Through His Eyes

Gale Hawthorne almost cried when Katniss Everdeen said the painful words "I volunteer as tribute". Now he must watch her soon to be painful death. While the games go on, Gale falls in love with a new girl, A beauty with a past, Hermonie Granger. When he is ready to make a commitment to her, Katniss has just become a victor.


1. Chapter 1

My eyes stared into the horizon and  as I watched the sun rise. Then I saw her coming. The same classic braid. The same frown plastered on her face. Katniss, but I called her Catnip. But through her eyes, I saw worry. And I knew why. Today was the reaping day. The day where two tributes fought for their their lives, while their families hide away and pray. But I could tell she wasn't worried for herself, she was worried for Prim. Her happiness in the world. Katniss was mine. I wanted to comfort her, cradle her in my arms, show her my love. But I couldn't. She always wanted go through pain solo with a brave face. She is been this way since her dad died. Instead I open her hand and place a token of my affection in her hand.

"What is this?"she asked.

"A good luck charm."

"A mockingjay."

"Yeah, I was just thinking we never really give anything to each other."

"Can't afford it Gale. Too many mouths to feed."

"Dammit Katniss. Can't you just appreciate something for once."


"I'm sorry. I'm just on edge today with the lottery and all. The pin is just to remind you I will always be there for you."I quickly said to break the silence.

"Well, I got to go get ready. See you later."Katniss almost whispered as she scurried off.

I watched her run for a few minutes before getting up. "I will always be there for lame!"

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