One World Away

Cass Riley is nothing but an invisible human girl. She wears glasses and was never been seen without a book. She is better to socialize on the internet rather than in school, no wonder she doesn’t belong in a group of sassy girls. She is caught up in the world of Fiction. Cass’s twin sister is Allison. She is the total opposite of Cass. She does all the normal teen things, having friends, boyfriends and cool parties. The twins never get together because of one thing, the death of their dad.

In Cass’s Senior Year, something is changing in her system and it involves inhuman abilities. She can control things with her mind, manifest things, talk to someone in her head, hear things that are miles away from her and she can control the four basic elements; earth, water, fire and air. The first one who noticed is a guy named Owen Caine who is later known as the son of a mad scientist that has been obsess in finding extra-terrestrial beings. Owen knows a lot about what’s going on w


1. I can handle a bitchy life.


    She is back to town. She was his childhood friend. He expected her to seat next to him but she didn’t. Instead she took a seat at the most corner of the room. She doesn’t remember him. He is eager to help her remember but he doesn’t know how. He befriend her once again to know what happened to her, to know the answers to his questions- why did she forget all about him; why can’t she remember him. One day she—


    A shout from below. Can hear it from here.
    “What time do you think it is?!” 
    A reply.
    “You actually think I care?”

    I stopped encoding and closed my laptop and set it aside. Looks like someone is in trouble again or someone just doesn't care if she's in trouble or not as long as she does what she wants. Surely mom is lecturing Allison downstairs for like God knows how many times already. That party-girl will never listen to mom or me, of course, about doing this and doing that. I stood up and returned to my study table pretending to read some of my notes but it turned out to me writing down the continuation of my book review which I've been wanting to do since I have finished reading it but I don't have time because of freakin school works and stuff. 

    The door of my room flew open and entered a drunk and completely wasted Ally. I hurriedly put away my pen and my book and rushed to help her to stay on her ground. “Uhmm.. I don’t need your help, lil sis. I can stand on my own. Look.” She said pushing me away trying to stand then fell again. 

    I put her arm around my shoulders and guided her to my bed. She smells alcohol, cigarette, and puke. I removed her killer shoes and watched her roll over. Her beautiful short sequined dress was stained with some drinks she had. Her beautiful face was not hers—so much make up would definitely change your face. She’s smiling like she’s crazy with her eyes closed. To sum it all up, she looks horrible!

    “Ally!” I looked back over my shoulder and saw mom entering my room. I mouthed to her that Ally’s sleeping already. And mom nodded at me to follow her. 
    “You could stay in her room again tonight.” Mom said as we walked in her room. Cy’s sleeping soundly in his bed hugging his big bear. He’s just so adorable. Just by looking at him, all worries are gone.
    “I’ll stay in my room to watch her.” Look after her. Take care of her.

    I cannot abandon Ally alone in my room drunk. She might do things that could be the start of us fighting again. I adjusted my glasses and sat on the bed beside my little brother and I run my fingers through his hair. 
    Mom glances at the huge wall clock on the corner of the room, then looks at me and back at the clock again, realizing something.
    “Cass, why are you still up?” 
    It's two in the morning.
    She already knew the answer to her question so why bother asking? I looked at my mom, her eyes fixed on mine. I would never let her make me look away from the gaze first. 

    “I was reading.” I said honestly even though I know she might get furious about me reading again. I couldn’t lie. Like I said, she knew the answer to her question. She sighed and sat next to me.
    “When will you ever stop reading?” She asked with tiredness in her voice.
    “Mom, you know I would never stop reading.” I said softly and looked out the window. We always have this conversation, her telling me to stop reading and me telling her I would never do it. 
    “You’re wasting your time and money on all of those books.” Mom said and held both of my hands. I drifted my gaze to her hands holding mine. Yes. And no, books are worth my time and money more than anything else in this planet.
    “Mom, can we get over this conversation? I’m really tired of hearing you telling me to burn all my books. Please?” 
    Every day she would tell me to get rid of all my books and why can’t she understand that I just can’t? Why does she hate me reading? She pulled her hands holding mine and rests it on her lap.

    “Stay away from books. Focus on your studies and this conversation is over.”
    Sometimes, I think that my mom is kind of insane. Stay away from books-what danger could books bring to me? I mean she should be glad that I'm not addicted to alcohol or drugs and end up like Ally, right?
    “Is there some kind of curse that they put in me about ‘books eating me'?”
    I looked at mom and saw her tight face. She lets go a heavy breath.
    “Cass. You are a smart kid, would you please listen to me just this once?”
    I would like to simply say no in her face. I would like to shout at her to mind her business not mine. I would like to walk away from her. But I didn’t. I stayed. I looked at the wall. And answered,
    “I’ll try.”
    “I’m just doing this for your sake.”

    She runs her hands through my hair. And she pulled me to her and hugged me. For my sake? So I’m really in danger with books. I know that books can hurt me emotionally, but is that what she is worried about? Or maybe those books have hands and feet and a hidden gun somewhere and they will hurt me physically when I’m asleep?
    “If you talk about my welfare, give me more books. Good night, Mom.” 

    I gave her a kiss on the cheek and hurried to my room. I don’t want more fuzzy-talk with her plus I really need to face the nasty thing in my room now.
    I opened my door and found Ally puking on my floor. If she just isn't my beloved sister-I would've used my telekinesis to throw her out my window. Yeah, I want to have telekinesis, not that I want to really throw Ally out the window-but just for the awesomeness of it. I shut the door and went to get a glass of water for her. This is my routine when it comes to her. I’m the one taking care of her. Mom doesn’t want to clean all her mess, she said that Ally can clean all of it when she awakes, but then, I am cleaning it for her every time she’s home drunk.
    I never understood what’s with her that she loves being drunk. I never understood why she let her so called ‘friends’ drag her to a wild party. And now she tried to smoke. This is getting worse. I hate Ally for doing this. And I hate myself hating her doing all this ‘normal to them’ teenagers stuff. I offered her the glass and she took it straight.

    “Thanks, Cass.” She murmured and closed her eyes once again.
    At least she would say nicer things to me when she’s drunk. That’s kind of a good idea to me. I changed her clothes and then I faced the worst thing tonight. I started cleaning her puke all over the floor, and went to my bathroom and cleaned my hands and face. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked just as tired as mom. Maybe I should really stop doing all the things for Allison, I thought to myself.

    I went and sat besides sleeping Ally and pulled my laptop. Opened my account and there’s Luc and Mia’s messages waiting for an hour.
nerdyLuc_017 : At last! THE LONG WAIT IS DONE! The queen is here! *kneeling down*
SimplyCass : I’m not queen. Mia’s out early?
nerdyLuc_017 : And Little Cass is not in the mood, are you? Yeah.
SimplyCass : I’m just tired. You done reading the book?
nerdyLuc_017 : Not yet. What happened? Your Party Girl twin crashed to your room again?
SimplyCass : Yep! Like every single night-why are you even surprised?
nerdyLuc_017 : Eww!! You cleaned puke all over your room! *trying not to puke here*
SimplyCass : Ha-ha. Tbh, you sound like you’re gay. 
nerdyLuc_017 : Coz babe, I am gay! 
SimplyCass : Thank God! Finally, you admitted that you’re G-A-Y!
nerdyLuc_017 : *coughing* I’m not really G-A-Y. 
SimplyCass : Oh really? But you just said last night that you like that drop-dead-gorgeous guy in the book you’re reading? You’re confusing me.
nerdyLuc_017 : It doesn’t mean that guys are gays when they say they like a fictional hot guy, FYI. Maybe they just wanna be like 'em. Change subject. Could you tell me if your twin is hot?
SimplyCass : She’s definitely hot. But boy, she’s not into NERDS! Sorry. You can go cry now.
nerdyLuc_017 : But wait if she’s hot, so are you. And I know you’re into guys like me. *wink*
SimplyCass : We’re not identical. Sorry Luc, but my heart and soul belongs to someone else already. 
nerdyLuc_017 : I know, I know. I’m just trying to mess up with you. By the way, I’m out now. 
SimplyCass : It is just 1:35 AM
nerdyLuc_017 : Are we in the same time zone baby? Sleep tight. Dream of me. *grin* 
SimplyCass : I will, just to make you shut up *smirks* bye

    Luc is one of my online friends. He’s kind of like me: blogger, reader, fanboy, and he’s smart. He’s just older than me and he’s from Cali but he’s in Greece right now having his vacation, I guess. I posted my book review on my blog and set my laptop aside. I’ll sleep and dream of Luc like he said. 

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