My unrequited love

I know your average girl. Skinny, long and silky hair, short dress, pretty smile, coverup makeup, thin eyebrows. I'm not like that - slightly muscular, broader shoulders, prefers jumpers and long sleeves.
"I like that". He smirks.


2. And there goes my Pride

2. And there goes my Pride

The third time, my alarm went off, I managed to actually open my eyes and stimulate my arms to reach out and switch it off. Two seconds later my brother came in and decided to use my stereo to listen to music and my sister casually walks in to join in,

"Guuuuys, you didn't tell me about this reunion party", I say groggily, "And why are you all in your school uniform?",

They give each other the, 'shes-so-dumb-it-hurts' look and they finally answer,

"Because we need to go to a party", they say sarcastically. I know they're twins but thats freaky, scientists should use twins' telepathic communication to make it be available for everyone, then it would be fair.

Anyway I look at the time and slowly get out of the bed, reluctantly and it's so cold. Like, why is it so cold? No one wants cold. Sighing I go to get ready for school.


As I walk through my school gates, I straighten my blazer and pull down my skirt. I hate school like every other kid but not because you learn and get homework and stuff because I can understand how homework helps. It's the paranoid, hypocritical judging I hate. Luckily in my school we don't get the 'popular kids' being arrogant and all that but I'm constantly wearing a façade to fit in. So I walk into the hallway and up the first set of stairs. Everything's green. Why not something jazzy? Orange would be a start, or maybe deep ocean blue? Anyway I get to the second floor then I walk and push open the door and there's a huge teacher. He looks like he's in the army with clean shaved off head and a huge frame. He stands and I realize that he's shouting at some poor kid. As I walk past, the kid starts crying. Poor thing. Sigh. I reach my form and the teacher still hasn't arrived. I walk through and a loud clatter and laughing reaches my ears. I place my bag on my seat and walk to the huddle of girls,

"Hey guys!", I say pointlessly, all of them completely ignore me and carry on. They don't mean to be rude but they really cannot be asked to waste their time saying hello to the kid they cannot give a thing for. Actually, scrap that, I doubt anyone heard me.

I really don't want to look like a loner or something so I walk up to a few girls and stand there because they don't have an issue. The girls that always gossip do though. 

"Hey guys, did you see the new episode of pretty little liars?" I say grinning and they all pounce into the conversation giggling and squealing. I squeal and laugh along with them as we talk about our favourite characters and our favourite couples. Truth be told? I hate watching series like these. It hurts my eyes to stare at the screen for so long and I couldn't care less about who makes their life hell to be honest but I don't want to fit out. I think I manage that anyway.

Oh by the way, June isn't in my class, sadly.

Soon the extra lights turn on and that's an unspoken code that the teacher is here. She comes in registers everyone and then she lets us go to our first lesson. I really try hard in lessons, not because I'm a geek but because well, we're in a lesson and there's pretty much nothing else to do so what's the use in wasting time. In Biology we get out test results back and once again, I'm second place. Damn, that guy is so hard to beat! I don't even know his name. Maybe I should find out one of these days.

Anyway lunch time comes along and I fly out of the classroom after saying farewell to all of the others,

"JUNE" I yell at her, and a kid mutters something about people not even getting the month right. Jheez, chill bros. June runs over and we do the united forever hug that only we know (SECRET). Then we laugh as we walk through the crowd and its all good. I love June, she's my one and only bestie. All the others are fake. There was once these group of girls that me and June used to hang out with and one day they stopped talking to me and left the room when I came in. June didn't know what was going on either and soon one of them tells me, 'one of the girls said they hated you, that's why we blanked you, sorry', but I ain't fooling myself with no fake friend so we ditched and it was me and June. Jasmine and June. The JJ girls. :]. Cringeworthy things.


So last lesson came soon and now I'm all happy because I'm going to June's house straight after. It's maths and I'm doing my classwork like a boss when someone comes in late,

"Hey Jaz, looking Jazzy, what you saying bro?" One of his minions ask,

He grins at them and goes to the teacher to inform his presence. The girls think he's cute but we all know girls that like just about every guy. I'm not a size 2, big eyes, drop down gorgeous, 'I'm all about the thug life', kinda girl. I'm just me and I'm happy with myself just as I am but sometimes when I'm with other girls, I feel kinda paranoid. Like I'm doing something wrong. I'm more of a pug life kind of girl. If you get me. Or not.

Tears pool in my eyes and I desperately blink them back, gripping my pen tight enough to kill it. Damn it, emotional moment, seriously!?

The bell rings and I grab my homework diary before scribbling down the homework and stuffing my books into the bag. SLEEPOVER TIME!

I walk out of class and wait outside June's classroom. The teacher keeps talking, it takes so much effort to not walk straight in and tell everyone to pack up,

"Hey, Jasmine, you dropped this sheet", a sudden call snaps me back into reality,

"Oh, hey... Hey", I smile sheepishly at a familiar guy and take my homework sheet. I know he's in my year but I don't know his name. Awkward.

He nods and opens his mouth to say something but decides against it and nods again,

"How are you?" I ask, taking the initiative and glancing at June through the window in some hope that she'll run out of class,

"Okay, thanks", he replies and June finally storms out so naturally I hug the life out of her,

"Let's GO!" I say dragging her through the rest of her class. She giggles and runs alongside. I can't wait to get to this sleepover!

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