Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


4. The Race Begins

I was up first. Rain tapped on the window outside my room. I jolted bolt-right up in bed from my past finding me again. I crawled off the bed and changed my clothes. I was in a dark green Polo shirt and navy joggers with a sky blue raincoat and black trainers. I grabbed everything of mine and put it all into my bag. I took my bag downstairs and got some toast with butter done for me and my brothers when they got downstairs. I ate mine and made sure we had everything. My feet made me run upstairs and so I searched our Dad’s room. Nothing was there to help me. I checked our Mum’s room next. Nothing was there either. I knocked on Matt and Jacob’s door.

‘Matt, Jacob, can you two get up?’ I called.

Nothing came back. I opened the door. Someone was on Matt and someone else was on Jacob, keeping them quiet. I ran at the one on Matt first and knocked him over. I then did the same to the one on Jacob. Matt and Jacob got up. Matt was in a red Polo shirt and joggers with a sea blue raincoat and white trainers. Jacob was in a sea blue Polo shirt and joggers with a red raincoat and white trainers. I faced the strangers.

Both of the men had brown hair to their ears and they fixed on me. THe HHHHhey HhHsmirked at me. I fixed my eyes on their movements. The taller one came closer to me. This man was close the same age as my eldest brother, Matt, but a bit taller, and had been pinning Matt to the bed. He was wearing a black leather jacket with black jeans and a black T-shirt that had a fist on the front with dark boots, just like the other man, who was close to Matt’s age as well, but just a little bit older than my second eldest brother, Jacob, and had been pinning Jacob to his bed, but on his shirt was a blade of some kind.

‘What do you want?’ I asked.

The man with the fist on his shirt stopped. I had startled him a bit.

‘We want your family out of existence. Luckily someone got rid of one of the kids for us. Remember when you were seven, Amelia? Remember your dead brother, John Thomas?’ He chuckled with an American accent.

I wanted to punch the daylights out of him for that, but Jacob pulled me back around my waist. I knew John was somewhere and I wanted him, but the way he spoke about our brother made me want to give him a piece of my mind. After all, I didn’t believe he was actually dead. The figure I’d seen last night had obviously held the key to where he was.

‘Amy, don’t. He wants you to react. Fight for our brother in another way.’ Jacob whispered in my ear, which made me stop fighting his grip around my waist.

Jacob, Matt and I backed up and then ran out the room. Matt had his grass green rucksack like mine on his back. Jacob had his blood red bag like mine on his back. I got my bag on and we all left as Matt and Jacob grabbed their toast. We left to the Jeep. Matt got the bags in the boot and both guys got into the front of the Jeep as I got in the back. Matt drove out of the garage and drove the Jeep out of the area of the house.

‘Dude, that was close.’ Jacob sighed of relief.

‘It’s not over yet, guys. Those men are following us.’ I called as I was looking out the back window.

Both cars were in a chase for miles. Matt was in the lead with the Jeep, whilst the men were behind a bit in the Aston Martin. Matt was driving towards Germany.

‘We have to get a ferry there, Matt. Luckily, I have some money on me to pay for it.’ I smirked.

Matt pulled into the harbour. The ferry was waiting for cars to board. Matt pulled into the last space on the ferry. A man in a bright yellow hard hat walked over to us. He looked quite elderly and hunched over with his white wispy hair blowing in the sea breeze and blue bored eyes.

‘It’s $30 to be on this ferry, mate.’ His voice sounded sore.

‘Hang on. I have some money in my purse that’s in my bag.’ I said.

I got out the Jeep and got to my bag in the boot. I got out a black wallet and gave the man the exact money. He nodded at me. I shut my bag and the boot. Then I got back into the Jeep. I smirked at Matt and Jacob, who were in a little bit of shock from my expertise in different amounts of money for foreign countries.

‘What would we do without you, Amy?’ Jacob laughed.

‘Well, you wouldn’t be anywhere without me because those men would have killed you both if they didn’t know I was in that house. You would both now be dead if it wasn’t for me.’ I smirked.

‘That’s very true. Right once we get to Germany’s border, we must get to Berlin as quickly as possible. Our family’s lives are depending on us.’ Matt said.

‘I know. We have to be as quick as possible.’ I sighed, trying to calm my heartbeat down.

‘You’ve not been in a position like this before then?’ Jacob’s smile dropped.

‘No. I don’t think I want to be in this position again.’ I looked down.

‘Hang on a second, those two men who held us down were speaking about a mission that was going on, starting yesterday and that it wrapped around the youngest in the Thomas family…’ Jacob then knew what that meant.

‘They meant me. Whatever they want to throw at me, I’m ready. I’ll be doing it for our brother. It’s what our family do, being the TSB.’ I smirked.

We sat in awkward silence, since Matt and Jacob didn’t know I knew about the TSB, and waited to get across on the ferry. I just played with my locket around my neck from John on my seventh birthday, the last gift from him which had been left in Ashleigh’s care. I hadn’t even tried to bite it either, since I liked to bite things at that time.

Once we got to the mainland Matt drove off as quickly as possible to a hotel. He found a small hotel and parked the Jeep in the car park. The weird thing was there was only our Jeep in there. We all got out the vehicle and walked to the hotel. Matt and Jacob held my hands all the way, Matt on my left and Jacob on my right.

The lobby was red all over. Matt’s shirt and Jacob’s raincoat fitted in really well. The recliners, sofas, curtains, cushions and tables with their chairs were all blood red. Matt led me and Jacob towards the blood red reception desk. I rang the bell as no one was there.

‘Someone really likes the colour red.’ I smirked.

A dark skinned man popped up. Once he emerged quickly, his appearance out of nowhere made us all jump. The man was wearing a blood red shirt and trousers with black business shoes. He smiled at us three warmly.

‘Wie Konnen wir hilf du hier in The Hilfreich Hotel?’ He sounded a bit tired yet excited, but he spoke in a thick German accent.

‘This is The Hilfreich Hotel?’ Jacob was confused by the name.

‘It means “Helpful Hotel” in German. Meine zwei Bruder nicht spreche Deutsch, sie ist Englisch. Ich habe ein drei bettzimmer heute bitte?’ I sighed.

He smiled. He came out from behind the desk.

‘Bitteschern, Herr.’ I sighed.

Jacob, Matt and I only just noticed that he was quite tall. With every one of his steps there was a squeak from his shoes or it was a squelching noise from his red and white spotty socks. We were led up to the fifth floor in the chocolate brown lift. The man led us into the room. He gave the key to Matt. The room was colourful and had a brilliant view of the sea from the window.

‘You speak English? This is your room. The bedroom is that one and if you need to call me downstairs, you can use the phone behind the door and call for a “Mr Jonesy”, who is me.’ Mr Jonesy smiled with his English that was a bit hard to understand through the accent.

He had just pointed out that the bedroom was the one with the blue door. Matt shook hands with him and Mr Jonesy left the room. I collapsed onto one of the sofas, exhausted already.

‘What were you saying in German, Amy?’ Jacob asked.

‘I was just asking for a room with three beds and said you two don’t speak German, you’re English. I thanked him too. Manners usually help in different languages.’ I smirked.

‘Come on. Let’s make some dinner, Miss Different-Language.’ Matt laughed.

‘You would have struggled otherwise.’ I smirked.

‘I can’t believe that we’ve been travelling all day!’ Jacob was exhausted.

‘Is cheese on toast alright for you, Amy?’ Matt smiled.

‘Yeah, do you want some help?’ I got up slowly and stood next to Matt and Jacob in the small kitchen area.

‘We need to find the grater and the grill along with the fridge.’ Jacob smirked.

We got to work on our dinner. I was having fun with my brothers. We made it quickly and ate together, laughing. Matt was watching TV with Jacob when I had disappeared. Jacob was now worrying, but Matt was not worrying as much. Jacob walked into the bedroom. The room was blue with blue wallpaper and carpets. I was in one of the single beds asleep. He sighed of relief that I was in there. The sheet was halfway up my body and so he pulled up the sheet and kissed my head. He left and turned off the TV and came to bed himself. Matt came in too, ready to go to bed.

‘Goodnight, Amelia Thomas.’ Matt and Jacob sighed in synchronisation.


The morning sun shone in through the sky blue curtains drapes. I felt the sun on my face. I woke up and stretched out. I got out of the red covered bed and changed my clothes again. I was now wearing a blood red T-shirt with joggers and my white trainers with my sky blue raincoat. I walked out to the living room and kitchen area.

Four people were standing in the living room area. All of them were in black clothing. The girls were in dark skinny jeans with black vest tops and leather jackets. The boys were in dark jeans with their special printed black T-shirts and leather jackets. They all liked their boots too. I was ready to fight them.

‘Hello Amelia.’ The boy who looked quite muscular and had the fist on his shirt smirked.

‘Matt, Jacob, a little help?’ I called.

Matt and Jacob came from behind me and stood beside me. Matt was in his sea blue raincoat and joggers with his white trainers and a grass green T-shirt. Jacob was in his bright red raincoat and joggers with his white trainers and a sky blue T-shirt. We were all ready for a fight. Matt and Jacob walked over to the boys and I walked over to the girls. We all fought well. I won against both of the girls, knocking them both down. Matt had knocked the guy with the blade shirt over and Jacob was struggling with the fist shirt guy.

I ran over and kicked fist shirt guy from behind and he fell to the floor. Jacob smiled at his sister. The guys pulled out guns and started shooting at us. Both Jacob and I ran to the bedroom for our bags and Matt’s as Matt was trying to create a distraction. We both got them on and ran out. The people were backing up. Jacob chucked Matt his bag. I ran for the door. One tried to follow me but I whacked them with my bag, which sent blade shirt guy flying into the closest white wall. Fist shirt guy kept shooting. Matt and Jacob followed me and we ran downstairs and to the desk.

‘Did you have a nice stay?’ Mr Jonesy smiled.

‘Yes. We would like to leave now.’ Matt was out of breath.

‘That should be…about one hundred Euros please.’ Mr Jonesy smiled.

I got out my purse and gave the exact money again. He smiled at me, Jacob and Matt. All three of us ran to the Jeep. We got the bags in the boot and drove off. The Aston Martin was after us again. My heart was on overdrive. Matt was driving quickly around the dirt road, trying to lose the Aston Martin.

‘Amy, hang on. This may be a bit bumpy.’ Matt warned.

I was about to ask what he meant when the Jeep sped up and we were jolted up and down as the road became rougher. I was clinging onto the handle in the door of the Jeep for dear life. Fear felt like it was etched into me. Jacob was enjoying himself by laughing. Matt drove it round the corner as the Aston Martin got closer. The Jeep was gaining more and more speed. I was scared now. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Matt driving and Jacob enjoying himself.

Matt managed to get us to the next town in one piece. He pulled into an abandoned building that was a bit crumbly from old age. The Aston Martin drove on past us. We all got out the Jeep and looked round the corner to see which direction the Aston Martin travelled in. The Aston Martin drove to the West of Berlin. I sighed of relief. Matt looked at his sister. He squeezed one of my hands whilst Jacob squeezed the other one.

‘We’ll make it through this, just trust us.’ Matt smirked, full of insecurity.

‘I just hope we can save everyone in time.’ I looked at the floor, hoping any hidden clues would appear.

Jacob and I decided to sneak along the road, as Matt stayed with the Jeep, and found the kids who were following us were waiting for something. The blade shirt guy pulled out his phone from his pocket. He pushed a button and held the phone to his ear.

‘Hello Dad. What’s the plan?’ He sighed.

He got a seriously long reply.

‘Thanks, Dad. We’ll see you soon.’ He hung up his phone.

‘Harvey, what’s the plan from Uncle Dominic?’ fist shirt guy asked.

‘Isaac, my dear cousin, Olivia’s and my Dad want all of us to try and get through the kids’ barriers. We have to use other methods to get through to the kids. You and Kate have been told to break little Amelia. Olivia and I have been asked to break Matthew and Jacob. We have to do it quickly, before they get the first family member.’ Harvey smirked.

‘We’ll need to be quick then.’ One of the girls smirked.

‘That’s it, Olivia. Keep that determination for Matthew and Jacob.’ Harvey laughed.

‘I’m not so sure this is a good idea. Should we really be getting into either of our Dad’s revenge issues?’ The other girl sighed.

‘Kate, don’t be such a baby! You’re worse than your mother was!’ Harvey growled.

‘Harvey, shut up before I make your head face the other way.’ Isaac stood up for his sister and the memory of his mother.

‘We’ll sort this out later. Now we have to find those kids. Don’t let them out your grip otherwise there’ll be trouble when we get back.’ Harvey snarled at his cousins.

They all got into the car, Isaac driving and Harvey next to him with Olivia and Kate in the back. They all drove round to look for us three members. Jacob and I had heard everything. The two of us climbed down the incline we’d been hiding on back to the Jeep and Matt.

‘That’s not good. We have to be more careful now. You may not like this, but we may have to split up and go after different family members.’ I sighed, leading Jacob back.

‘No. That’s what they want. If we split up then we are more likely to get caught. Matt wouldn’t agree either.’ Jacob sighed, thinking I would be on foot.

‘We have only four days to get back the first family member. Can you remember when we read the first note, you remembered being told that they wanted to go and do something in that country? I know six of them and you know six. You should go after the six you know and I go after the six I know.’ I said, stopping Jacob.

Jacob had given in. I smirked a little. We both started walking back to Matt and the Jeep again. Matt hadn’t seemed to disagree with the plan as yet.

‘Right then, who are you going to try and find?’ Jacob sighed.

‘I know where Dad, Carter, Uncle Mike, Sophie, Auntie Susan and Uncle Ben Jones are. You two can go after Mum, Edward, Auntie Eleanor, Ruth, Uncle Roger and Auntie Gemma Jones. Are you ready to be able to run?’ I smirked.

‘I’m ready. I’ll give you your bag and then I’ll help you get off to your first point. Where are you heading first?’ Matt whispered.

‘I’m heading to Paris to get Sophie. I’ll be fine. You get off after Edward. I’ll see you soon.’ I got my bag out the boot of the Jeep and started walking off.

‘Good luck, Amelia Thomas!’ Matt and Jacob laughed in synchronisation.

‘Good luck, Matthew Thomas and Jacob Thomas, my rascals!’ I laughed back.

‘I’d get out of here before we get you for that!’ Jacob laughed, winking at me.

Something made me think Jacob was…flirting. He’d done that for years, hadn’t he? I walked round the corner and found the entrance to the big abandoned car park. There was a Jeep waiting for me. I got my bag in and drove off. Matt and Jacob were still there. I drove to them and got out. Matt and Jacob were shocked. Jacob, Matt and I hugged each other tightly.

‘Mum got me one and we accidently left it here and so I’ve now collected it. Now we have the same kind of vehicle.’ I laughed.

‘That is a shame.’ Harvey snarled, bringing the other three kids behind him.

‘Guys, can you remember what I told you earlier about running?’ I asked.

‘What about it?’ Matt was confused.

‘I think it’s time we used that plan.’ I looked at my brothers.

Jacob, Matt and I looked at each other and ran to our Jeeps then drove off in different directions. I drove to the West whilst Matt and Jacob drove to the East. Harvey and Olivia drove after Matt and Jacob in a violet Vauxhall Astra. Isaac and Kate drove after me in the Aston Martin and both cars were quick. I was driving towards France and towards our cousin, Sophie. The Aston Martin was getting closer.


I had managed to lose the Aston Martin miles back, since I crossed the border to be exact. I now was parked in a car park in France. I pulled out my phone. I had a stranger ringing me. I was a bit frozen in shock and worry before I answered.

‘Hello, who is this?’ I was shaking a bit.

‘It’s Jacob. How are you?’ Jacob’s familiar voice made my heart beat quicker.

‘You scared me then! I’m ok. I made it to France. I’m in a busy car park full of Jeeps. How are you two doing?’ I was shaking a little and I sighed of relief once I heard Jacob’s voice.

‘We’re good. We got into a hotel. Sounds like you have a good camouflage plan on your hands. We lost the kids after us with my driving skills.’

‘I lost the kids after me. They were easy to lose, lost them at the border into France.’

‘Put my number in your phone and then we can keep in touch with each other.’

‘Ok. I’ll see you soon. I’ve got a cousin to save.’

‘Us too, I love you, Amy.’

‘I love you too. See you soon, Jacob.’

I hung up. I put Jacob’s number in my phone and sat back in the chair. I got out a map of France. I scanned the map. My finger stopped on a little building in Paris near the Eifel Tower. I got my Jeep into gear and drove out the car park. I started driving from the French border to Paris. The Aston Martin started following me quite quickly.

‘It’s time for the gadgets, Amy.’ I sighed to myself.

I was set on a time limit before the vehicle after me found me. Now they’d found me, I was in even more trouble. I pushed a blood red button next to the air button. More buttons emerged in the Jeep controls. I typed in ‘AMY THOMAS’ into the keyboard. The car had a screen come into where the controls were.

The spy-car gained speed and was able to get to the destination quickly. The Jeep was parked in the car park. The Aston Martin was then parked a bit away from the Jeep. I was waiting for them to come out to me. I needed to see who I was running from.

‘Let’s not get killed, shall we?’ I breathed deeply.

‘You can do this.’ A cloaked figure was sat in the back of the Jeep, their voice the same as the one following me.

‘Who are you?’ I turned to look at the figure.

‘I’m someone you have to find when you find out the truth. This is not who you are. There was more than one in the crash.’ The figure laughed and melted away into a cloud.

‘Ok, don’t freak out and go kick some butt, but that sounded like John.’ I got out, hoping not to make a mistake.

I shut my Jeep door, hoping I was making the right decision to get information. I leaned against my Jeep. Mud was half way up the vehicle, but not high enough so I got mud on my clothes. The kids were coming over. Two cloaked figures watched me and the two kids coming towards me. I could see fist shirt guy had brown hair that rose a little bit that gave him some height so he was taller and older than the girl. The girl had brown hair to her shoulders and she looked not that much younger than the boy. They were almost the same height. A third figure walked to the two figures, watching me with a worry siblings have.

‘Are you surrendering to us, Amelia?’ fist shirt guy, who had been called Isaac, smirked.

‘Don’t call me Amelia!’ I was in my anger zone.

The girl approached me. We both stopped still, looking at each other in the eye.

‘We’re Kate and Isaac. What are your plans?’ Kate sighed of…slight boredom.

‘Why would I tell you two my plans?’ I sighed, raising an eyebrow.

‘Don’t play games, kid.’ Isaac growled.

‘Isaac, calm down.’ Kate seemed to have more control and still gave Isaac a glare.

Kate walked closer to me. I gripped the handle of the door into the Jeep tightly so my hand had started shaking.

‘We’re not going to hurt you.’ Kate sighed, trying to be gentle with me for some reason.

‘What are you doing?’ Isaac growled.

‘I recognise you. You were related to John Thomas!’ Kate was in shock.

‘You knew my brother?’ I almost collapsed, seeing one figure react at John’s name.

‘Yes. I was one of the nurses that treated him after the car accident. I’m sorry about that.’ Kate looked familiar to me.

‘Cameron, you’re Dad’s Cameron.’ I was piecing things together.

‘Yeah, so I’d run if I were you, kid.’ Isaac looked ready to pounce.

‘Then I wouldn’t drive too close to me, Isaac. I’m the one with anger issues, especially behind the wheel of my Jeep. So that means I have road rage!’ I smirked.

‘You look edgy, kid.’ Isaac laughed.

‘I think you would if you think you recognise the three figures watching us. They know our future and they know this isn’t it. John Thomas, the father figure I lost.’ I pointed out.

Kate and Isaac saw the figures. I gripped the handle tighter as my hand shook more. The three figures walked towards us, their movements almost menacing towards us.

‘Amelia Thomas.’ The figure on the end, closest to me sighed.

‘Why are you doing this?’ I tried to stay calm as I stood up properly.

‘This is a lie and you need to wake up from it. You’ve seen pictures of the family and now your mind’s changed what shouldn’t have happened. This is a lie.’ The figure walked to me.

I released the door handle and saw the figure’s face. It was John.

‘You broke me leaving and now you expect me to take you back like that, like nothing happened?!’ I yelled.

‘Jesus, Amy! You know I had no choice in that!’ John almost lost it.

‘Do I? I haven’t seen you since I was seven, so how do I know if you’ve changed or not? You’re a liar, John. You said you’d be there for me, but you left me!’ I yelled.

‘I had no choice, Amelia! Jesus, why won’t you believe me?’ John snarled with his American accent bleeding through his words.

I felt tears come to my eyes as I’d never been yelled at or seen John’s anger towards me before. He backed up slowly, knowing he’d caused me pain.

‘I’m sorry.’ John sighed.

‘It’s not good enough! I loved you, would’ve died for you! Now you do this. It would’ve been better if you had died.’ I snapped at John, shoving my pain right in his face.

I walked back to my Jeep. Kate sensed what I was doing and stepped backwards, staying out of my warpath. Isaac’s stare seemed to envelope all of his anger and release it upon John for breaking his target. I was sure that when I backed up, I wouldn’t run any of them over with the Jeep. I drove off, leaving them all behind, even my beloved brother I’d admired when he’d looked after me as a small kid.

The kids ran back to their Aston Martin and followed me. I drove faster to the bleeping point on a map that the screen was showing on the scanner in the Jeep. I lost the kids in the centre of Paris. I drove to an abandoned warehouse. I parked in the car park and ran inside, tears about what I had just been told by John coming back, and ready to spill, especially knowing about those figures. I walked down the dripping and cold corridors of the warehouse. I was avoiding many drips of water and slime as they fell to the dirty cold ground. I finally found the main room. The walls malted their grey wallpaper over me from the walls and the ceiling. Mice holes were all over the bottom of the walls.

A female was tied to a black wooden chair in the middle of the room. The female had brown hair finishing at her shoulders and her breathing was heavy. I ran to her. The female was wearing a damp navy jacket and joggers with her black trainers and pomegranate red shirt.

‘Sophie, wake up!’

Sophie’s eyes fixed on me as they opened slowly. She smiled at me. I untied her and we both were about to leave. Two men blocked our path. I got her behind me. The men ran forward. I fought the men until they were unconscious.

‘Shall we, Sophie?’

We both left to the Jeep and we both kept getting dripped on by the slime and water residues left by the previous owners of the building. I drove around Paris and Sophie read the scanner to see where we were going next. It bleeped into life.

‘Spain would be our Uncle Ben Jones. He always wanted a business out in Spain’s capital, Madrid.’

‘Right then, here we go to Madrid.’

‘Let’s hope Matt, Jacob and Edward has the same luck as us.’

‘Can we pull over into this car park for a minute, Amy?’

I pulled in, unsure what Sophie was up to. She liked her jokes as much as Jacob did, but this was odd. I felt like my defence was being set off from something.

Neither of us knew a trap was being sprung against us once more.

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