mr Lucifer will be sat at the front. Taking my notes and pencil case out, I glance around. Ellie has a spare seat next to her too. A silence draws out as the girls take in this new boy who was currently talking to Miss Hemms with an angelic smile and laughing. If only they knew his real personality,

"Well then, Lucius, how about you take a seat next to..." She looks around the room. I hold my breath and cross my fingers, "... Ellie at the back, she'll talk yiou through anything you don't understand".

I smile and do a dance mentally as Lucius walks by to the back. Drama over, let's try to understand algebra.


"Ok, so acetic acid and sodium hypochlorite should not be anywhere near each other so... let's add, why are you looking at me like that?" I place the two test tubes in the rack and look at June,

"Angie's talking about you and Lucius. She wants to know why you guys came into school together and why she wasn't called to be his guide", she murmers, conscious that Angie was working in the row behind us,

"I couldn't care less to be honest. I'll wish her luck the next time I speak to her". June laughs and we carry on with the practical.

"I don't get it". I love the experiments in chemistry but the theory can just go away, honestly,

"Juuuune, what are you even writing, how do understand this?" complaining I look over at her work,

"I'm writing the goddamn date woman, you think I understand this?", I laugh and read the questions again.

"HEY, Yasmine!"  I whip around and lo and behold, it's Angie,

"Hi Angie, Its Jasmine", I greet her with a smile,

"Yea, sure, You know Lucius?", god, she gets straight to the point,

"Well... If you told me the answer to this question...",

"3.71 moles, what do you know?"

"He's new to school and that's all I know but thanks for the answer", I grin at her seething and turn back around,

"How do you know the answer?" June asks as I scribble down 3.71,

"Just a genius you know" I gloat until Mr Heather comes around,

"Your answer is incorrect, Jasmine. Not even close, how did you get this? Rethink your method" He reports. God, can he be any louder, someone give this guy a loudspeaker so the whole school can know about my failure,

"And here I was thinking you were smart for once, Jas" June jeers,

"Shaddup June", I blush as the class laughs.

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