A Day To Remember .


2. Being alone


It is so hard

when you have to decide to lose something , specially when it talks about love . 

following your heart to the way which your mind tell you that this way is wrong??

i hope my feelings reach to you , and i really hope this message send to the one who i love 

in this day , while i am walking to the same place where i see his eyes , but this time … alone . 

there is something concern me .. i can't follow my mind and lose the one i love 

and i can't follow my heart to lose the world for him  

i know that in every relation ship there are problems, 

and after every problem , the relation ship became stronger than before.

If i am going to follow my heart for him, 

how can i know that he worth it ?

do i have to sacrifice to lose my world just for him ?

and i don't know if he decide to lose his world for me ..

because of that ….. 

i am going to wait his decision , because i can't be " victim of love" 

i hope you think about me 

 and if you are , can we reach for decision ?

because i had started losing my world just for your eyes 

adore you my heaven 





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