Black Butler - A Ladies Maid Worth Dying For.

Aurelia St.Claire is the heir to the prestigious company named: ‘St.Claire Pâtisseries’. A marvellous organisation that creates incredible cakes and pastries of all kinds... But when her parents are killed in a tragic accident, things become a little more... well... interesting...


3. Her Maid, Astounding.

The next morning, Aurelia awoke to the sunshine of a late summer morning streaming through the window of her bedroom. The pale turquoise bed-sheets tucked up around her shoulders, her hair spread about her head on the pillow like a halo. She made a soft uncomfortable noise as she began to wake, lifting her hand to rub her eyes and covering her face with her arm.

“Eugh... It’s too early...”

She opened her eyes slowly. Looking around the room, a slight dull ache in her wrist, as if recently healed from a sprain, but hardly noticeable to her behind the sheer agony of her headache.

“Jesus Christ...”

“Well that’s hardly appropriate language for a lady now is it...?”

That familiar and eerie voice from her dreams sounded strange now... entering through her eardrums rather than the unpleasant piercing of her mind. Aurelia struggled to sit up, looking towards the source of the voice...


There stood a woman. Clad in black. She wore a maid’s uniform, her dress ending just below her knee, where a fine fishnet tight led down into a pair of polished black shoes. Her hair was long, jet black and straight, ending at her elbows, her fringe gripped to the side, unveiling a pair of piercing green eyes, rounded with long black lashes and a pale face. Her features strong and utterly gorgeous... She stepped towards Aurelia and placed a tray down with a black gloved hand beside her on the bed, curtseying with precision.

“Some tea, mistress. Lavender.”

Her lips curled into a smirk, amused by the shocked look on Aurelia’s face. “I fetched this blend from the pantry mistress, I hope you don’t mind.”

“No...I...You’re... You’re the...the...”

“Yes, Mistress, I am a demon. But for now, I will assist you as your ladies maid, as part of our deal.”

She grinned. Her teeth slightly pointed, hardly noticeable unless someone pointed it out.

“I... I thought I was just dreaming...”

“And you were, mistress.”

The demon maid took as seat at the end of her mistress’ bed.

“But does the fact that it was a dream make it any less real? I think not... besides, you clearly bare my mark... as proof of our little arrangement.”

She reached across and gently pushed down the high collar of her mistress’ night gown with her first fingertip, her nails painted black. There between her collarbones was a circular symbol the size of an apple. A green serpent curled on itself with the background of a dark green pentagram, the same shade as her eyes. Aurelia looked down at the mark and her eyes widened. Before The demon lifted her chin with a finger and un-gloved her left hand, showing her the back of it, the same symbol laid there.

“We are bound. Mistress. I will follow you wherever you go; I will always be there, at your side, for all eternity.”

“This means....”

“You can never escape.”

Aurelia stared at her. Her eyes wide.

This is not happening...

“So...everything that happened... our deal, the carriage... my parents... It’s all real...”

The maid nodded simply. Silent for a few moments, before curtseying slowly again, eyes closed.

“My human name is Victoria... You may address me as this if you wish...Young Mistress...”

The demon straightened, her serious expression leaving as she grinned.

“Now... Breakfast?”

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