Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


6. Their Consequences Are Coming

Edward and Ben walked to me as I was sure I had everything, but of course, I knew there was more to it than that.

‘Amy, I’m coming with you. Ben can keep in contact with us from the base. We can get word to Matt and Sophie too.’ Edward smiled.

I knew I didn’t want to be given their alternative, but I knew John would be watching over me this time round. I just hoped I could do the same for Jacob. From the corner of my eye I could see John’s figure leaning against the wall opposite us.

‘You’d better fight for me, Kiddo.’ John’s voice chuckled, taunting me to kick ass.

I looked at both Edward and Ben, seeing their plan if I didn’t behave or do what they said. If only Jacob had been with me to back me up. I tried to keep my front up, ignoring John taunting me and the fact the family’s fate rested on my shoulders.

‘If I argue, I’m going to get tied up and placed in the back of the Jeep. Aren’t I?’ I sighed, knowing the answer already.

‘We are your books. You can read us easily.’ Ben laughed.

Ben hugged me tightly and shook hands with Edward.

‘Keep in contact with me, alright? Get Matt in contact with me too.’ Ben sighed.

Ben ran inside and let Edward and I drive off. I decided to ring Matt, so I got the number from Edward’s iPhone. Thinking about it, everyone in the TSB I’ve seen has an iPhone. Matt sounded so rough on the phone to me when I rang him.

‘Who is this? What is the reason you’re calling me?’ Matt picked up, quizzing me.

‘It’s Amy. Ben’s at the Spy base. You can communicate with him. Edward and I are on the way to save Carter, Uncle Mike and maybe Auntie Susan too. Where are you now?’

‘We just saved Auntie Eleanor and we’ll go to the base and get prepared for the next pick-ups.’

‘We’ll see you soon, Matthew.’

‘We will, Amelia.’

‘Matt, I just wanted to say I’m sorry about Jacob. He’s in a good place now. He can’t get caught in our tricks on him.’

‘Yeah, I guess not. I’m sorry I couldn’t have told you myself. I just thought it would be cruel to tell you on the phone.’

‘It’s ok. I know you want to look out for me and you would if you could have told me yourself, but this The 24 is in the way.’

‘Yeah, they are. I’ll see you soon, Amy.’

‘I love you, Matt.’

‘I love you too. See you soon.’

Matt hung up, leaving me in confusion of what to do.


I had fallen asleep in the Jeep. Edward was driving along the road towards Canberra. Edward looked on the scanner. The Aston Martin was coming towards Australia. Edward sped up and found a hotel near Canberra. Edward carried the sleeping me into the building and into the hotel.

The room was colourful. Rainbows were everywhere, making him slightly dizzy. Edward walked to the desk. He dinged the bell with his elbow, as I was asleep in his arms. The manager popped up. He was quite tall and his grin was a bit weird and massive. He led Edward to one of the rooms. He handed the key to him and shut the door. Edward walked through to one of the rooms and placed me in one of the beds. I slept well. Edward slept in the single bed next to mine and he slept well too.


I just woke up, the dream about Jacob waking me up again. Tears found me, knowing Jacob was dead and not coming back. Edward was not in the bed that was next to mine. I got up and changed my shirt to a blood red T-shirt. I walked out into the living room area. There were all the colours of the rainbow around the room, disorientating my vision. Edward was in the kitchen, making some breakfast for me. I sighed deeply.

‘Did you sleep well?’

‘Did you carry me all the way here?’

‘Yes. You fell asleep in the car, so I saw this hotel and signed in. We’ve got Carter to rescue today.’

Edward came over with a bowl of cereal and milk. I ate it quickly.

‘Hey, what’s up?’

‘I saw the dream of Jacob dying again. I wanted to get in the way of the bullet.’

‘Amy, it’s not real. It’s just a dream. You couldn’t change his mind. He’s stubborn like you.’

‘I know it wasn’t real. I just wish it would go away. Was he actually that much like me?’

Edward nodded, feeling uncomfortable about the subject. When we were done, the two of us packed everything up. We both left the hotel room to the lobby desk.

‘Did you sleep well?’ It was another Mr Jonesy, but this one had a strong Aussie accent.

‘We did thank you, Mr Jonesy.’ I smirked.

‘Have I met you before?’ Mr Jonesy was curious.

‘I met your relative in the Hilfreich Hotel in Berlin.’ I sighed, feeling slightly exhausted from my spooky dream I had last night.

He laughed and Edward paid him for the room. We both left to the Jeep. I looked to the left of the Jeep. The Aston Martin was facing us.

‘Damn it!’ I called.

Edward and I ran to the Jeep and slid onto the seats. He sped off as fast as he could. The Aston Martin got close to the Jeep. I looked at Edward. Edward quickly glanced at me.

‘Amy, don’t you dare.’

‘What don’t you dare me to do?’

‘Get that gun out the glove box.’

‘What gun in the glove box?’

I sighed deeply. The Jeep jolted forwards slightly. The Aston Martin had bashed into the back of the Jeep. I got the gun parts out of the glove box. I loaded it then started shooting through the window so the tires on the Aston Martin would burst, which they did, and the Jeep could leave them behind. Edward drove to an abandoned warehouse. I led him inside. We just walked in a bit of the ceiling caved in. Edward was just pulled out of the way in time by me.

‘Even though I told you not to do something, you do it. Thanks, Amy.’

‘It’s what families are for. Besides, I saved your butt.’

That just made Edward laugh with me. We had found the main room. A guy was tied to a chair. His short brown hair didn’t reach his ears. He was possibly about twenty-seven years old. Edward ran to him.

‘Carter, wake up, it’s me.’ Edward held his shoulders firmly.

The guy’s eyes started to flutter open. He fixed on Edward. Edward untied his brother. Carter stood up and faced his brother. They both had a man-hug moment. Edward was then able to give Carter a nuggie. Carter hadn’t even noticed me scanning the room for movement.

‘We need to get out of here.’ Carter sighed, worried about company.

‘We do indeed.’ I was leaning against a wall.

Carter smiled at me. Two men came in. I knew these guys were at fault for me losing Jacob.

‘Edward, get him to the car. I’ll be there in a minute.’ I was angry with these strangers.

Edward ran out the building with Carter. They both waited by the Jeep. The building caved in. Their jaws dropped.

‘AMY!’ The brothers called in synchronisation.

Dust filled the air. Edward walked towards the rubble. Someone was coughing badly. Edward walked over to the coughing. I was sat on the floor, covered in dust. Edward got me into his arms. He carried me back to the Jeep. Carter and Edward helped me breathe properly.

‘Are you alright?’ Carter sighed.

‘Let’s just go. I’ll be fine.’ my eyes were closing.

‘Amy, stay with us.’ Edward was getting worried.

I collapsed in Edward’s arms. He carried my unconscious body into the Jeep and buckled me in. Carter sat next to me to prop me up. Edward drove away quickly so the kids after us couldn’t find us easily.

‘Amy, can you hear me?’ Ben’s voice sighed, coming in through our radio system.

‘This is Edward. Amy’s unconscious after one of the warehouses collapsed. Carter’s in the back with her.’ Edward said.

‘Is she alright, other than that?’ Sophie’s voice asked.

‘Yes. Carter and I are heading towards Jerusalem for Dad. We’ll contact you once we have the next one.’ Edward said.

‘Thanks, Edward. We’ll see you when you get back.’ Eleanor’s voice laughed, knowing her sons were ok.


I was still asleep in the Jeep. Carter smiled at his brother. We were in the capital of Israel: Jerusalem. The sun was blisteringly hot. Edward found a warehouse which was making the scanner bleep madly. Edward pulled in and got out the driver seat and stood next to where I was in the back, once he’d opened the door.

‘Amy, can you hear me?’ Edward was trying to be gentle to wake me.

I was waking up. Edward smiled at me. He unbuckled me and helped me out the car, since I almost fell out. I faced the building that was holding our next relative.

‘Shall we go in, Amy?’ Edward smirked at me.

‘What sort of question’s that?’ I ran in.

Edward and Carter struggled to keep up with my speed. They found me in the main room at the side of a chair. The guys walked over. The man had brown hair to his ears and he was exhausted. I had untied him, but he couldn’t move. Edward and Carter helped him up. They both started leaving. The two men came in. I ran at them and knocked the men backwards.

‘Are you alright, Dad?’ Carter smiled.

He didn’t get a reply. The men both flew into the doors and they came clean off the metal hinges. The men were unconscious. I was crouched on the floor. The three family members were in so much shock, Edward and Carter almost dropped their father. We all walked to the Jeep. I opened the door for them to get Mike in the front with his eldest son. I got in the other side as Carter sat in one side in the Jeep. We started to drive off towards our last stop, Cairo in Egypt.


I had fallen asleep in the long journey. Edward was just driving whilst trying not to crash my only Jeep and wake me up. Mike was keeping an eye on the road next to Edward. Carter was keeping an eye on me. I was waking up. Carter sighed deeply, our eyes locking together.

‘Are you alright?’ Carter was worried.

‘Are we near Cairo yet?’ I sighed, a little groggy.

‘Is that where we’re going?’ Edward said.

‘Cairo is the capital of Egypt, isn’t it?’ I said.

Edward drove on. We stopped at a warehouse near the border of Cairo. Carter didn’t take his eyes off his little cousin. I got out and looked at the warehouse. I ran in before any of them could stop me. I found the main room by myself. I freed the person tied to the chair with brown hair to her shoulders. The two men came in and I stared at them.

‘Auntie Susan, run through that door out of this building. Carter, Edward and Uncle Mike should be outside. I’ll be there in a minute.’ I sighed.

Susan ran through the way I had pointed out. She found Edward, Carter and Mike by the car. They got her into the car and waited for me to come out.


I faced the men. I smirked at them. I walked over and then smashed both of them through the walls. They were both unconscious. I ran out the room and out the building but was knocked over as the building exploded. Edward got me up and into the car. Edward got into the driving seat and drove the Jeep back to the base.

‘Is it me, or are they trying to blow me up like a balloon?’ I smirked.

‘I don’t know. You just keep getting close calls.’ Carter laughed.

‘That’s kinda the point.’ I laughed.

Edward made the Jeep screech as we drove along the road.

‘WHOA! What are you doing Edward Thomas?!’ I growled.

‘We’ve got company!’ Edward yelled.

We looked behind us and saw vans, at least five, following us. I rummaged in my bag and found a kind of laser gun. I held it upside down over my head, not looking back and shot the gun. It sent a van hurtling sideward.

‘One down, four to go, Edward!’ I called.

‘NO!’ Edward yelled.

A van shot back and it got me as I was trying to sit upright, so it got my left ribs. I slumped into my seat, the gun slipping from my grip. I let my eyes close just as Carter caught me and the gun. He passed the gun to Susan, who shot out the back at the vans. Carter tried to wake me up, but it wasn’t working.

‘Get to the base ASAP!’ Carter pleaded.

Our Jeep screeched into the car park. Edward parked and then got out. Everyone else got out so Edward was then carrying an unconscious me into the base. He carried me quickly downstairs, shocking those in the main room. Carter, Mike and Susan came in following us. Matt had seen us and allowed his emotions to rule his head.

‘Edward, what happened?’ Matt was fretting over his sister.

‘She was hit with one of the van’s guns. It was a laser gun. It got her in the chest.’ Edward placed my limp body on the sofa.

‘She was hit in the left ribs, Edward.’ Carter corrected him.

‘Amy, can you hear us? Ruth, you need to check her over. I can’t lose her!’ Matt freaked out.

Ruth came over on Matt’s request. She held me up from Edward’s grip.

‘Ben, can you find the first aid kit?’ Ruth said.

Ruth had dark brunette hair that was quite short, with barely any length past her jaw. Her Nurse uniform was under her leather jacket.

‘Do you know what you’re doing?’ Eleanor asked.

Eleanor had brunette hair to her shoulders, allowing her to look like her sons Edward and Carter. She fussed a little over her returning sons and her husband, Mike.

‘Yes. I’m a nurse.’ Ruth smiled.

Ben ran in with the first aid kit. Ruth found the wound from the laser. Ruth sighed.

‘What is it?’ Matt was worried.

‘This wound isn’t treatable. We need to wake her up. That laser gun is for knocking out opponents, not killing them.’ Ruth said.

‘Have you seen one before?’ Carter asked.

‘Yes. This kind of gun had injured at least five hundred people in my hospital in one month once it first came out. If we don’t stop it, they may shoot at Amy again and she will quite possibly die from the impact.’ Ruth explained.

Matt took me from Ruth’s grip around my back. He kissed my head. He kneeled next to me on the sofa. I coughed awake. Everyone smiled. Matt helped me sit up.

‘Remind me not to do that again, whatever it was.’ I sighed, allowing my eyes to see again.

Everyone laughed with me. My eyes opened properly and I saw Matt. My heart drummed now I had my remaining brother. We both hugged each other tightly. I stood up and smirked.

‘What a surprise that the last one to find is Dad.’ I smirked.

Matt was worried now. I sighed, but I wasn’t done just yet. I walked to The Wall.

‘Amy, no one’s been able to open that or knows the code.’ Edward sighed.

‘I’m not just anyone.’ I said, smirking and winking at Matt.

I typed in something into the keyboard. The wall turned around and some vests with padding were attached on the wall. I pulled one at a time off and chucked them to one of them. I glanced at the name plates on the wall for John and Jacob. They’d never been used.

‘Ben, Eleanor, Roger, Carter, Edward, Matt, Ashleigh, Ruth, Mike, Sophie, Gemma and me. These are bullet and laser proof vests with little gadgets in the side. If you look, there is a little button on the bottom of the vest. If you press it once, you get a pellet that explodes doors off their hinges. If you press twice, you get a laser pen that cuts through most metal doors. And finally, if you press three times, I am alerted because that is an SOS signal to me.’ I smirked, trying to relax after seeing my dead brothers’ names on the wall.

‘How come you know what the code is?’ Carter said.

‘I was the one who got them there…with John.’ I sighed.

Matt looked at me like I’d just murdered someone. I just wanted him to support me again.

‘Let’s go and save Mark.’ Ashleigh smiled, not noticing Matt’s glare at his sister.

We all ran upstairs to the Jeeps. Somehow, there weren’t just two Jeeps, there were now four Jeeps. Matt and I ran to my Jeep. Ashleigh, Roger and Susan ran to Matt’s Jeep. Edward, Carter, Sophie and Ruth ran to Edward’s Jeep. Ben, Gemma, Eleanor and Mike ran to Ben’s Jeep. They all drove off after me. Edward was behind me. Ashleigh was behind Edward. Ben was behind Ashleigh. We all drove around Brussels, Belgium. We found a building sending the scanner mad. We all parked the Jeeps and gathered together.

‘Let’s go. We’ve got our Dad to save.’ Matt smiled, putting on a brave face over Jacob.

I walked in first. Something was dripping on the floor. The lights kept flickering. I led us left down a corridor. The lights went out. A scream echoed. The lights came on and everyone gasped. The family looked around, checking we were all there. I wished we were.

‘Where’s Eleanor?’ Mike couldn’t find his wife.

‘They’re playing tricks on us. Every time that the lights go out one of us will be taken. It’s their final plan of this massive game. If you think the lights are going to go out, yell for all of us to run.’ I sighed, my heart drumming in my chest as I neared the plan set for me.

We walked a little bit faster. I looked round the corner. The kids were there. I ran along the corridor to the other side. My feet turned me round to face the family, getting them to follow.

‘It’s the kids down there. Run to this side.’ I whispered.

They all did as quickly as they could. I led us down the corridor towards where Mark was.

‘Amy it’s the lights.’ Sophie said.

We all ran as the lights went off. A man’s yell echoed. The lights came back on.

‘Where’s Roger?’ Ruth was fretting about her Dad.

‘He’ll be fine. We need to move quickly. If we can get to the main room, we’ll be able to find Dad and free everyone else.’ Matt was trying to be positive.

Matt and I were now leading. I was now scanning the area carefully. The lights were flickering. They went out again. A scream and a man’s yell echoed.

‘Where are Mom and Uncle Mike?’ Matt freaked.

‘The light is taking doubles now. Man, we’re in trouble.’ I groaned.

Our group ran even faster. The lights flickered. The scream and yell were back.

‘Sophie and Edward have gone!’ Gemma panicked.

‘We need to go quicker.’ Matt said.

We ran round the corner. The lights got its next victims. Our numbers were dwindling fast.

‘Carter and Ruth have gone!’ Gemma squeaked.

I walked down the corridor. I sensed the lights turning off. They got their next victims.

‘Amy, Susan and Gemma have gone! They got three victims!’ Matt was worrying about his sister, just like he always did.

‘I’m over here, Matt.’ I sighed, breathing deeply to try and steady my heart.

I walked round the corner towards the boys. Matt hugged his little sister. Ben looked at the floor. He looked so lonely doing that I wished I could make him feel better.

‘She’ll be fine, Ben. Gemma’s a great fighter.’ I smirked, hoping I’d done enough.

The lights went out again and got their next victims. I would be alone now.

‘Amy, RUN!’ Matt and Ben’s yells were as loud as a car horn.

The lights came back on and I was alone. I ran through the corridors and found a big room. A figure was blocking the double doors to the room, but I knew who it was right away.

‘Hello Amelia.’ The figure smirked, as it was John.

‘You were the one in the hotel room. You pointed to the locket.’ I pulled out my locket.

I opened it and inside was a picture of John and myself in one picture with an inscribed message on the other side. I was six years old. I was with a guy with brunette hair like mine, except his was brushed over to one side with his parting. The message read: Be strong for me, no matter what. I will be here for you. John Thomas.

I closed the locket and saw John was walking towards me.

‘You’ll be a strong fighter, Amy. You will be just like I was but stronger. Fight for what is right, not what you think will work but do it anyway.’ John walked to me, kissing my head.

‘I’ll fight until I see you again. I’ll do the same for Jacob.’ I promised.

‘Jesus, you’re not gonna give up on us, are you? Then I shall enjoy our meeting again. Always look out for me. You may not expect to see me at all. Good luck, Amelia Thomas. I promise I won’t abandon you again. I’ll see if I can find Jacob too.’ Then John was gone.

I walked to the double doors and pushed them open. I entered and saw our father, standing with his back to me. He hadn’t noticed my presence, until I was ready to speak to him.

‘Dad, is that you?’ I asked.

Mark turned around and hugged me tightly. I finally found the comfort I’d wanted.

‘Where is everyone?’ Mark was worried.

‘The lights kept flickering and whenever the lights went out people were taken and they disappeared. I’m the only one left.’ I shrugged, worried what would happen.

‘You’ll be fine. Listen to me, when the next thing happens please don’t hate me for it.’ Mark sighed, shaking as he held my shoulders.

‘What do you mean?’ I said.

‘Hello, Amelia.’ A man with flat brown hair was leaning in the doorway.

‘Dominic, what have you done to the rest of the family?’ Mark was trying to buy me time from something.

‘They’re safe… for the moment.’ Dominic smirked at me, a smirk that spooked me a little.

‘Dominic, let’s start our little game.’ A man with brown hair to his ears and his hair spiked up at the front walked in behind me, yet he didn’t look comfortable doing this.

‘Cameron, leave her alone.’ Mark was protecting me from something.

‘Dad, it’s fine, I’ll be fine. You know what I’m like with my anger issues and road rage.’ I smirked.

‘You have anger issues and road rage?’ Dominic laughed.

‘Yes. The problem is, once they’re released, there’s no easy way of controlling my anger and I lash out quite badly. I had to move school because once I made one boy have to go to a mental asylum in my anger lock. It took seven teachers the entire school day to calm me down. Oh and I almost ran over a tree in my road rage. My car swerved and just missed the tree.’ I smirked, seeing the fear spread over Dominic and Cameron’s faces.

Dominic and Cameron stared at each other. Mark held my right hand in his left. Dominic smirked at me like a tiger about to pounce. I saw the other door and ran for it. Dominic ran after me. I turned around and smashed him into the wall. Cameron just stared at Dominic.

‘Dominic, get up.’ Cameron was getting annoyed.

Dominic got up. He brushed off the dust from his shoulders that scattered the floor.

‘Amy, run!’ Mark called to me.

I stood my ground. I closed my eyes. Dominic walked to me and I opened my eyes. Dominic picked me up and chucked me over his shoulder. I bit into his shoulder. I was dropped down.

‘She bit me!’ Dominic let his anger slip off his tongue.

I smirked at them. I ran at Cameron and he flew into the doors from my hit. I sighed deeply.

‘Amy, calm down.’ Mark hugged me tightly, trying to calm me down.

I closed my eyes and Mark released me. I shook my head about and then I opened my eyes.

‘Are you alright?’ Mark’s smile was weak.

‘I’m possibly better than I will be in a minute.’ I sighed gently, looking Mark in the eye.

I could sense my time was running out, but I didn’t know what Dominic had planned.

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