Black Butler - A Ladies Maid Worth Dying For.

Aurelia St.Claire is the heir to the prestigious company named: ‘St.Claire Pâtisseries’. A marvellous organisation that creates incredible cakes and pastries of all kinds... But when her parents are killed in a tragic accident, things become a little more... well... interesting...


1. Her Maid, Saviour.

Mother, how long is it until we get home?” murmured the teen seated in the back of the carriage. She was dressed in a teal satin dress, her long ginger hair curled in ringlets hanging down to her waist, slightly fuzzy from the dancing and heat of the ballroom. Her soft blue eyes narrowed slightly as she messed with the top of her corset: Pulling it up and wriggling her shoulders as she tried to get it into a comfortable position, which of course was near to impossible when one was wearing a device which practically moulded her figure to its shape rather than the other way around.

I freaking hate these damned corsets. I would honestly rather walk around with nothing on than this whale-boned piece of crap.

“Merely fifteen minutes dear. Then I’ll let you take off the corset.” Her mother answered with a soft chuckle, reaching over from opposite her to gently brush a stray lock of hair out of her face. Smiling. “You do look beautiful in that dress though...”

“So you mean I don’t the rest of the time?” The seventeen year old grumbled, looking away.

Thanks a bunch mom.

“What your mother is trying to say is...well...yes, pretty much that.” The blonde haired man grinned.

“DAD!” The girl kicked her father’s shin with the toe of her high heeled boots. He cried out and huffed, reaching down to rub the quickly bruising skin beneath his trousers.

“Aurelia, be nice.” Her mother said through half a fit of giggles, before turning to her husband:”Leo... are you a-alright?” She barely managed to stutter out, placing a gloved hand over her mouth, still giggling.

“Just... Just marvellous. Thank you Love.” Her father uttered, his words laced with sarcasm, which earnt him a punch in the arm from his wife.

“Ow!”The two parents laughed and Aurelia watched fondly. She loved how her parents were like this. So happy and care free...


But that didn’t last.


The carriage suddenly screeched to a stop and Aurelia yelped, gripping onto the seat in fear. Aurelia’s father paused before looking to his wife and daughter. “Stay here... I’ll go and check with the driver.” The tall male paused before opening the carriage door and stepping out. Shutting the door behind him.

Aurelia and her mother sat anxiously in the back of the carriage, Aurelia pulling back the curtain on the window but struggling to see anything through the darkness. After a few seconds of silence the young lady opened the door and jumped out, just to here a gunshot and scream from shock, doubling over and crouching, putting her hands over her ears.


There came a murmur from towards the front of the carriage, wet and painful.

“LEO!” Aurelia’s mother screamed, jumping out of the carriage, tripping in the gravel road from her heeled boots, half crawling towards the front of the carriage, only for a second gunshot to fire just after the first....then soon a third...


Aurelia was in shock. Shaking.

This can’t be happening... this can’t be happening...

She clung to the tops of her shirt sleeve. Curled up and shaking.

Well... do something.

Aurelia snapped out of it, jumping up and running around, stumbling, towards the front of the carriage. Only to be stopped by a dark cladded figure with a hood over his face, a long thin scar stretching from his cheek further up into the darkness of the hood. The bodies of her parents half visible through the darkness... Still.

Aurelia stared. Shocked. A cold feeling of dread moving through her being... then the figure lifted his hand, pointed his pistol towards her head.


The gun failed, the dark form stepped forward, and hit Aurelia’s temple with the butt of his gun.



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