Lan- A Tale

Leanne and Dan are just friends until Leanne has a panic attack. Dan is the only one Leanne can turn to in her time need....


1. A Panic Attack At Night- Leanne's pov

This was my 2nd panic attack in a week and it was only Wednesday. I needed someone there with me, 'if only I hadn't read those comments' I thought.

The comments hurt, which caused me to hurt myself. I grasped for my phone and called up Connie, FUCK! I thought, Connië was at Joe's house so she probably would have her phone off. I frantically scrolled through my contacts but no one was answering. Finally, I reached Dan's, he answered in his cute voice. "Leanne, are you okay? You have worried me now!" "No I'm not okay! I'm panicking! I read through the comments on my new video and everyone is hating on me!" "Leanne," he said, "never let a sole in the world tell you that your not perfect. Your beautiful and amazing and don't let anyone else tell you different!" He sounded so cute! "Okay?" "Okay" I replied "I'm on my way baby!" He said softly.

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