Black Butler - A Ladies Maid Worth Dying For.

Aurelia St.Claire is the heir to the prestigious company named: ‘St.Claire Pâtisseries’. A marvellous organisation that creates incredible cakes and pastries of all kinds... But when her parents are killed in a tragic accident, things become a little more... well... interesting...


5. Her Maid, Loathsome.

The awkward irritated-mumble filled silence finally ended once Aurelia had finished eating, speaking softly to herself.

“I think I have a meeting with Raymond in...”

She looked to the clock.


“About five minutes.”

She said with a sigh and rubbed her eyes with her palms

I am not in the mood for that bigoted, self obsessed, racist sexist fascist right now.


Replied Victoria with a smirk.

This gets better and better.

“May I ask who this gentleman is exactly?”

Aurelia’s face twisted. Looking up from her half empty teacup to glare at the aforementioned demon with venom in her gaze, as if the very suggestion that the male in question was a gentleman sent shivers down her spine.

“Raymond Rothschild would have to be in a room full of rapists and murderers to be even comparatively labelled as a gentleman; and unfortunately, he is my accountant. He aids my parents in financing the business, increasing profits... well, now I suppose he will help me.”

Victoria chuckled a little and leaned back in her chair, moving her arms up to rest her hands behind her head.

“He sounds delightful.”

She purred, only to receive another glare from Aurelia as the doors opened and a tall male stepped through.


Raymond was tall; taller than even Aurelia’s father had been, and so thin that he had to go to a specialised tailor to get trousers fitted that wouldn’t fall down every few moments. He wore a black suit, crisp white shirt, and a black tie infused with silk that was long and thin, leading right down to his navel. He walked over to Aurelia’s left side and sat down beside her, pulling his black silk gloves up tighter on his hands almost ceremoniously before running a hand through his jet black hair, which was combed back neatly and perfectly on his head, oiled in place. He placed a large black briefcase on the table and flicked open the catches with a click. Taking out a large black folder and a tiny grey typewriter. A portable version that was about 15 centimetres wide, the only thing about the man that wasn’t white or grey. He nodded to the girl on his right.

“Good morning My Lady.” He said, his voice sharp edged and uncomfortable sounding.

“Not particularly Raymond.” Sassed Aurelia, as she reached across and took the folder, opening it to the current date. It seemed to be a huge date planner, with an A4 page for each day of the year. She looked over the details for today, then tomorrow, and frowned.

“Why is there a meeting planned for tomorrow...”

She looked up at Raymond with an icy gaze.

“Did I not ask you to inform me before you make appointments Raymond? Do you not think I may have made plans of my own?”

“Like what?”

Replied the accountant. He had a slight glimmer of a smirk on his thin lips before he composed himself once more and just tilted his head a little at his young mistress. She stopped, frowned, and then narrowed her eyes slightly at the male before looking back down at the diary.


As Aurelia inspected the diary, unbeknownst to her, Victoria and Raymond were glaring daggers at each other. Nothing had been said, but they both shared a look of contempt, having to Aurelia’s knowledge never even exchanged a word.


Raymond pulled up his gloves.


Aurelia looked up and just spotted a split second of the glare between the two adults before they looked away from each other. She then shook her head, not caring enough to enquire regarding the reason for the staring contest as she pushed the large folder back towards the accountant.

“Will that be all Raymond?...”

Aurelia murmured, bored.

The male nodded, slipping out of his chair silently and packing away the typewriter and folder into his briefcase and walking to the door.




Just at that moment Eugene came stumbling through the door. Smashing the door straight into Raymond’s face who fell straight back, dropping his briefcase as his hand flew to his face, covering his bloody nose. Eugene jumped right over the sprawled out accountant and rushed to Aurelia’s side.

“Milady!  We have visitors!”

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