One blog = one huge change


1. Drunk while bloggin.

The secret to bloggin is do while you are sad, mad or just not okay. 


     <Title>Erica is a bitch with a big B</Title>

        <h2> So Erica and I just broke up, or she dumped me. honestly I don't know why. </h2>

<p> We went out drinking for some hours, then we started talking about Stanford and Harvard. She said she would like to visit Boston University some day. I simple replayed "Don´t, you are an idiot of you rather want Boston than Standford. </p>


Edwardo!! I just got this amazing funny idea! Lets make a shit where we take all the pictures from Stanford`s face book, and compare them to farm animals! It would be so funny!! Let the hacking begin!


     <Title> I'm drunk and i like it </title>

        <H2>Its no secret that i was drunk when i created this site! </h2>

<p> Its really simple to hack if you know the basis coding. Well it was not that hard to get into all the schools face book to take all the girl's pictures. It were the simplest mission I've done drunk. </p>

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