One World Away

Cass Riley is nothing but an invisible human girl. She wears glasses and was never been seen without a book. She is better to socialize on the internet rather than in school, no wonder she doesn’t belong in a group of sassy girls. She is caught up in the world of Fiction. Cass’s twin sister is Allison. She is the total opposite of Cass. She does all the normal teen things, having friends, boyfriends and cool parties. The twins never get together because of one thing, the death of their dad.

In Cass’s Senior Year, something is changing in her system and it involves inhuman abilities. She can control things with her mind, manifest things, talk to someone in her head, hear things that are miles away from her and she can control the four basic elements; earth, water, fire and air. The first one who noticed is a guy named Owen Caine who is later known as the son of a mad scientist that has been obsess in finding extra-terrestrial beings. Owen knows a lot about what’s going on w


2. You know the thing about twins? Either they are extremely identical or extremely opposite, there is no in between.


    Two things to expect Ally to say when she wakes up, one is that when she sees me in the bed with her she would go like, ‘What the hell are you doing in here?!’ I would answer, ‘You definitely hate books and posters. So I guess this is not really your room.’ Or if she sees me doing my laptop she would sound like a good angel saying, ‘Oww. My head is throbbing! Oh hey! I crashed in your room again Cass. Would you make me a cup of coffee, please?’ And I would probably oblige to do as she wished. So before she wakes up, I jumped off the bed and rushed to the kitchen to make her a cup of coffee. I returned back to my room and found her head on her hands. Now she feels the consequences of too much beer and tequila.

    “Here.” I said and stretched my hand holding the cup to her.
    She looked at the coffee and took it. No thank you anymore. At least she didn't say, 'Ew. Why would I take a cup of coffee from you, what if you've put poison in it' or something like 'Why would you bother making that when you already know I wouldn't take anything from you.' So, at least. I get that when she’s conscious she will never be nice to me. I do not know what I have done to her that made her hate me so much.

    “I’ll go back to my room.” She handed the empty cup to me and then she’s out of my room.

    She’s actually kind of rude and not just to me, and not just once in a while but most of the time too. Mom opened my room’s door and look for any sign of Ally.
    “Back in her room.” I said and raised the cup and smiled at my mom.
    “I’ll see you downstairs.” Mom said and shut the door.
    Well that was weird. She didn’t greet me good morning or say, ‘Cass! I got you cup of chocolate, honey!’ Do I need to start panicking on how mom’s talking to me now? Never would I panic. I’m always calm.

    I am downstairs with mom whose arms are folded and staring at Ally who is biting her lower lip and Cyril next to me eating quietly.
    “How many times do I need tell you that you should never be home drunk?” Mom asked Ally. I myself am actually tired of hearing this from mom every book forsaken day-I just don't know about Ally.
    “Maybe you need to tell me every day of my life? Or it may be better if you'd just stop.” Ally said and sucks her inner cheeks. Mom slapped her hand on her forehead and shut her eyes.
    “Allison, you’re planning not to go to school anymore. And you still have the guts to party. You still have the guts to show up here in this house past your curfew time. What the hell is wrong with you?”

    I was surprised. Mom never swore in this house even if she reached her boiling point of temper, she never had. I mean when she’s mad, she goes to us and talk to us sweetly, you would never see her scold us. But just now, she said 'hell'. I looked at Ally and her eyes widened but she didn't flinch.
    “Could you make school a little serious? Can’t you fail me like Cass?” Mom asked and pointed at me, still talking to Ally.
    “Oh please. Do not compare me to her. Don't ever compare me to anyone. Most especially to that girl,” She glared at me. “I can’t fail you like your smart-sweet-little-baby-Cass. We’re different, okay? We're extreme opposites. And get serious in school? Nahh, Mom. I hate school!” Ally said and turned her back to us.
    “Come back here Allison, I'm still talking to you. Give me some respect.” Mom said softly, her voice tired.
    Ally is still walking.

    “Damn it! Come back here!” I jumped with my mom’s rising voice.
    I looked at Ally who halted and looked back at mom. And she leaned in the kitchen wall. She looked at my mom so coolly.
    “Ahh! The temper, Mom, you can’t hold it any longer?” She asked and raised her right brow.
    “Shut up.” Mom said to Ally and asked Cyril to go back to their room.
    “I wish Daddy’s here.” Little Cyril said pouting before leaving dragging his big stuffed panda bear with him.

    Yeah. If Dad is here, this would never happen. Ally and I fighting with the I-don’t-know-what’s-the-reason would never happen. We would still be happy hanging out together. She would still give me hugs and kisses on the cheeks. And she would think about the curfew mom’s giving to us and not at home after the curfew. If dad is just here, Ally would be all-angel all the time. But that’s only an If.


    I would like to walk Cy to their room but mom said she would also want to talk to me. What did I do wrong again this time?
    “Can you please respect what I am saying to both of you?” Mom said to both of us falling to her seat.
    “What do you mean?” Ally asked yawning.
    “What are you doing to yourself Ally? Are you doing drugs, huh?” Mom asked directly to Ally whose jaw dropped with what she heard.
    “What the fuck Mom! I drink, I smoke, but I don’t do drugs!” Ally said and rolled her eyes to mom who is serious as a judge on the court.
    “Don't cuss in front of me.” Mom glared at her. “Cuss everywhere you want but not inside of this house.”

    Ally just frowned. But I heard her mutter, “Duh. Everybody curses everywhere.” 
    “By the way I decided you go to the same school as Cass.” Mom finally  said.
    “Mom! How many times do I have to tell you. I f--” She stopped abruptly then continued. “I hate school! Gahh! I’m not goin’ anymore. School sucks! Sucks big time okay? And you can't force me.” Ally said and stood and left me and mom in the kitchen.

    Ally hates school. She said it sucks. And this semester- which is dated tomorrow, she’s not going. What on earth does she think she’s doing in her life? How can she have a work in the future if she doesn’t finish school? How will she live then?
    “Why can’t you be just like Cass?” Mom shouted at her back.

    I’m wondering if this is the reason of Ally hating me, Mom telling her to be like me all the time. Ally turned her head to us. Then she retreat her steps back to our table. There's another stream of unladylike words on the tip of her tongue but she held them back.
    “Why can’t I be like my twin? You mean always on top of the class? Or maybe you mean that I should ignore all the people around me that will make me a girl who doesn’t have friends at all?” She paused. “Or possibly you want me to be like her who locks herself in her room like she’s a vampire? Damn! She’s whoring on books. That’s why she locks herself in her room! She’s not even a freaking vampire!” Ally said and put her hands on air.

    Good books. Ally is exaggerating. I’m not really on top of the class. And I really don’t ignore people around me-they are the ones ignoring me. (Or maybe I’m ignoring 'some' because they are making fun of me). And I got a bunch of friends! I wished I’m really a vampire who locks herself in her room. I love vampires, and me whoring on books? Whoring is such a disgusting word.
    “I thought you got friends? And I thought we’re over about you ignoring on people?” Mom said and eyed me.
    Good old books! Ally looked at me and gave me a teasing smile like the devil. 
    “I have friends Mom, really. There’s Luc and Mia. I have friends online who are going to be here in the house some other time.” Mom just folded her arms and looked at me. “Mom, Luc and Mia are her online friends too! They're not even real.” Ally rested her chin on her palm. Of course they are real.
    “I’m fine with it. Why are you drifting the subject to me?” I asked Ally who straightened on her seat.

    “Right! We’re not done yet with you about school Ally. I will kick your ass out of this house if you won’t go to school, get that?” Ally rolled her eyes and she just nodded.
    “So about your books Cass, I’ve decided last night that you can have it and read it.”

    “What?! That just sounds unfair to me! You’re letting her be with her earthy-smelling books and you’re parting me with my not-going-to-school plan! Ack!” Ally said and pulled her hair like crazy.
    “At least she does go to school. Now Ally, I want you to study harder, this is for your own future, seek the help of your sister. And you Cass, give some time to your sister before your books.”

    I do not have a problem with that. I could always give Ally some time to be with me and to help her with her grades. But I doubt about Ally wanting time with me.
    “And what will be the exchange of ‘Allison going to school’?” She asks making air quotes with her fingers.
    “I wouldn’t care about you running home late, what about that?” Ally seemed to think about it. Then she fully smiled. “Okay, deal.” She said nodding her head.
    “Why don’t you study together today?”
    “What! Senior high days have not even started and you want me to study now?! I’m not studying today with Cass!” Ally said and crossed her arms.
    “What about, you study today and I’ll let you go to your sweet friend’s party tonight? I’m really planning to lock you to your room for preparation for school tomorrow.”

    That’s it. Mom is planning to stick me with my twin sister today.
    “Okay!” Ally answered, stomped out of the kitchen.
    “Hey Cass, I’m going out with Cy today. So go study.”
    Dearest angels please possess my twin who’s going to be with me in my room today. Help her to take the studying seriously because I am serious on helping her so mom won’t kick her ass out the house as she said. Help her to be nice to me. That’s all. Thank you dear angels, I’m hoping for your help. I silently prayed.


    “What the heck is this?!” Ally said showing me the paper with Xs.
    “That’s just Calc. Why don’t you answer it already? I’ve explained it to you, right?” I've explained it to her for like three times. 
    “I am so quitting now!” And she crumpled and threw the paper.
    We’d just started and she’s quitting already. She’s making this hard to both of us.
    “Ally, you need to answer it so next time you’ll know what to do.”
    “Answer it yourself. I don’t need it for next times. And mom told us to study. Not make some crap for each other.” And she jumped to my bed. She’s looking at the ceiling and pretended she was thinking.
    Aren’t doing some exercises part of studying?
    “Why don’t we study history then?” I suggest and took my book and threw it beside her.
    “I hate history. Why did I even agree to this idea of mom? This won’t work. Oh yeah! Party tonight!”
    “This won’t work if you shutdown your head about school things. C’mon Ally, forget party for now.”
    “You can’t make me forget. Now, zip your mouth smart-ass-Cass. I’m sleeping.”
    I looked at her, her eyes closed. She’s really trying to sleep. I can’t help but to think why she hates school. I counted to seven before I spoke. 
    A moment of silence.
    “Why can’t you be more serious in your studies?”
    “I said Z-I-P your mouth.”
    “Why do you hate me?”
    That made her eyes flew open.
    “Go figure it yourself.” She said and jumped off my bed and walked out my room.
    “By the way, thanks for reminding me that I hate you.”

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