Just For Awhile (5 Seconds Of Summer Fanfic)

Everything's fine.

Everything's normal.

Everything's perfect.

At least that's what they thought. Luke Hemmings and Samantha Adams have been dating for three years now. They think that they are the 'one' for each other. Everyone around them thinks they are the definition of 'perfect couple'. And they truly love each other. But is that enough? What if in just a blink of an eye everything would fall apart? Everything will be gone? Changes started. As in every good thing about them is thrown away.

What would they do?

Can they get through this together?

Will the pain stay forever?

Or Just For Awhile?


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 "If it's not for Sam and her foods I won't even be here." Calum groaned.He's complaining since we step our foot to this building. "Can you just shut up? We all hated to be here so don't remind us where are we going." Michael rolled his eyes. Calum just make a face. We just finished our practice and we are now heading to the Literature Department to get Sam because she invited us to taste what the new recipe she'll cook. So, we don't think twice before we agreed. But this morning we got a call that she have an emergency about the school papers and we both planned to just moved our planned after she finished. "Finally." I hear Calum mumbled. We're now in front of the Literature Department. "I think it's a lot different from the last time I've been here." Michael said. "It's because the last time you've been here is probably three months ago." I replied. Calum and Michael last visit here was three months ago because they really hated to be here. It started when they both don't pass a research paper to our English teacher so the next day after our teacher had found out, she send this two here to do their project and they can't go home until they finished. I think they stayed until 8:30 p.m. to finished that tasked. Since then they both hated to be here and anything related to research. "Correction Luke, it's 4 months and a week since we step a foot here." Calum stated. I think they both remembered what happened here. "Don't ever remind me what the hell happened here." Michael pushed passed us and was about to knock but the door suddenly opened. Mia, the school paper editor, was now in front of us. "Oh hi!" Michael greeted with a smile. "Here we go again." I whispered at Calum. He just nod. We all know that Michael won't be stop with flirting with someone. I mean everyone literally every girl he'll see or meet. I'm just glad that he don't get to meet Sam first but that doesn't stop him from flirting with Sam the first time he met her. "Hey there Michael!" She blushed. I knew it. "And oh, Calum and Luke." she acknowledge us when she diverted her gazed anywhere but Michael. I know that she had a crush with Michael. Sam once said it to me and she made me promise that I won't tell it to Michael. "What a lucky day it is to see you again, Mia." Michael winked. "I'm glad that I followed my instinct to be here to see you." He really knows how to make a girl turn in to a tomato. "Really Michael? A few minutes ago, I heard that you don't even want to be here." Calum smirked. Michael sent daggers at Calum. He's giving Calum a "shut-the-fuck-up" look. Mia cleared her throat. "So how can I help you?" she looked at each of us. "Uhmm we're just here to see Sam." I explained. "oh" she made a thinking face probably remembering where she last saw her."Right. She just get some copies of this month's school paper." "Well thanks." I smiled. "You're welcome." "Uhmm you can wait for her inside." She opened the door and pointed to some chairs "There you can sit there." "So caring. I want to show you how I care for you babe." Michael remarked and then winked again. I swear if I don't know Michael that much I'll probably think that he has some problem with his eyes because of him always winking at girls. Mia really blushed to that one."Dude can you stop that." Calum rolled his eyes. "Mia just don't mind this idiot." "So guys...I'll need to go." She waved her hand. She closed the door before Michael could say anything. 7Caf "Nice Michael really really nice." Calum mocked. "Shut up Calum." He rolled his eyes. "Right now, I really want to kill you." "But Michael, I'm losing count here of how many girls have you called 'babe' this day." I laughed at him and Calum also. "I swe-" he's not able to continue what he was saying because of the laughters that we hear when the door opened. Sam entered with Adrian, the head of the school paper, whose been following Sam every single time that I'm not around. I think they both don't see us because we were at the corner and the three of us are just watching them. "That's real, Sammy. It happened two days ago and don't you dare laugh at me like that." Adrian faked pout. What the hell is this guy doing?! flirting with my girlfriend. Huh? Sammy really? He don't have rights to call her that. Only Michael is allowed to call her Sammy. Sam cleared her throat to finally stop from laughing. "You know if Michael is here you'll be dead right now for calling me 'Sammy'." "Well? I'll be sure that won't happen because I have this" He pointed at his arms "this" he then pointed at his stomach which I bet doesn't even have "abs". "And you, Samantha" that's it I'm done. She's mine, only mine. I stood up and made them know that we're here. the both of their heads turn on our direction. "Hi babe!" I greeted with a smile. Play it cool Luke.Play it cool, I said to myself. "Lukeeeee!" Sam exclaimed and run to my arms. I kissed her forehead to show that Adrian who have Sam. I know I'm being childish here but I can't help myself. There's something that loving Sam have done to me and I'm glad that all of that is good and make me better. When I looked at him, He just smirked and rolled his eyes at me. "How long have you been here?" Sam asked when we pulled away. "We've been here 5 minutes before you and that idiot entered laughing and called you 'Sammy'." Before I can speak up Michael already burst out. He sees Sam as a younger sister and declares that he's the only one who's allowed to call her 'Sammy'. "Mickey!" Sam hissed. She glared at Michael. "Woah there dude. First off, you didn't buy that name to be the only one to call her that. Second, ok fine I'm so scared of you so I won't call her that." He stated mockingly. Well, this dude is so scared to put the fight down that easily. "What might be good for Sam and good for her?" he made a fake thinking face. "Sweetheart from now on I'll call you Sweetheart." He smirked. That really made me angry, he's really challenging me. I was about to go to him and punch him but Sam stopped me. "Luke, calm down." She hold both of my arms with her hands. "Let him be Luke, Yeah he can call Sam 'sweetheart' but it's you she's with and he'll never be you." Calum stated matter of factly. I see that Adrian clenched his fist. "James, can you just stopped?" Sam pleaded. James is Adrian's last name. When Sam uses last name basis it means that she's really serious right at that moment. "But they sta-" he try to depend himself "James!" Sam glared. "Fine, if it's not for you." He sighed and walked out of the door. Finally! "Sam that guy is really annoying." Calum plopped down on the chair. "Let's not talk about him." She grabbed her bag and walked to the door. "Come on." We walked from school to Sam's house for about 20 minutes. Well that's faster than our usual walk everyday because right now we are all hungry. When we got there her mom is still not home. Sam and her mom are the only ones living here because his dad is working somewhere in Europe and living with his brother. Sam once told me that she don't know if her mom and dad are still together because it's been years since she last saw him and her mother together. But his brother is still keep in touch with her through calls, text and Skype. I've never seen how his brother looked like right now but I've seen a picture of them in one of her photo albums. "Just wait here I'll be back after I'm done cooking." She pointed at the living room. "Do you need help, babe?" I asked. Maybe we can do something so that she won't have a hard time but knowing Sam, I know she can do it without our help. "Nahh, it will take a lot more time if you all 'help' me so just wait for me." She quickly leave. "She's right." Michael plopped down on the sofa and opened the t.v.




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