A Day To Remember .


1. First Date ,


                    In that day , In that place , weekend! 

you know how it be in shops , so crowded . 

when the people search for something match with their kitchen . My favorite place . Lol ! 

Me and my mother went to that place to buy some plates and mirrors for our new kitchen . 


you know that feeling ? when your eyes search for the one you love ? when your heart and lungs runs so fast

when he just came down the stairs . i knew that he was the one who i am searching for . 

my mother noticed my strange behavior , because my face couldn't hide my big happiness . 

i didn't care actually , his love simply made me blind . 

i just can't forget his first smile . his beautiful eyes . 

when we went to the restaurant , i could run away from my mother .

i saw him :( , 

his smile made my heart fly like a freedom bird . 

the most thing that made me sad is : i couldn't hold his hand . . actually i was so scared. 

he didn't know that if he just came near to me . he would break my shyness and make me feel that he would be beside  me forever . i wish i can see his eyes again , just one more time . 

​i just can't stop loving him .


if you are reading this , you are my heaven 

adore you . 


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