Wherever you are

"Every night I almost call you, Just to say it will always be you, Wherever you are.." Is the last thing I heard from him as I got on the airplane #Nialls_Food_Dealer All rights reserved


1. //Chapter One//

-Isabella's PoV-

I woke up to an arm around my waist and a duvet over me. I sat up, well tried to but failed. I turned over to my boyfriend and looked at all of his features. He has purple hair and a eyebrow piercing. His lips are a light pink, and his eyes are a green color. "You should really get your staring problem checked out babe" He said. He scared me when he said that " I'm sorry that I stare at my attractive boyfriend" I said back, he chuckled. He leaned in to my ear and whispered "I love you Isabella" then he kissed my neck and I smiled. "I love you too Mikey" I whispered back. I slipped my hand in to his hair and he gasped then he leaned in an kissed me. I really do love Michael, I would do anything for him. He's my world and hopefully someday I will be a Miss.Clifford. In the middle of our make-out session our door opened and three boys jumped on us and they yelled "NO PDA," as soon as they figured out we were kissing and ran out like five year olds. We let go breathing heavily. I tried to get up but he pulled me back down "Michael I have to start p..packing for the plane" I said almost crying "I know babe, but I have a question. Do you remember when I first met you?" He asked. Why did he ask that? "Of course" I said. Of course I did, if I didn't I wouldn't be the right girlfriend. I began to think about when we met.


I got on the plane with my parents who sat three seats in front of me. I sat down, no one else had gotten on. We were first because we couldn't wait to be In Australia. I started to hear voices and four boys walked on. The first with black hair, the next one was a blonde with a one direction Bennie on, then a dirty blond with drum sticks in his hand, and the last had purple hair. He walked up to me "Hi there, I guess I get to sit with you pretty lady" He said, showing me his ticket. He kinda looked nervous just by talking to me. His ticket said 5s and so did mine " I guess you do. I'm Isabella Deay." I said. He sat down "I'm Michael Clifford." He sounded familiar "The one with black hair is Calum hood, the blonde with the Bennie is Luke Hemmings, the dirty blonde one with drumsticks is Ashton Irwin,"  He said sweetly. "And we are 5SOS." Then it hit me. They are the band that just went on tour with one direction, but I played kewl. "I haven't heard of the band, are you new?" I asked. "Kinda, we just got off tour and are going home to Australia now." He said with a smirk. He took out his Phone "This is us." He said pulling out headphones. "Go ahead and put one in." I listened to "She Looks So Perfect" "Amazing." I said with a smile. "Just Like you." He said in a whisper, but I heard. I just smiled. "This may be crazy, but can I have your number??…. You know, so we can maybe… hangout when we land and all?" I said scared he thought I was crazy. "Yea, sure." He said bitting his lip.

~Flashback Over~ 

"Isabella??" Mikey looked at me "Yea, what's up?" I asked. "You zoned out. You ok babe?" He asked. Aww, so sweet. "Yea. I'm just thinking." He smiled. I got up and started packing. "What if I don't go home?" I asked. "What? Like you live with me?That would be PERFECT..." He said, making perfect extremely loud. "..But your parents would kill me." I looked at him. "Can we just lay here until I have to leave?"


 Hay! Tell me if you like it and sorry if I spelled anything wrong. I'm on my iPhone lol. So please tell me if you like it and if I spelled anything wrong. Thank you and sorry, I had to finish it. Love you lots!!


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