Black Butler - A Ladies Maid Worth Dying For.

Aurelia St.Claire is the heir to the prestigious company named: ‘St.Claire Pâtisseries’. A marvellous organisation that creates incredible cakes and pastries of all kinds... But when her parents are killed in a tragic accident, things become a little more... well... interesting...


4. Her Maid, Introduced.

Aurelia was waiting at the head of the dining table in the huge dining hall of her mansion, the one she had shared with her parents and servants... up until last night. She was wearing a loose fitting light blue day dress that matched her eyes, leaning back in the chair with her eyes closed.

“You’re awfully quiet Mistress.”

Uttered the demon on her left. She was sat upright with her left leg crossed over the other, her hands in her lap, head tilted slightly towards Aurelia.

“Do stop calling me that...”

Said Aurelia in a bored and low tone, leaning forward and propping up her chin on her hand. She was tired, emotionally exhausted even... Not that it made much difference to her new found maid.

“But why Mistress? I think the title suits you.”

The demon replied with a small smirk, enjoying the other’s discomfort... Typical Demon.

“Just stop it!”

Aurelia snapped, lifting her gaze to glare at the other woman.

“Alright alright...” Victoria looked around, frowning a little and chewing on her bottom lip. “Where is that butler you mentioned...He’s late.”

“My goodness, thank you for pointing that out Victoria, but for future reference, I am perfectly capable of reading the time, and remembering such a simple fact as when breakfast is due to start.”

She rolled her eyes, and looked away just as the aforementioned butler entered the room.


He had soft wavy curls for hair, ruffled up from a morning of rushing around, seeming a few years older than Aurelia. He went to rush over to the table but stopped himself, closing those deep brown eyes for a moment before slowly and carefully walking over to Aurelia, breakfast tray in his hands, placing it before Aurelia on the table and then bowing low, arms by his sides, murmuring in a slightly accented voice.

“Mornin’ Milady.”

He murmured from his bowed position.

“Good morning Eugene,” Aurelia replied, lifting the tea to her lips and sipping a little and cringing, but staying silent for a moment, then looking up at Eugene with tired blue eyes. Looking terribly mature for a 17 year old, as if she had aged overnight.

“Eugene...Why is there salt in my tea..?”

Eugene tensed up, quivering like a bunny caught in headlights, straightening for a second, before bowing again. His mop of hair waving up and down from the sudden movements.

“I do apologise milady! Please milady I put two in like you asked but I think I may have used the wrong pot I do apologise!”

He went down onto his knees, taking one of Aurelia’s hands and holding it above his head.

“I’m so sorry Milady!!!”

“Okay okay alright Eugene it’s okay...Maybe if you labelled the pots it might help?”

Eugene slowly lifted his gaze to his mistress, looking up at her with those soft doe eyes, as if the very idea of labelling pots was the work of a genius. He stood quickly and nodded.

“I’ll get right to it milady!”

He grinned happily at his mistress before his eyes slooowly veered across to the woman sat opposite him. She had a large smirk on her face. Eugene’s gaze floated down for a split second before looking up at her, his cheeks and ears turning as red as roses.

“m...m-m-m-m-milady...y-you d-d-didn’t tell me we had g-g-guests...”

“We don’t Eugene, this is my new maid. Victoria.”

Aurelia murmured, looking up at Eugene with a small smile.

“Oh...w-w-well n-nice to m-meet you... Victoria.”

“The pleasure is all mine.”

Victoria purred, grinning now; If Eugene could have blushed brighter, he would have. He paused, nodded quickly, then hurried out as fast as his legs would carry him, making it half way to the door, turning to bow to Aurelia, then stumbling out of the doors.


Purred Victoria again, turning to grin at Aurelia.

“This seems as if it will be far more amusing than I anticipated.”

Aurelia huffed. “And why is that?”

“All will be revealed, Mistress.”

“Are you always so cryptic?”

“Are you always miserable?”

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