Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


2. The Crash's Aftermath

20th October 2012

Birmingham’s main hospital was as busy as usual. Doctor Harriet Thomas was getting scared and nervous about her three siblings that were younger than her. She was twenty-eight now, since she was only twenty when the crash happened. She found our moonlight white room and all three were still under in our comas. The boy on the end had jet black hair in layers around his head with a scar on his right cheek from the glass. He would have been nineteen years old. He had been ten years old in the crash.

The guy in the middle had dark brunette hair like Harriet and the girl next to him. He must have been twenty-six years old, not that much younger than Harriet. His hair had just been brushed over to one side, as it usually had been when he was awake. He was only one day away from being eighteen when he’d crashed.

The girl, me, was the youngest out of all four. I would have been sixteen years old. My dark brunette hair flowed to my shoulders with some light brown streaks just visible. I looked so fragile with the scar on my left cheek. I’d just turned seven years old on the day of the crash. Harriet walked to my side first. The two of us still looked identical after the crash.

‘Amelia Thomas, wake up, please!’ Harriet pleaded.

No reply came back, other than the heart machine bleeping like normal. She wished I’d come back and make her laugh like I used to. She’d told me this story when I was awake, years after the incident. Harriet then moved onto the guy next to me.

‘John, please wake up! I need you.’ Harriet held one of his hands.

His heart monitor started bleeping more, as if he could hear her. She kissed his head.

‘I love you, John.’

She then walked to the boy on John’s right. She placed a hand on his shoulder.

‘Callum, wake up. I know you can hear me.’ Harriet was close to crying.

This was Finley, but Harriet didn’t know that. Finley moaned as if he was able to hear her. His eyes started to open. She laughed, excitement flowing through her. His grey eyes opened and looked at her.

‘Hey, how are you?’

Finley gave thumbs up, as he had the machine in his mouth. He pulled the machine out of his mouth.

‘Find Matthew and Callum, Harriet, as they’re your last hope in this state the family is in. I’m not Callum. Amy was right all along.’ Finley sighed before he put the mouth piece back in.

A piece of paper was in his left hand, scrunched up. He then flinched from the pain in his head, since he held onto it. Harriet tried to soothe him, but it didn’t work.

‘I’m gonna put you under again, ok? Don’t be out too long.’ Harriet kissed his head and turned on the machine.

Finley breathed in the gas and he let himself go under, back to the Coma state. She didn’t know what he meant, but she knew this would mean I hadn’t been lying. John had been really close to me, which meant he knew too. She’d been kept out of the loop of the three of us. Harriet then wished I would wake from my Coma, as I was the most needed member and could explain what Finley had really meant.

‘Hello?’ A boy had found the room and walked in.

‘Who are you?’ Harriet turned around.

‘I was in the same school as Amy. I’m a friend of hers.’

‘Oh, well, she’s right there.’

The boy walked to my left side and held my hand. He seemed closer to me than Harriet ever knew.

‘What’s your name?’

‘I’m Callum.’

‘I think you’ve come to the right place, Callum.’

Harriet looked back to Finley’s Coma state.

‘He tried to convince me he wasn’t called Callum.’

‘He’s not called Callum. Harriet, you know who I am. More than just meeting me now, do you remember what she used to go on about before the crash since she was four years old?’

‘She…said Matt and Callum weren’t who they thought they were.’

‘That’s the truth. Amy investigated even at that young age. You have to believe me. He’s not your full brother.’

‘I got that. Amy seemed to be hiding something from us, being only able to talk to him and John.’

‘That’s cuz he’s not your youngest male sibling. I am.’

She recognised him; his dark brunette hair was like Mark’s, his brown eyes with a hint of blue flowing through them like water were also like Mark’s, his well-built shape, his calm personality, his ease with words seemed to show how much he was like both Ashleigh and Mark.

‘Callum Thomas, have you really come home?’

‘Yes, Harriet. I’m here.’

Harriet held him close as she knew her family had returned. Callum held her too, showing that both of them had missed each other.

‘Where’s Matt?’

‘He’s in the car. He didn’t want to see her today, in case you were here. He knew you’d recognise him, since you’re kinda his twin.’

‘Yeah, would you send him my best?’

‘Yeah, have you got other duties then?’

‘I have to feed some of the patients their medication.’

‘I’ll stay with her for a bit. She’ll be fine when she wakes up.’

‘Hang on a second, the boy on the end had a piece of paper in his hand.’ Harriet dashed to him.

She found the piece of paper and then pulled it out of his grip. One name was written on it. It read:

Finley Helleyar

The two of them looked at the name and knew that was his name.

‘Now what do we do?’

‘We don’t tell anyone else, but you’d better tell Matt. We’ll need to if we need backup. The TSB are in trouble if they’re leaks in our family.’

‘You have two there right now! There’s the guy replacing Matt and there’s our mother!’

‘Ok, keep an eye on these three. I’ve got medicine to give out. Call me if you need me.’

Harriet gave him the note and then patted his shoulder and jogged out of the room. He sat down next to me, hoping I’d wake up. Callum had told me this too years after to fill my gap.

‘Wake up, Amelia. Please, you need to find me and Matt. We were taken and replaced when you were two years old. Wake up and find us.’ Callum pleaded.

He kissed my head and my hand flinched in his. He laughed to himself. Callum pulled out his phone and rang someone.

‘Matt, she’s left. I’m on my own in the room. Come on up.’ Callum hung up.

He kissed my head, something stirring in his heart.

‘Come on, Amy. Wake up and we can be together like the four years we were before Mom took me and Matt away. We can still be together.’ Callum tried his best to wake me.

‘That’s not gonna work, kid.’ A guy walked in.

His Australian/American accent bled through his words. He was older than Callum, the same age as Harriet: twenty-eight years old. His brunette hair sat neatly on the top of his head. His blue eyes seemed full of wisdom.

‘Matt, look at her now, she’s grown up and she’s just like she was when she was two.’

‘Yeah, she looks like you, kid. She has your hair.’

‘Very funny, but I’m being serious. We didn’t break out of that cell base in Sydney just to say her hair matches mine.’

‘Relax, Callum, she’s fine. When she wakes up, she’ll find us and we’ll join the family again.’

‘Besides, we got more problems.’

Callum handed the note that had been in Finley’s grip. Matt read the name and turned the piece of paper over. One sentence was written on it, meaning the World.

‘Callum, you’d better read this.’ Matt turned it to face him.

The writing was in the same writing. It read:

Amy knew about the leaks, as did John, so we had to be silenced, but I was there to stop their plan.

‘That’s crazy! She knew about this and didn’t say?!’ Callum was shocked.

My hand flinched against the bed, my right arm tensing up. Matt relaxed my hand and kissed my head.

‘Just relax, you’re safe now, Amelia.’

Tears started from my eyes. Matt wiped them away and I tried to hold my scream in.

‘Callum, find Harriet. I don’t care now if she sees me. We need help to calm her down.’

Callum ran out the room as fast as his legs could carry him, being just over five foot seven didn’t exactly help him very much. He came back quickly enough with Harriet in tow. She saw Matt and almost ran to hold him in her arms.

‘We need to calm her down, Harriet.’ Matt pointed out to Harriet.

Harriet stood on my left. Callum stood next to Harriet, hoping I would be ok.

‘Amy, just relax. No one’s gonna hurt you.’ Harriet sighed, stroking her sister’s face.

I let my heartbeat get out of control on the heart monitor. Harriet was struggling to calm me down. She then squeezed my left hand and she got a response from it by the heart monitor slowing down. The three of them sighed of relief.

‘Callum, we’ll get her up and we’ll be fine.’ Matt was so sure.

I relaxed more and my heart monitor was calm and normal. Harriet looked up to see her twin.

‘Matt, it’s been a while.’ Harriet tried to hold her heart in place.

‘I guess…it has.’ Matt seemed entranced by his twin.

Callum looked at the back of the note again and then showed it to Harriet.

‘Now I know why those two were so close. Amy and John knew, but couldn’t tell us.’ Harriet sighed.

‘Ok. We’ll wait until Amy wakes and finds us. Then we’ll find out what’s going on. Harriet, you have to tell Dad before something else happens. Promise me.’ Matt held her shoulders.

‘I promise. I’ll tell him tonight.’ Harriet was worried.

Matt kissed her cheek, making her blush. Callum and Matt left as quickly as they could and left Harriet in a spin. Her twin had kissed her cheek in more than one way of showing who he was. He wasn’t just her twin anymore.


Callum and Matt came back the next day. Callum sat next to me and held my hand again. He wanted me to wake up so he could be my brother again. Matt stood over John, hoping his brother was alright.

‘Who are you two?’ A man was in the doorway.

Callum and Matt turned around and looked at their father. Mark almost fell over backwards.

‘Matt, Callum?’ Mark was in shock.

‘Hey Dad, it’s been a while.’ Matt laughed.

Mark walked to Matt and held him close. Callum stood up and let Mark hold him close too. Mark then stood at my bedside on my left.

‘She’s not changed, according to Harriet. I just wanted to see if she was ok, since we visited her yesterday too.’ Matt explained.

‘She’ll be alright. We’ve got a fighter in this one. She’s like John that way.’ Mark smirked weakly.

‘Yeah, she reminded me of him as she grew up the four years we were there with her.’ Callum mumbled.

‘If only she knew how much she means to the family and how much we need her. She’s breaking us all now doing this. John was the closest member to her. Now they’re both like this, it’s breaking Jacob, as he was the closest to John, other than Amy. Amy’s missing out on meeting her two new cousins, Dylan and Chloe Jones. You two have too.’ Mark sounded so broken.

‘We’ll sort this. She’s stronger than we think. Once she’s awake, it’ll be like she was never in this state.’ Callum knew the right words.

‘If only she’d wake right now though.’ Mark smiled weakly.

Harriet came in, a clipboard in her hands. She smiled, seeing her father and her two returning brothers getting on.

‘Hey, Dad, how’s she doing?’ Harriet asked.

‘Not a peep. I just want her to wake up.’ Mark tried to hold it together.

‘She will, in time. I see that.’ Harriet smirked.

‘Hang on, what?’ Callum looked at Harriet, slightly laughing at what she was implying.

‘Harriet can see stuff in the future. So could this one a little bit when she was awake. Who knows what she’s seeing in that Coma?’ Mark chuckled, as if everything was ok.

Mark walked to see John. John was still under and his fists flinched now and then, as if they were trying to wake him up. Mark kissed his head, hoping he’d wake up soon. Then he moved to Finley.

‘How’s Callum doing?’ Mark asked Harriet.

She looked at Callum, trying to tell him to stay quiet. She breathed deeply.

‘Dad, I told you about that last night. His name is Finley Helleyar. Finley woke yesterday, but had sharp pains so I put him under again.’ Harriet almost got angry with their father.

Mark walked to Harriet and held her close. She knew they weren’t out the woods yet if they had leaks.

‘I’ll go and tell your mother how they’re doing. We’ll see you later, Harriet. Bring Matt and Callum with you, will you?’ Mark winked at her as he left.

‘Yes Dad.’ Harriet rolled her eyes as their Dad left.

‘I love her.’ Callum blurted out.

Harriet and Matt stared at him, as if he’d sworn loudly.

‘I do. I love her, no matter what.’ Callum held my left hand.

‘I should warn you. When she was three years old she was diagnosed with Autism. You were very young to remember about it.’ Harriet explained.

‘How does that change anything? She’s still Amelia and I love her, no matter what.’ Callum was getting defensive.

‘I know how you feel, mate.’ Matt admitted, looking at Harriet and winking at her.

Harriet got the message and tried to hide her blushing.

22nd October 2012

‘What should we do about her, Harriet? Callum’s getting pretty close to her.’ Matt was getting worried about Callum, so he was talking to Harriet in the corridor.

‘Who knows? We can’t keep him from her, not if you want him to trust you or any of us. If he loves her, we’d better leave him to be with her for a while.’ Harriet looked through the glass in the door.

Callum was still by my side, wishing with all he was that I’d wake up for him. Harriet led Matt back in and Callum looked up, a tear in his eye.

‘Callum, she’ll be alright.’ Harriet sighed.

‘Will she? Amy’s not responding at all, so how could you say she’ll be alright?’ Callum was fretting over his sister.

‘Just calm down will you? She’s in the best hands here. As soon as she’s awake, we’ll help her to save the World.’ Matt was in control, hoping to control Callum.

Callum looked back to my peaceful face, letting his tears flow down his face. Worry and pain of losing me was breaking his heart. Harriet walked to Callum and placed a hand on his shoulder. He shook it off, trying to hold himself together.

‘Matt?’ Harriet looked to her twin.

Matt walked to Callum and stood him up, holding their little brother close to him.

‘She’ll be alright.’ Matt tried to reassure more than just Callum.

Matt tried to make Callum less worried about me, but nothing was working. I was on my own, just like Callum was. Matt just hoped everything would be solved soon.

‘AMY!’ Callum called out, his heart pouring out to me.

‘We’d better go, Callum. We’ll come and see her tomorrow.’ Matt was being the parent.

‘Ok.’ Callum kissed my head and left with Matt, being led out by his left wrist that was gripped onto by Matt’s right hand.

Harriet was left alone, hoping some comfort would come to her. She wished that Matt didn’t have to leave, so he could have held her close. She loved him as much as he loved her.

‘Wake up, Amy, please.’ Harriet sat in the chair next to her sister.

My left hand twitched as I let my heart drum in my chest, awaiting the horrors of my illusions in my head.


Callum was sat alone in his bedroom, his heart in his mouth as he kept seeing the images of me in his head on repeat. His bed creaked underneath him as he moved slightly.

‘Callum, will you come and eat something?’

‘I’m coming, Matt! Just hold on a second!’

Callum swallowed, hoping his heart would get back to where it should be. Matt was serving up their beans on toast as he got down the stairs. Callum sat down, slumping on his chair.

‘Bro, what’s up?’

‘I miss her more than I thought I would.’

‘Callum, you need to eat, so your brain has some energy up there, kid.’


Callum sat up to eat his dinner in silence. Matt didn’t want to burst his bubble about me, as he knew it wasn’t likely I’d wake up soon. Callum could find someone else in that time, but he was fixed on me. He just had to get through Callum’s defence over me.

‘Callum, are you sure you really love her, I mean she’s our sister.’

‘Yeah, what’s not to love about her? You’re exactly the same with Harriet.’

Matt placed a plate in front of Callum and a plate where he was sitting. The two of them ate in silence, both of them thinking of Harriet and I. Callum finished his first.

‘Put your plate in the dish washer.’ Matt sounded like a parent.

Callum did as he was told, ready to fight for me more than he thought he could. He ran up to his room and shut the door. Matt left Callum alone in his room. Callum was hoping his heart wouldn’t break. Tears threatened to pour down his cheeks as he thought of me when I woke up if I was alone in that hospital.

‘AMY!’ Callum called, tears winning as they poured down his cheeks.

Matt debated about leaving him alone, but he knew that he needed some space to clear his head.

Callum started to shake, as if he was being frozen alive in the middle of the autumn season in the UK. Something was going on and he wanted to find out what it was and why he felt like it was targeting his family. He curled up on his bed and yelled out for me through a pillow, hoping for me to wake and search for him right then and there. His legs were held to his chest as he sobbed for a girl who could easily die in her present state. He couldn’t do anything about it, but he wished he could. My fate was out of his hands.

Callum tried not to give in to have an argument with Matt and leave to the hospital and see me; my peaceful face, my closed eyes, my unmoving body. My skin was as pale as he’d remembered when I’d been four years old and he’d been six years old. My dark brunette hair had let itself hold half ringlets down to my shoulders as I slept. My grip, when I had it, was always gentle and reassuring. He needed that reassurance now that I was gonna make it out of this state I was in, but there wasn’t very much hope. Harriet had told him I was just a few inches below six foot tall, about five foot seven or eight to be precise, about his height. Now all he wanted was to be there when my dark green eyes would open, to be the first thing I saw when consciousness found me. He was in love and there was only one person to heal his heart right now.

There was only one person who could give him his confidence back, to give his hope for life back, to give him a purpose to stay fighting back. There was only one person who could do that and they were slipping away, for all he knew. There was only one person to prove Harriet wrong, to prove Matthew wrong and to prove to their family this battle wasn’t over yet. Their name held the key to saving their family and to their entire population of Earth.

Their name was Amelia Thomas.

10th November 2012

Callum Thomas was trying to clear his room. His clothes were packed away into his chest of drawers, his wardrobe and his two rucksacks. The floor was spotless. One wall was covered in pictures he’d gotten copies of from his eldest sister, Harriet. One girl was in every single one of them, growing up to the age of seven and then from then on in her Coma state.

His hair was as dark as the girl’s hair on the wall. His brown eyes took in his surroundings. He suited the clothes he was in; grey T-shirt, dark jeans, black trainers.

‘Amy, why did you have to be in that crash?’

‘Callum, get out of your room now!’

‘What for, Matt?’

‘I’m going to see Amy, so get your butt down here if you want to go and see her!’

His heartbeat got faster. Callum sighed deeply, thinking of me and him. He grabbed his navy raincoat and ran downstairs without tripping on the malting carpet. The two of them left the house to find Harriet checking over John’s body levels in the hospital.

‘Hey, Harriet, any change?’ Matt asked.

‘Nope, not one bit. John’s a bit jumpy, but that’s about it. I was just about to check Amy over actually.’ Harriet had her hair tied back in a long ponytail behind her head whilst Callum was sat on my left, holding my hand.

‘Has Jacob done any tricks lately?’ Matt was worried about his younger sibling.

‘Oh yeah, he’s done loads. He got this trap set up that got Ketchup and Mayonnaise down Edward’s chest, he got cold water and flour on people; Mom, Dad, Carter, Uncle Cameron and Uncle Ben. He’s just looking for attention cuz of these three.’ Harriet sounded worried.

‘What’s the fake Matt doing now?’ Callum sounded a little distant.

‘He’s trying to talk to Jacob to cut it out. He just got a load of apple crumble Ruth and Sophie had made in his face. I found Amy’s voice recorder that had been in her coat when she was in the crash. His name’s Owen. Dad’s not listening about him leaking information against us, Matt.’ Harriet sounded really worried things could get worse.

‘The family really is falling apart without her then.’ Matt sighed.

Callum flinched as my hand gripped his. He couldn’t free his hand from my grip.

‘Harriet?’ Callum yelped.

Harriet whispered in my ear to relax me. I loosened Callum’s hand.

‘Wake up, Amy.’ Harriet pleaded.

‘That won’t work. Doctor Thomas, we are meant to be looking after the patients, not being one of the visitors.’ A nurse came in, yet his figure was more of a builder’s.

‘She’s my sister. She’s in my care, as well as my two brothers. Do not challenge my authority as I am a doctor and you are a nurse. Now get out of here before I make a complaint to our boss about your behaviour.’ Harriet snarled.

‘It’s on your head. Just a warning, when she wakes up she’ll be uncontrollable. Her strength is beyond your control now, Harriet. She may be what the family need, but she’s not as strong as you wish her to be.’ The nurse laughed.

‘Who do you think you are?!’ Matt got in his face, ready to punch him if necessary.

‘I’m the one who knows how to separate work from family.’ The nurse laughed as he left.

I growled at something, my strength coming back. Callum tried to relax me.

‘Just relax, Amelia.’ Callum sighed.

Callum kissed my head, calming me. Harriet and Matt were worried for me in this state.

My adventures had only begun when the Coma found me.

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