One World Away

Cass Riley is nothing but an invisible human girl. She wears glasses and was never been seen without a book. She is better to socialize on the internet rather than in school, no wonder she doesn’t belong in a group of sassy girls. She is caught up in the world of Fiction. Cass’s twin sister is Allison. She is the total opposite of Cass. She does all the normal teen things, having friends, boyfriends and cool parties. The twins never get together because of one thing, the death of their dad.

In Cass’s Senior Year, something is changing in her system and it involves inhuman abilities. She can control things with her mind, manifest things, talk to someone in her head, hear things that are miles away from her and she can control the four basic elements; earth, water, fire and air. The first one who noticed is a guy named Owen Caine who is later known as the son of a mad scientist that has been obsess in finding extra-terrestrial beings. Owen knows a lot about what’s going on w


3. Just one more year until college.


    Today is the start of the semester. Ally and I aren't on the same classes. Obviously, stating the fact how much she hates me-not a single one because she doesn't want people to know we are sisters, let alone twins. She even insisted to mom that she'd want to enroll in another school but mom told her that we should be together though we both know we could afford sending us in two different schools. She threw a tantrum after that but that didn't change my mom's mind. She at least decided to go to the university even if she told me she wouldn't. I guess she couldn't go on a day without her so called friends.

    I walk to school while Ally drives her car-it's both our car. Mom gave it to us as a present on our sixteenth birthday. She handed each one of us a key. I don't ride with Ally, she'll just yell at me and push me out of the car if I ride with her. I don't even know yet how to drive. I don't even have a driver's license.
    I woke up quite a bit earlier than Ally so that I won't be late on my first class. It's good that I can manage to wake up that early even if I slept too late because I finished reading a book. The school is a thirty minute walk from the house. Walking is an exercise, you know, and I like it. As soon as the alarm went off I pushed myself out bed, brushed, showered, grabbed my backpack and went down to the kitchen. Grabbed cereal and milk out the fridge and poured them both on the bowl and ate it fast. I was putting my bowl on the drain when I saw mom coming in.

    “You were up early.” She's opens the fridge and pulled out eggs and other things to make an omelette.
    “Yeah. First day of senior class then I'd graduate. I don't want to be late.” I am actually kind of a little excited and scared that I'll meet new people and see new faces today. I wonder if I will meet a person as obsessed as me about books. The thought makes me smile.
    “That's good to hear.” Mom smiled as she turns on the stove. 
    “Oh wait. Is Allison up yet? Aren't you going to go together?”
    “I bet she's still sleeping. You better go shake her up. And no mom, you know I'll never be going anywhere with her.” I kissed her cheek and waved her goodbye.
    “Take care, honey!” Mom calls out.

    I got out of the house. I swung my backpack on both my shoulders and started walking. I took my earphones and pulled my phone out and played my tunes. I love classic songs-not the pop rock ones. I put my phone back on my pocket and fished for my new bought book from my backpack. I opened it and started reading.
    I was halfway to school when my eyes caught a red convertible sports car pass me by with a guy wearing shades and has blonde hair. He spares me a glance though I don't see his eyes under the dark shades. He looks familiar. When I say familiar I mean like people-guys and girls you see on magazine covers and on TV. That guy would be a thing at school that I'm quite sure.
    When I returned my eyes to my book some-freakin-one barrelled into me.
    I dropped my book. Oh gods, my precious baby. I hope she's alright. I picked the book up carefully. But before I get to know who the hell of a guy meet me that head on-He's gone like he's running from someone who's going make him a hot supper tonight. I only saw his hair which is dark brown and curls on his neck, wearing a white shirt and faded blue jeans. I looked back if someone is really chasing him but I see nothing.
    I just shrugged the oddity and continued walking-continued reading. I got to the campus right in time. Ten minutes until my class starts. I checked the parking lot to see if Ally's car is there but not yet, maybe she'll arrive in a few.

    My first class is English. I don't even know but I think I'll take English class for all the rest of my student life. I sat at the back so that if I got bored, then the Professor wouldn't see me reading a book. A guy seats next to me. He's wearing glasses too. I wonder if he's a fan boy like Luc.
    The professor arrives, a middle aged woman with a stern expression and a strict face. Just as she was about to start talking, a guy-I mean the guy-the guy I saw on that shiny red car swaggers inside the room. He has taken his shades off and has it dangling on his dark blue shirt that kind of exposes a bit of his chest. 


    “Am I late yet?” He asked to no one in particular, his voice thick, smooth and deep with a noticeable cockney British accent.
    “Just in time, Mr-?” Miss Carter-the teacher's name-as written on my schedule list, asked back with her eyebrows raised and arms crossed, clearly unimpressed by the gorgeous new kid like she's immune to his charms or something.
    “That's good if I'm not late-where can I sit?” He replies like he doesn't care who he's talking to.
    “I was asking about your name, kid.” Miss Carter says her voice rose by one pitch.
    “Oh-you were? I'm Owen. Where am I supposed to sit?” He replied still searching for a place to sit, craning his head left and right.

    I think I just fell out off my chair. I think I half gasped-half choked. Owen? Like Owen Caine?! Owen is a hot damn fictional character from the popular book series 'Silver Lovers' that every girl has a right to die for. And then it scares me. He really looks like him-that guy at the front, if you imagined Owen Caine the same as I do.

    “Hey you there at the back, the one with glasses-” Miss Carter calls out. I panicked inwardly. I started to gather my things and stand.
    “Not you girl-the boy.” Oh. I completely forgot the boy beside me with glasses too. “Come here at the front. Let Owen seat there at the back.” 
    Oh for the love of books everywhere why-
    “I will let you seat at the back Owen as long as you behave yourself. I know that's the perfect place you want to sit in this class and I don't want your proud face staring at me at the front. You got it?” The professor offered.
    “It's a deal, baby”
    B-baby? What? Ew, Gross. Who calls an old professor, 'baby'?
    "What did you say?” 
    He smiles innocently at the professor.
    “Nothing, I just said yes, ma'am.” Then he strides and takes his seat just twelve inches from me.


    He's blonde. Check. He's tall-about six foot two. Check. His skin is flawless-fair without being so pale. Check. Slightly cleft-chin. Right. Owen Caine-oh good gracious did you just became real before my eyes?! I haven't seen his eyes yet. Are they green? blue? Does he even have a tattoo?

    I have been writing about Owen on my notebook. Owen Caine from the Silver Lovers Series. Not the one on my left side. Or I mean yeah-both of them. Twelve-inches-from-me-Owen appears so bored he just leans at the back of his chair with his arms crossed at the back of his neck. Sometimes runs his fingers through his golden blond hair. Sometimes runs his tongue over his upper teeth. Sometimes crosses and uncrosses his arms. Closes his eyes you think he'd fell asleep but no. Grabs his pen and swirls it. God, I hope he doesn't notice me watching every move he makes. I am anxious to get this class done because I'm getting crazy, I'm afraid any minute I might grab him and- What did I just thought? For Pete’s sake...

    The bell rang. I sighed in relief. Everybody shuffles out of their seats except Owen. His eyes still closed, arms crossed at the back of his neck. All I did for a whole freaking period was stare at the prof and steal glances over at Owen. Hope he didn't notice. Everyone was out of the room -just me and Owen left. I was about to wake him up when my phone rings which startles and wakes Owen like he just woke up after a bad dream, quite disoriented gets out of the room like he didn't see me. 


    I took my ringing phone out and answered it. It's evil twin. Sigh.
    “Cass, can you get-”
    “Ugh. Cass look-I need you to make my freaking assignment tonight because I have a party to go to and places to be. And if you don't do it-I fail-Your effing fault. So you have no choice. Good-”
    “Fine, but who's party?”
    “Owen's. You don't know him anyway. Bye.”


    I worked on Ally's homework in her room. She left a note on her desk that said,

Hey sis,
My assignment is on the second drawer, on my pink leather notebook. Make it good, alright? 
PS hands off on stuff on my dresser or else I'll banish you. I'll beat the crap out off you or worst I'll take your books and give it to charity.

    Well, thank you rude sister.  I will not pick the latter. I did my paper works first and did a little reading before I came here to get her work done. What could I do? I love that girl so much. Mom told me she got home early to drop off her things and went out immediately.
    I was halfway making Ally's book report when mom knocked on the door. She came in and sat on Ally's bed.
    “Cass, I didn't see you at your room-why are you here?”
    She sounds tired. Maybe because she really is. She makes the money for the four of us and takes care of little Cy. She works as a publicist on a publishing house about twenty blocks away from the house. She works even if we all know that dad left us quite a good portion of wealth.
    “I was just comparing some of our notes, seeing if I missed something in class.” I lied. I hate lying-especially to her because I'm not a liar.
    “Oh. I see. I'm so glad that the two of you are studying hard. It's for your own future too you know.” 
    “Yeah, we're not just doing this for ourselves, but for you too.” I smiled heartily at her.
    “Thank you, Cass.” She smiled back. Her eyes sparkling with tears but held it back.
    “I guess I should go honey, and if you are done with your work and don't want to sleep yet-can you wait for your sister to get home? You know, she might be wasted and just drop off the floor if no one sees her coming in.” Of course, my twin is my obligation.
    “Sure mom, I'll go downstairs after I'm done with this.” 
    I don't know if I get this thing done fast because something has been bothering me since I got to my second class.

    After I got Ally's report done. I head back to my room and grabbed the book I was reading in class but actually did not because of that guy, Owen. Ugh. It's disturbing that I let this book down because of the guy. It's not normal. I went downstairs and flopped on the couch. I read. But I can't get my mind into what I'm reading my thoughts keeps drifting back to what Ally said on the phone. 


    “Who's party?”
    “Owen's” I could still hear it in Ally's voice. The way she said Owen-I just know that there's something.

    This stupid brain of mine keeps on wondering who this Owen is. Could it be the Owen in my English class too? Or is it someone else? But what if it's the Owen in my class? I felt a twinge of jealousy. The guy whom I imagined exactly as Owen Caine in the Silver Lovers series is with my sister tonight. Probably talking to her. Flirting with her. Or I could just imagine worse.

    After an hour or so past midnight I heard a car stop by the front porch. I got to the door and opened it, cold night air blowing in my face. I saw Ally got off the car and waved it off laughing. She's got a cigarette in her mouth. She saw me and threw the cigar down and ground it with her boots.
    “Hey Cassy, why are you still up this hour of night, sweetheart?” Ally said it dreamily like she just saw her favorite pet. Her breath smells like vodka and smoke. She's drunk but kind of a bit sober.
    “Mom said I should wait for you.” 
    The reason why I stayed up this late is because I also want to ask her exactly whose party she went to confirm my suspicion.
    “Oh. That was sweet of mom, don't you think?” 
    Yeah, let her daughter wait for her sister to take care of her crap. She smiled and pushed past me inside the house. She went upstairs and opened my bedroom door. I don't know why she does this but she goes to sleep to my room when she's drunk maybe because she doesn't want her room to stink of her pukes and smell.

    She stumbles to bed. She falls in face first as always. I hear her murmur a word. No. A name. 
    I went to her and turned her over. She's washed her makeup and has her beautiful innocent face on her again. Her eyes are closed but I know she's still awake because she's making the moaning sound.
    “Ally, who's Owen?” I said near her ears so she can hear me. She didn't answer for about five heartbeats. Just as I thought she was sleeping, she stirred.
    “Mnnn...Owen...” She says softly like it's not her own voice. 
    I leaned into her. “Yes. Tell me.”
    “He's-he's...” “Blonde?” I ask curiosity is taking its toll on me.
I think I heard a yes.
    Then I have come to the conclusion that the party is at the house of the guy who seats twelve inches from me in English class. And my sister had met him.


    I woke up early on Ally's bed in the morning. I went downstairs head to the kitchen and saw mom preparing the table for breakfast. Cy is sitting at the table playing with his little panda bear.
    “Morning, Cass.” She greets me with a smile. A smile I only see her give to us-her family. I smiled back. 
    “Morning, Mom. What's for breakfast?” I smell bacon, hotdog and egg. 
    “Food, of course. You don't suppose I'll feed you with alien food don't you?” Mom said with a laugh. I laughed too and sit next to Cy. I got him on my lap and kissed his forehead.
    “Hey cutie pie,” I said pinching his dimpled cheeks. “Morning, Cassy!” He beamed. “Cass wants a kiss from Cy, is it alright?” He nodded. I put my face near his and he presses his soft little lips on mine. 
    I hugged him. I love this kid. Setting Cy back to his chair, I helped mom prepare the table. 
    “Has Cass eaten all my food yet?” We heard Ally call out at the stairs. Huh. If I could just-I would.
    “No honey.” Mom answered her back. “Lots of foods here, come join us.”
    Ally enters the dining room and walks to the table. She's changed her clothes I put on her last night. She's now wearing shorts-that is too short for her and a blue tank top. 
    “Ugh. My head still hurts. Hangover, don't mind me.” She says as she gets a piece of toast and chews delicately.
    Mom sighed. “You know, we really wish you should stop drinking.” 
    Ally's now chewing bacon and appears so lost in thought that she didn't even hear Mom. 
    “I wouldn't, Mom, you know it.” 
    Mom finished off her breakfast and went to their room, said she has to call someone. “Girls, look over Cy a minute for me, okay?” She said as she walked away. 


    Ally was drinking her glass of milk when I asked her, “Who is Owen?” She set her glass down and licked her upper lips then looked at me. 
    “What do you care?” 
    I don't.
    I mean, well I kind of do because of Owen.
    “I heard you speaking about him in your sleep last night.” 
    “You did?” She asked her eyebrows shooting up. 
    She smiled devilishly. I really can't explain how an angelic face could smile that devilish.
    “Well, to satisfy your curiosity my dear little twin sister, Owen is the hottest guy I've ever seen in my entire life and fortunately to my own luck he's from the same school as us.”
    Oh. I guess we've agreed on thing for once.
    “I really don't know him. I haven't seen the guy.”  That's what I told her because I know that's what she wants to hear. “Poor you. The only proof he's for my eyes only.” Ally laughed. 
    “Will you describe him? See if I saw him somewhere.” I am trying to gather more information from her.
    “Hmmnn... Where do I start? His body or his lips?” Lips? An image flashed in my mind. And I want to run. Run away from Ally and to never see that look in her face again.
    “I'll just start with his hair. His is blond.” Blond. Part of my brain screams 'Tell me he's not. Please.' And the other says, 'I knew it, I have always known.' 
    Ally continued, “Golden blond hair-so silky and soft.” She says it dreamily like she's imagining something that happened last night. Last night. That does it. 
    She has already touched him. 
    Maybe even kissed him. 
    Not maybe. 

    “His eyes-and oh God, his sexy accent-” She was cut off when her phone rang. She picked it up and answered it. 
    “Hey, sure. What time? Of course they would. I'll meet you tonight. Yes. Yes, of course. I'd be just as beautiful last night just for you. Thanks baby. Bye.”  She was saying it like she was being crowned like a queen, princess or something. Her smile is so wide to the point that I'm worried her lips would rip.  
    “Got a very special date tonight. Be happy for me little twin sister.” She winks at me and got up leaving me here with my chaos of thoughts and little Cy. 

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