Just For Awhile (5 Seconds Of Summer Fanfic)

Everything's fine.

Everything's normal.

Everything's perfect.

At least that's what they thought. Luke Hemmings and Samantha Adams have been dating for three years now. They think that they are the 'one' for each other. Everyone around them thinks they are the definition of 'perfect couple'. And they truly love each other. But is that enough? What if in just a blink of an eye everything would fall apart? Everything will be gone? Changes started. As in every good thing about them is thrown away.

What would they do?

Can they get through this together?

Will the pain stay forever?

Or Just For Awhile?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Do we have a practice later Luke?" Michael asked me while popping a popcorn to his mouth.

"Yes, until 6:30" I nodded my head. "Didn't I tell you last week?" I asked. I can clearly remember that I announced that today we are having a practice for the upcoming league.

Our school, Tresford High have been always part of the yearly competition. and we are all excited when that time comes because we gives our school honors for being the champion but not only that we also got to help some charities our school is supporting. It feels so good that with your passion you're able to help some people. That everytime you're playing you can think that it's not only for you but also for some that might nee your help. Sometimes you can add them to your inspiration to play hard. The feeling is so amazing.

"Must slipped out of my mind." he shrugged his shoulder and continue eating.

"Woah, Mikey what's new about that?" Calum teased him. Michael always forgets some things but what is really fantastic is that he remembers it for the last minute. He might got some powers.

"Shut up." Michael picks up a handful of popcorn and threw it at Calum. "Hey what did you do that?" Calum stands up and dips his hands to his chips. He is about to throw it at Michael and I'm about to stop him because it may lead to food fight around the cafeteria and we might get detention for the whole week.

One time, Michael teased Calum about something then Calum act before he thinks. He threw nachos at Michael. And Michael being him, damp his spaghetti in Calum's head. After this Calum shouted "Food Fight". Well the other students joined making the whole cafeteria look like a mess. Flying food everywhere, food stains at the wall, tables and chairs are disarranged and most of all the students who are covered with different kinds of food but still throwing food that their hands got. Me, on the other hand, is covered too with some food because of these idiots bestfriends I have. So I also got in, in these stupid fight. I think it lasted for 15 minutes until the principal pushed the door opened, making us all stop. He all sent us to the bathroom to clean ourselves and after that, he made us all clean the whole cafeteria. When we are all done, he told us to go to his office. There he asked what happened and make us all told our own side of story. Each of us take a turn then our principal decided that we are all having the whole week of detention.

"Calum! Don't you dare to do that." Shouted a voice very near. We didn't need to  turn around to know who's the voice behind that voice.

"Sam!" Mikey stood up and went behind Sam. "You're my life saver." He exclaimed while hiding behind her like a scared puppy.

"What's happening here babe?" Sam asked me. Samantha is my girlfriend. We're together for three years now. We started dating when we start middle school. We met through on of my practice by me accidentally hitting her by the ball on her head. Since the first encounter we have, I can't get her out of my head because instead of shouting at me of how reckless player I am, she just let it slide and smiled at me. And when I'm greeting her on the hallway, she greeted me too and smiled. I always see her when we have practice because back then she is the writer of the sports column in the school paper.

"Michael being Michael and Calum Being Calum" I shrugged and went to kiss her but i received a slap at the back of my head. Mikey which returned to his seat now and Calum who put the chips back to the container laughed. I gave them a deathly glare and turned back to face my girlfriend.

"What's that for?" I asked while rubbing the back of my head.

"For you being you." she said in monotone. "You could've stop them before they might start something stupid." When the food fight happened, Sam was one of the people who get mad at us and I could say that I don't want to happen it again because that whole week I don't get to spend so much time with Sam. She became so angry at the three of us for what have we done. She said that we're not using our head properly. Well we can't blame her it's our fault. For that whole week also, we don't get some foods made by Sam. She said that it's our added punishment for our stupidness. So I really hate that week and I won't let it happen again.  

"I was about to but then you beat me to it." I explained myself.

She just sighed and kissed my cheeks. We all went to sit and started talking about what are the happenings around the school. While we are talking she brought out a paper bag and pulled out sandwiches. She gave each of us our own. She always cooked and give us foods. That's one of the things I missed when that stupid detention happened. Because I really love the foods she makes for us everytime and I hate that I can't see her everytime.

After we eat, she excused herself to go the bathroom and we all nod. When she was already gone, Calum said something I say since she became mine.

Here's what he said "You're lucky to have her." Indeed I am. I'm really a lucky guy to find a girl like her. And I won't have it in any other way.

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