Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


10. The Falling Stars Descend

Matt hung up, leaving me to cradle my broken heart on my own. I was alone now and the only one who could heal me was John. I didn’t even know how Jacob and I were relationship-wise, as he rejected me when I knew something was wrong. I was left standing in total despair. Matt had turned against me with the name of our dead brother. I had definitely seen him, but I didn’t know why. Jacob held my left hand, obviously calmed down enough, and then I looked at him. He had forgiven me. Worry was filling my heart over this situation.

‘We’ll sort this out.’ Jacob sighed, trying to get rid of my fear.

‘I hope so. I know that there were three of us in that crash when I was seven, but I’m not sure on details.’ I said.

We walked in through the oak doors and then we saw the room. Water puddles were everywhere. The walls were bare as the paint had totally come off the walls. Pieces of ceiling were all over the floor. Holes were getting bigger in the ceiling. Wind rustled through the building. Rain threatened to pour through the holes.

‘This is worse than your room, Jacob.’ I smirked.

‘Hey!’ Jacob laughed, tickling me a little bit.

‘I said this was worse than yours.’ I jabbed his ribs, so he stopped tickling me.

‘Oh, I’m sorry Amy.’ Jacob kissed my left cheek.

‘Let’s try and find’ Cameron saw something.

Painted freshly on the wall was a symbol. It was a bright red Trapezium. Inside the trapezium was two letters, an F and an S with a sunlight yellow star between them. Shivers of worry spread through us all, not knowing our fates were in the balance. I saw the logo and then almost crumpled on the floor. Luckily, Jacob caught me and got me back on my feet.

It looked like:




‘It’s the Falling Stars symbol.’ Cameron and I said in synchronisation.

‘That’s right.’ A figure was stood by the other exit.

‘Who are you?’ Kate growled.

‘I’m the female leader of the Falling Stars. We were recruited to end this family for what they have done.’ The leader snarled.

‘I know who you’re hired by!’ I smirked.

‘Who hired us then, Amelia?’ The female leader laughed.

‘I know you’re hired by Ms Ashleigh Thomas!’ I fixed on the figure.

The female leader crumpled to the floor. They then leaned against the bare and wet walls.

‘You aren’t meant to know!’ The female leader hissed.

‘I know who I’m dealing with. I researched about you before. My mother would even destroy her own family if it meant she got her revenge.’ I pointed out.

‘Of course, that’s who the family got their information on us from.’ The female leader snarled at me.

The female figure pulled down her black cloak’s hood. The woman had blonde hair to her shoulders and her blue eyes fixed on me. She had light pink skin which gave her a sharp look with her eyes. She fixed on Jacob like a bad taste in her mouth. I stepped a little bit in front of him, trying to protect him the best I could.

‘You escaped us once, but you won’t be able to again!’ The woman snarled and she snapped her fingers.

Jacob then disappeared. I tried to hold onto him, but it did nothing. She clicked her fingers again and then Cameron, Kate and Isaac then disappeared, leaving me alone with her.

‘Since you know so much about us, why don’t you guess who I am? You never will. No one ever gets it.’

‘It’s your own fault, Isabel Johnson.’

Isabel was shocked. She couldn’t stop looking scared.

‘You’ve not been called that name for so long.’

‘How did you find out?’

‘I did my research. I know it’s not easy being like this, but we can help you.’

Isabel then fixed on me. I was willing to help someone who tried to destroy my family. Isabel was taken aback. This had never happened before to her in her life.

‘That won’t save you. Your family is trapped in the cells and now you’re on your own.’

Isabel was getting excited. I saw her plan already. She was going to call reinforcements.


Reinforcements came in and held me down. I couldn’t break through the women. Isabel laughed like Darth Vader. I tried to keep a straight face. Isabel then saw what I was doing as I looked up at her. She wanted me to be fearful for my life, but I wasn’t done just yet.

‘What are you smirking at?’

‘Calm down, Vader.’

I smirked even more.

‘Take her to the torture chamber. It’s time this one learned to stay quiet and never play with electricity. My colleagues will deal with you.’

‘Your colleagues are Marcel Jones and Thomas Smith!’ I had rumbled her.

‘Take her away quickly. Get her out my sight!’ Isabel snarled.

I was dragged towards the other doors. Then I was able to turn around. I looked Isabel in the eyes. She could see I was up to something.

‘I’d watch out, Isabel. I have one hope left. JOHN THOMAS!’ I screamed.

Thunder and Lightning crackled outside. I was then carried off and then I saw the doors pushed open. John ran towards me. He tackled the woman with me over their shoulder and I rolled. John was able to knock them over and unconscious. He walked to me and then helped me up. He held me close to him, making us both smile.

‘Amelia Thomas, you have good timing.’ John laughed.

‘I gathered that. You kinda told me that before.’

‘Jesus, I brought you up badly, didn’t I?’

‘How could you forget that? Also, I will say happy twenty-seventh birthday, Johny. Is that a grey hair already?’ I joked around with him, just like we had when I was seven.

John smirked. I then saw the cell doors down the corridor. Fear of what this meant filled my heart. John held my left hand. He looked into my eyes. He knew how I was feeling: worried.

‘It’ll be ok. We just have to find out why Mom would do this.’

‘Yeah John, as if it’ll be that easy. I already know why.’

‘That reason is?’

‘We had to send her to a hospital. She’d gone a little bit loopy. She almost killed me a few times as well.’

A groan echoed from one of the grey cells, interrupting our conversation. A hand slowly fell through a cell immediately to my right. I walked slowly to the hand and saw who the hand belonged to. His brown hair was messed up from his usual small spikes. His eyes were tired and he had grey hairs now in amongst his brown.

‘It can’t be you. Dad, is that you?’

The man looked up. His eyes caught hold of mine. He held his hand up through the bars and held my face as I knelt by his cell. Mark smirked at me.

‘Hello Dad.’ I wanted to cry of happiness.

John crouched next to me on my right and smirked at Mark.

‘It’s been a while, Dad.’ John let his smirk spread bigger.

‘John? You’re alive?’ Mark looked totally confused at his found son.

‘Yeah, I got the nurse to fake my death and I ran out to hide before I came back. The problem was I came across Amy too early. I then had to help her. When she brought up my name to Jacob and Matt, they had a go at her. They knew I was dead, but they didn’t actually see my body because they said I was a mangled body. I’ve now come back.’ John smirked at me.

‘You have to get out of here. The guards will come back and get you both in one of these and give you all the pain we’ve had.’ Mark was worried about both of us.

‘We won’t leave you, Dad. I’ve only just returned.’ John sighed, not giving in.

‘It’s Ashleigh’s plan. She hired them to end us.’ I blurted out.

‘Amy, Amy, Amy, you find out things you’re not meant to know so easily. You just have to be strong and fight for the right things. Now, both of you leave. I don’t want either of you to have the same fate as we have.’ Mark looked at his family one last time and walked to the back of his cell.

‘Dad, don’t…’ I was broken.

Mark didn’t respond. I stood up with John and then I felt ready to scream and cry. Then I did something I shouldn’t have. I set off the alarm for intruders.

‘What have you done?’ John was worried what I was up to.

‘You can fit through the bars of the cells. Sneak into Dad’s cell and hide. I’ll distract them so they’re unprotected and then I’ll locate the keys to get everyone out.’ I was ready.

John didn’t argue. He slid through the bars and hid behind Mark’s bed of bales and bales of hay on the floor. He was then out of sight. I stood my ground and heard feet coming. Guards came from both sides of the corridor. I was surrounded.

‘Intruder, what is your name?’ Their head officer snarled.

‘It’s for me to know and you to never find out.’ I smirked and then got into a half-crouch.

The officers then came at me. I fought them and flung them at the bars. There was a lever in the wall. Officers were touching the bars of the cells. None of our family was. I then pulled the lever up to the lightning bolt symbol. Sparks flew around the cells and officers fell to the ground in shock. Then only I was stood up in the corridor. A group of keys were hanging on the wall by Mark’s cell, just out of my reach. I turned the electricity off.

‘John! I can’t reach them!’ I hissed in a whisper.

John crept over and saw where they were. He reached his arm round and managed to knock them off the nail in the wall. Luckily, I caught them. There were about sixteen keys on the ring. They were all in different shapes for the different cells.

‘Which cell first?’ I asked my protector.

‘Try this one first. I can then give you a hand.’ John sighed, giving me his cheeky smirk.

I picked out a key in a shape of a lightning bolt. I shoved it in and twisted it into the lock. It clicked and opened. The door swung open to let John and Mark out. John helped his father out as he was weak from his ordeal. The two of us got the officers in the open cell.

‘Which cell next, Amy?’ John sat Mark down on the floor.

‘I’ll go along the right and then down the left from the top.’ I then tried the lightning key in the next lock.

The door swung open. I ran in and saw a figure huddled in a corner in fear. Her long brown hair was all over the place. Then the figure looked up and saw me looking at her. She squirmed under the look. Her clothes had holes from some kind of heat. I walked to the figure and then saw her eyes were full of pain. I crouched next to the figure.

‘Sophie, it’s me. You don’t need to be afraid anymore.’ I looked her in the eyes.

‘Amy?’ Sophie looked shocked at my appearance out of nowhere.

Sophie then hugged me tightly. I laughed with her and helped her out the cell. The light blinded us both for a second as we readjusted our eyes.

‘John, can you help Sophie whilst I get more of them out?’ I handed Sophie carefully to John.

I then walked to the next cell. The lightning shaped key worked again. The door swung open and I walked in. A man was huddled in the far left corner. His messy hair was even messier than usual, yet it had been singed at the ends. He was all jumpy and ready to attack if he was in danger. Then he looked at me. His blue eyes fixed on me. His clothes were covered in holes. I walked slowly towards him.

‘Carter, it’s me, Amy. I don’t want to hurt you.’

‘Amelia?’ Carter stumbled to his feet.

‘Hello cousin.’

Carter walked to me and hugged me tightly. I then helped him out the cell and to John. He stumbled, but John luckily caught him. I was getting tired now. The lightning key fitted in the next cell’s lock. The cell door swung open with a loud clang. John and I looked at each other in worry the sound would echo. Then I walked into the next cell filled with darkness.

A woman with short dark hair was curled up on a bed of hay over the floor. She opened her eyes and saw my approaching figure. The holes in her clothes stretched as she squirmed away from me.

‘Ruth, it’s me, Amy. I don’t want to hurt you.’

Ruth slowly got to her feet and fell backwards into the wall behind her. I looked into her eyes and then Ruth understood. She walked to me and then limped out the cell. She then shied away from the bright light. I helped her to John, waiting outside for the next member to be calmed down and relaxed.

‘How many more have we got to go?’ John was confused as to how many there were now.

‘I think there are at least twelve left to find.’ I was getting more and more exhausted.

I fell into the bars of the cell and then opened the cell. Light suddenly seeped into the cells from the lights in the ceiling.

The figure was aged more than they usually were to me. Their skin was tight around their bones as if their skin had been sucked away by something. Their brown hair looked just like Ruth’s and Sophie’s. Then I saw something that made me want to scream. A dagger was on the floor, blood on the blade and only a little bit away from the body of the relative that was unmoving.

‘Uncle Roger, what happened?’ I turned the body over.

Roger’s eyes were open and wide with fear. I wanted to scream. Blood had dried around their dagger wound in their stomach. There was caked blood around in their hair from multiple head wounds with bruises all over their face. I ran out the cell right into John.

‘Jesus, Amy, what happened?’ John rubbed my back.

‘Uncle Roger’s been...’ I couldn’t even finish my sentence.

John kissed my head and walked into the cell. He saw the dead body and felt like part of his life had been ripped out, just like I did. He backed out the cell and saw my scared and shaking body. He hugged me tightly and comforted my tears.

‘Amy, try and get the other eleven out before the guards wake up. I’ll tell Sophie, Ruth and Auntie Susan when you find her.’ John then looked at Ruth and Sophie huddled together.

I then held up my shaking hand to the cell lock of the next cell and then opened the door slowly. The woman was shaking from the cold breeze flowing in through the window the size of three Petri dishes combined together.

The woman’s brown hair was just like Edward’s and Carter’s. Her face was full of pain. I walked to her and crouched next to her cold body. I placed a hand on the woman’s arm and it was stone cold from the breeze.

‘Auntie Eleanor?’ I helped the woman up.

‘Amelia, you came just to save us?’ Eleanor was in shock.

‘Yes. I care about my family when they need help.’ I helped Eleanor out to John.

John took Eleanor over to her son, Carter. They both hugged each other and tried to think what was going on now.

‘Amy, whose cell is next?’ John sounded shaky.

‘I think it might be Uncle Mike.’ I unlocked the next cell.

The man stood up and then saw me. He called me over and then looked me in the eyes. He smiled and then he hugged his Niece tightly. He spun me around a little bit and then I saw the massive hole in his shoulders of his grey shirt. His shoulders were bare from the rips in his sleeves, all ragged like they had been ripped off in a fight.

‘Uncle Mike!’ I laughed.

‘Hello Amelia Thomas.’ Mike laughed with me.

We both walked out and when Mike saw John they both laughed loudly. They shook hands and then had a man-hug moment. I then saw the last cell on the right. I opened the door with the same key as the rest. The door swung open and then the man in the corner saw me and ran at me. I was grabbed in our brother’s grasp as Matt had run at me.

‘Amelia!’ Matt laughed, spinning me round in his grip.

‘Matt!’ I laughed with him once I was put down.

Matt then saw John. They both looked shocked to see each other.



Matt and John then walked to each other and shook hands and laughed as if they had never been parted. It was like they had been together way more than they had been apart.

If only they knew the truth of what the plan against them would involve.

Matt dusted himself down and laughed with his found brother. I watched from a distance, holding the keys to the cells.

‘Amy, I’m sorry I doubted you about John.’ Matt sighed, hoping I’d accept.

I seemed to ignore him as my mind whirred into action. I tried to open the first left cell from the top. The cell wouldn’t open with the lightning key. I found a fork shaped key and turned it in the lock. It opened the door. The cell door swung open and then I walked in and found a woman with a red rose jacket looked at me.


‘AMY!’ Kate smiled and hugged me tightly.

Kate walked out and saw John. They hugged each other and laughed. I then looked at the last seven left to open.

‘Amy?’ Mark coughed.

I walked to Mark. He was sat by his cell. He looked into my eyes and I knew what that meant, so I sat next to him for a while.

‘I’ll be quick. I have to get seven more out. Uncle Roger.... he’d been killed by someone.’ I was becoming broken.

‘I know. I heard them do it last night. I’m sorry you had to find out that way, Amy.’ Mark stroked my left cheek.

‘I’ll free the rest of the family and then we can get out of here and be free. We’ll have to build the base again though...’ I sighed deeply.

‘Amelia, what aren’t you telling me?’ Mark raised an eyebrow.

‘I’ll explain when we get out of here, Dad.’ I winked at him and walked to the next cell.

The cell door swung open with the fork shaped key. The man was sat cross-legged on the hay, eyes closed and looking like they just came out of an oven and their brown frizzy hair had been singed at the ends like Carter’s.

‘Ben, can you hear me?’ I crept towards him with caution.

Ben’s eyes opened and then he saw me standing nervously looking at him.

‘Hello Amelia.’ Ben just laughed as he got up.

We both walked out and then Ben got chatting with John, since they hadn’t seen each other for years. I then found the next cell. The fork key got stuck in the lock. I managed to pull it out and then I tried the block key. The door opened and a woman with brown hair to her shoulders was starting to shake. I luckily caught her as she fell.

‘Is… is Roger dead?’ the woman kept shaking.

‘I’m sorry, Auntie Susan. I couldn’t have done anything.’ I was getting broken already.

Susan then walked out and looked at her daughters. They were both crying from their loss. Susan then joined them.

‘It’ll be alright. We’ll get them back for this.’ Susan sounded like she wanted to become an assassin.

I then found the next cell. The key wouldn’t fit. I found a two-pronged key and the cell opened. I was almost run over by a grateful Isaac. I couldn’t stop laughing.

‘Isaac, calm down!’ I laughed.

Isaac saw John and almost dropped me. I got my balance and was able to get near the next cell. I used the pronged key again and the woman stumbled towards the light. Luckily for her, Ben and I were on hand. Ben was pleased to see his wife, Gemma, and she was glad to see Ben.

‘Amy, how many cells are there left?’ Matt called from by their father and John.

‘I think about three left.’ I was shaking now.

I reached the next cell and just managed to get my shaking hand to allow the key to go into the lock. The door opened and I was grabbed by our eldest male cousin, Edward.

‘Nice to see you too, Edward.’ I laughed.

Edward just laughed and rolled his eyes. He put me down and left his cell to bother his little brother, Carter. I then unlocked the next cell door and then the figure walked right into me and caught me before I fell backwards.

‘Cameron!’ I sighed, surprised by his quick appearance.

‘Sorry Amelia.’ Cameron winked at me.

I then found the last cell. The cell opened and my Jakey walked to me and held me close to him. He kissed my left cheek again, making me smile and blush.

‘Well done, Amelia.’ Jacob sighed, winking at me.

‘Thanks, Jakey.’ I smirked.

‘Which way did you come in, John?’ Jacob looked at his younger brother.

‘I’m not sure.’ John sighed, feeling something niggled at the back of his mind.

I was stood by a corridor at the top of the cells. I looked at our family together and then a firm arm wrapped around my waist and a hand around my mouth. I was dragged down the corridor. I kept fighting but then found I could tread on one of their feet. I thumped my right foot on their right foot. He grunted at the pain. The hand moved away from my mouth.

‘JOHN!’ my scream echoed down the corridor.

I could hear feet running after where I was taken.  John was living up to what he said; he would be there for me to the end. He was coming to find me.

‘AMELIA!’ was John’s yell to losing where I was, although I was sure I heard Jacob call out too.

Something hard hit my head, knocking me out from the World I was trapped in.


I woke and found I was tied to a metal chair, just coming round and remembering from being knocked out. My wrists were tied with leather belts to the chair. I felt groggy and weak. My head hurt. I remembered where I was. I was in the Falling Stars lair. Two cloaked figures stood in the room with me. They both wore the same kind of black cloaks with hoods covering their faces. Their black boots came up to their ankles.

‘This must be Amelia Thomas.’ The figure on the right walked towards me.

He crouched next to me and my memories from when Cameron did this with Dominic the other week came flooding back. My grogginess was messing with my head.

‘I wouldn’t get close, kid. Remember what Isabel warned us about. She’s trouble.’ The man furthest away from me snarled.

‘I don’t think she will, if you’re nice to her. Girls are always like that.’ The closest man to me stroked my left cheek.

I didn’t flinch away or move my head. Something felt familiar to me about him. Then I knew why. He was what Mark would have been like when he was younger. I then remembered those birth certificates I found with Cameron. There was a boy called Callum Thomas and boy called Bradley Thomas. Callum had been the youngest of my brothers. Bradley was Edward and Carter’s older brother. Both guys looked like the family. I had to hide it for as long as I could that I knew their true identities. Then I remembered the crash when I’d been seven. The guy in front of me looked like Finley.

We had to find out and remember the truth before it was too late. It was up to three of us.

‘Hello Amelia.’ The man closest to me smirked.

‘Thomas Smith, I know who you really are.’ I was not impressed and I was gaining my consciousness.

‘How did you know?’ Thomas looked right at me, crouched next to me.

‘She’s been keeping track of us.’ Marcel snarled, stood furthest away from me still.

‘Behave, Marcel Jones.’ I was getting stronger, whilst Thomas looked in my eyes.

‘He’s alive. Your brother, John, who everyone thought was dead is alive and angry. Marcel, you shouldn’t have done that.’ Thomas looked back at Marcel, knowing this was his fault.

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