1. Scalpel

Constant fear is what keeps you up at night
The silence of the darkness 
The voices you hear in your head
The empty air that touches your face


Black as coal,  grave and a cave
Cold as death and ice, you tremble 
You close your eyes 
You dream of nightmares 


The howls of dogs
The rustling of leaves 
The shuffling of shadows
The footsteps,  the eerie silence 


Why don't you run? 
Why don't you close your eyes? 
Why do you run? 
Why do you open your eyes?


You smell blood
You see black
You hear white
You taste rot


Sweat trickles on your skin
Your palms are slick
Your fingers are stiff 
You are holding a knife


Don't be scared 
Don't be sad
Don't be mad
Don't sob, you are more than that


Fear is just a feeling
Horror is just but an emotion
"Who would understand",  you ask
A voice whispers,  "Me,  I understand." 

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