Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


5. The Challenges Return

Another black Jeep was parked up in the car park. Something seemed familiar to me, now I thought about it. Three men were stood outside the Jeep. It was not just any dark Jeep. It was Matt’s dark Jeep. Neither of our groups saw our lives were in danger. I got out of my black Jeep, once I’d parked, and ran to the other Jeep. Jacob met me in the middle. We both hugged each other tightly, as Jacob picked me up and spun me round like he’d done in the airport.

‘Hello Amy.’ Jacob laughed as he put me down, although he kissed my right cheek.

‘Hello Jacob.’ I laughed, a little dizzy from being spun and blushing from his gentle kiss.

Edward hugged me next and then Matt. Sophie hugged Matt, Jacob and Edward too. Edward was looking tired like Sophie did. We had to plan our next moves and fast.

‘Where are you three boys heading next?’ Sophie sighed.

‘We’re heading for Beijing. We have to get Auntie Eleanor back. What about you two girls?’ Matt smirked.

‘We’re heading to Madrid in Spain to get our Uncle Ben back.’ Sophie explained.

‘I know more about Spain than Beijing. I could help you look around to try and find him if you wanted, Amy.’ Edward suggested.

‘I know more about Beijing than Spain. Why don’t Edward and I swap over so then we can find them quicker?’ Sophie said.

‘That’s a great idea, Sophie. Let’s get to it before those kids find us.’ Matt smirked.

‘It’s a bit late for that.’ Harvey walked over with Isaac, Kate and the other girl.

‘I think it might be time to run.’ Edward sighed, on edge as he slowly walked backward.

‘I agree with you there.’ Jacob said, gulping at his worry to go away.

The girls pinned Edward and Matt to the Jeep with strength that none of them could have seen coming. Jacob, Sophie and I were standing by ourselves. Sophie was then pinned to Matt’s Jeep by her neck by Isaac. Jacob and I had to handle Harvey. I tried to walk backwards to my Jeep. I could see the trap had been sprung. This was why my defence got set off! Well, now I know. Shame I found out a bit too late.

‘Little Amelia is on her own.’ Harvey laughed.

‘I’m never on my own.’ I smirked, seeing a cloaked figure watching us.

Jacob tried to attack him but he knocked Jacob over to Isaac, who got him pinned. I stood my ground and waited for Harvey to be near enough to me. I then lashed out with my right leg and he was in agony on the car park floor as I had kicked him in between the legs.

‘I am never alone because I have one thing you don’t! I have the same feelings and I’m close enough to my brother, John Thomas.’ I growled, seeing the cloaked figure tensing to fight.

‘I must agree you do look like him. I bumped into him once and now I can see you look like him.’ Harvey struggled to get off the floor from the pain I’d served him.

‘Now you see what I mean, Harvey. We can’t do this anymore. Olivia, Isaac, stop this now.’ Kate released Matt, surprising him he was free.

‘Don’t do this now, Kate.’ Olivia snarled.

‘Amy has lost her brother. I won’t take another brother from her.’ Kate growled.

‘Attack the kid!’ Harvey got up.

I fought Olivia and Harvey along with Isaac and ran to my black Jeep with Edward in tow. Edward got into the driving seat and me next to him. Sophie sat next to Matt as he drove with Jacob in the back. We both drove off in different directions. I waved at Matt, Jacob and Sophie as they drove off.

The violet Aston Martin followed Matt, Jacob and Sophie with Kate and Olivia inside this time. A deep sea blue Vauxhall Astra followed me and Edward with Harvey and Isaac following inside this time. They’d got a new car from somewhere.

I kept an eye out for what the kids were doing behind. Edward was trying to lose them as much as possible by swerving and I screamed a little when the Jeep spun a lot in one direction. I knew that my road rage was worse than Edward’s driving, yet his was almost slamming me into the door of the car. I was clinging onto the bar in the door too.

‘Edward, can’t you be a bit gentler around bends like that? I keep feeling like I’m about to throw up on you.’

‘If we want to lose the bimbos behind us, I have to go at this speed. I’m sorry, Amy.’

Edward was in his driving element of driving especially fast. I had to yell to Edward over the noise of the disagreeing engine. I just hoped he heard me.

‘Just don’t crash my Jeep, Edward Thomas!’

‘Ok, Amy. I’ll look after your Jeep!’

Edward smirked at me with enjoyment. I looked out the window in fear. My heart hammered against my rib cage. My lungs were getting sore and painful from my breathing on overdrive for so long. All I wanted now was sleep.


I was, somehow, sleeping in the front of the Jeep whilst Edward drove through the streets slowly as he had lost the boys earlier. Edward smiled once he saw me asleep. It had been a long day for me. Edward pulled into a car park so he could rest for a while. There was one thing that was a problem with the situation. My name was mentioned every time that the two people were talking with their boss when Edward was tied up. I jolted upright. Edward put a hand on my shoulder. I looked right at him. Edward sighed deeply.

‘It’s alright, Amy. We lost them a while back. I let you rest a bit since you saved Sophie and you kept directing me in the right direction and you fought against three of those kids. That girl, Kate, acted…different.’

Edward moved his hand to my right cheek and stroked it gently with his thumb. It seemed to relax me down, which was just what Edward wanted. I opened my eyes and he withdrew his hand.

‘She knows who to trust and believe in. Mum let Dad tell me stories about his best friend, Cameron, and his two kids, Isaac and Kate. Kate’s just like Cameron.’

I sighed deeply. Edward looked extremely confused at me. I looked out the window of the Jeep, looking for the figure that kept watching me. I found him and he saluted at me.

‘Amy, what’s on your mind?’

‘I don’t know how long we have to do this for and it’s driving me crazy that someone would do this to a family and I didn’t think it would rip me apart like this. I can’t cope with this!’

‘Amy, if you think your position now is bad, just you wait. When I was held in that damn warehouse, I kept hearing them having conversations with their bosses and the only name I kept hearing was yours.’

‘What were they saying that included my name?’

‘Those men were mentioning how the big plan was falling into place. That you were getting one step closer to them every time.’

‘That means that whenever I save a family member, I will be getting a bit closer to them. They want me for something, but what could it be?’

Edward hugged his little cousin. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I had to find out the plan laid out for me immediately. Edward ruffled up my hair. I did the same to him and we just burst out laughing. We were as mischievous as each other.

‘Come on, let’s go and rescue our Uncle Ben.’

‘We’ll go, just as long as you don’t crash my Jeep, Edward. I want no scratches on it either.’

‘You have my word, Amelia Thomas.’

‘Don’t laugh at my name, Edward Thomas, who sounds like a name of a train from the Thomas the Tank engine books.’

Edward just laughed. He started driving and once we got out the car park, we were followed by the Aston Martin. Shots were fired at us.

‘Edward, keep driving. I’ll try and distract them a little.’

I opened the glove box and pulled out two bits of a gun. I combined them together and inserted the ammunition.

‘Since when did you have a gun in your glove box?’

‘Edward, don’t ask. It’s not mine, but it’s handy.’

‘Amelia, who’s is it?’ Edward fixed on me, not letting my eyes go for a second and grabbing my right wrist so I had to face him.

‘It’s Ashleigh’s. I took it from the house before and left it here. I had forgotten all about it until now.’

I rolled down the window and shot the gun out the window at the Aston Martin. Four shots were fired by me. The Aston Martin came to a standstill. Edward kept driving.

‘I got their tyres! I have never used that before, yet I was able to shoot at the tyres.’

‘Well done, Amy. Now take the gun apart and put it back in the glove box and don’t take it out unless I tell you to.’

‘Yes, Edward.’

We drove on in silence until we got to the coast. All I could think of now was how my brother John had died in that car crash.

John Thomas had been looking after me when I was seven. He had just gone out to get some milk, leaving me in the house. John’s dark brunette hair was brushed to one side, as usual and his blue eyes were friendly like a warm fire in winter, just like Mark’s. He crouched in front of me and looked me in the eye. He smiled at me to make me smile too.

‘My little Kiddo, I’m just going to go out in the car to get some milk, ok? I’ll be back before you know it.’ John had kissed my head, not knowing why he had an urge to leave me behind.

I hadn’t known that was the last time he would see me or kiss my head. I had been alone for so long I had almost killed all my toys. Ashleigh had dashed upstairs to see if I was still there, calling my name. I got freaked out by the tone she used. She had come back with some news.

‘Amelia, look at me. I’m really sorry to say this, but, your brother John was hit in a car accident. He didn’t make it.’ Ashleigh sighed.

I was heartbroken. He was gone forever. I ran from my room to the spare room that was John’s when he stayed over and I screamed my heart out, letting the sheets that smelt of him surround me and fill my nostrils. Then I remembered I had the locket he had given me around my neck for my seventh birthday. I held the locket in my hands, clinging to it.

‘I’ll fight for you, John. I won’t forget you. I’ll remember!’ I called.


I came back to where I was. The locket was still around my neck. I held it close and smirked.

‘I’ll always fight for you, John, no matter what.’ I whispered.

My pocket was vibrating. I pulled out my phone. It was Jacob ringing me.

‘Jacob, what is it?’

‘Do you know what’s going on?’

‘Edward has filled me in on some details. Why? How does that change anything?’

‘Edward fought in the war with Dominic and Cameron, along with Dad. Cameron and Dominic are using their army and their kids to get you for something, but I don’t know what yet. How are you doing so far?’

‘I’m doing ok, I think. I just need to keep thinking about the clues that we have so far so I can prepare myself for what is ahead.’

‘You’ll be fine. I’ll speak to you soon. We love you.’

‘We love you too. We’ll see you soon.’ Jacob hung up on me.

Now I thought about it, I thought John must have passed on caring for me to Jacob.

‘Amy, are you sure that you are ok?’

‘Yes. I’m not a girly-girl. I’m a good old Tom-boy and girly-girl mix, Edward.’

Edward laughed with me as we kept driving down the road. The scanner in the Jeep was bleeping.

‘That’s the trackers. I hid a tracking substance in one of those bullet containers and now we can track them so we can avoid them too.’

‘Amy, you’re a little genius! If only Matt, Jacob and Sophie had the same luck.’

‘They do. I got the other car before. I got the substance on the Aston Martin when it was parked outside Dad’s Mansion in LA. See, it helps thinking ahead.’

‘We should get that information to Jacob.’

I pulled out my phone. The phone was picked up.

‘Amy, what’s up?’ Jacob was worried now.

‘You have the Aston Martin after you, don’t you?’

‘Yeah…what tricks have you got up your sleeve?’

‘There’s one of my tracking solutions on both of the cars. I can give you the code and then you can track the car.’ I smiled at Edward.

‘Can you give us the code?’

‘Yes I can. Here it comes. Type in to the keyboard Tracker A and their position should come up on the scanner.’

Something bleeped into life in the background of our phone call like the Jeep’s scanner had come to life in Matt’s Jeep.

‘It worked! We can see them! Thanks, Amy.’

‘We’ll see you soon.’

‘We will, Amelia.’

‘Oi, don’t call me Amelia, Jacob!’

Jacob hung up, laughing.

I was guiding Edward the right way. Edward was starting to drive like before, just to annoy me. I whacked him in the shoulder and he drove normally.

‘Don’t do that, Edward! You know I don’t like you driving like that, especially if you crash my Jeep.’

‘Amy, liven up. I’m not going to crash your precious Jeep.’

‘That’s what you said to your parents about your car and what did you do, you crashed it!’ I sighed.

Edward just laughed, making the Jeep jolt as our adventure got closer to disaster.


Edward had driven through the streets without any followers. He pulled into a hotel and made sure I was ok, since he’d sent me to bed. I was fast asleep. He left me there, so he sat at the desk in the main room when he found his phone being rung by Matt. He picked it up.

‘Matt, what can I do for you?’

Matt sounded like someone had taken something from him that he didn’t need to lose as his reply.

‘You sound terrible, Matt. What’s wrong?’

Another reply found its way to Edward.

‘What’s he done now?’

The reply came, pulling tears to the corners of Edward’s eyes.

‘I’m sure he did it for a reason. I’ll tell her in the morning. She’s asleep in the hotel bed. We’ll see you soon.’

Edward hung up and put his phone back in his coat pocket. He walked into the bedroom and found me still asleep. Edward kissed my head and was about to leave again. I was waking up. Edward sat next to me on the bed.

‘Edward, what’s up?’

‘Amy, I’m so sorry to tell you this. Matt just called in. He didn’t want to tell you down the phone, so he got me to tell you.’

‘Edward, tell me what?’

‘Jacob was shot by Harvey in the spine and died in Matt’s arms.’

I pulled my right hand to my mouth. I felt tears trickle down my face, seeing the scene for myself in my mind, as if I’d been there. Edward hugged me tightly.

‘NO! He can’t be! JACOB!’ I struggled to accept the fact I’d lost another brother.

Edward let go once he was sure I was ok and wiped my tears away. I looked at the sheets as my mind accepted the truth.

‘Amy, I know that you’ve now lost Jacob, but you need to be strong for the rest of your family, for Jacob watching you.’

‘I’ve now lost two of my brothers. I can’t lose another relative. If I did, it’d break me to pieces, as if I’m not already in pieces from losing two of my brothers.’

I looked at him with my big dark green eyes. Edward smirked at me, trying to cheer me up a little bit. I closed my eyes and thought deeply.

Amy, be strong for me. I may not be with you anymore, but that doesn’t mean that you have to break like china on a tiled floor. I love you to bits, Amy. I’m your brother, Jacob and I want you to fight for me and John. Jacob’s voice echoed in my head.

I opened my eyes and looked at Edward. I smirked at him and he was confused. I got out of bed and found my bag, searching for my life’s important object, other than the locket round my neck. Edward came behind me, tapped me on my right shoulder so I turned around and he carried me to my bed. Edward didn’t notice the figure stood in the doorway behind him. The cloaked figure smirked at me and winked. His brunette hair was short and the same colour as mine. His bright blue eyes were familiar to me. The figure then pointed to his neck and I knew what that meant. Then the figure disappeared out the door.

‘You need to sleep, Amy.’

‘Jacob wants me to fight. He was just in my head. I will stop this The 24 group of people ripping this family apart. I will end that group. I have to do it for both Jacob and John.’

Edward tucked me into bed and kissed my head. I looked up at him and he stroked my head to my chin. I seemed to feel some sort of comfort from that.

‘Go to sleep. You’ll need a lot of energy for tomorrow.’

Edward left as I closed my eyes and slept, holding onto the locket from John. Edward came back in an hour later and came to bed himself.


I woke up not that much later from the dream I’d had, scaring me about how Jacob died. My left hand wiped away the tears I had. I found the figure crouched on my right. I didn’t seem scared of the figure. I just wanted the pain of Jacob to go away.


‘Yes, John?’

‘You…don’t hate me?!’

‘No…unless you’re gonna run from me again. Then you’d better wish you were the opposite gender if that happened. I’ve just lost Jacob. I can get you back. I’m not giving up on you.’

John smirked and stood up. I moved over in my bed and he sat next to me. He winked at me, trying to comfort me from feeling pain over Jacob.

‘Come on, time to sleep. It’s midnight, Kiddo.’

I got down into bed and John put an arm around me. As soon as he was sure I was asleep, he pulled me gently to rest my head on his chest. My sleeping reminded him of our childhood together. He’d been a Dad to me. Now he could do it again.

The morning came and he laid my head on the pillow, kissing my left cheek before he left.

‘I’m sorry, Amy.’ John sighed, slipping an envelope into my hand.

He walked to the door and looked back to his sleeping sister. He smirked at how I’d grown and left.


It was the morning. I just sat up. The rain tapped on the window. I climbed out of bed and got changed into a violet purple T-shirt with joggers and white trainers along with my sky blue raincoat. An envelope had been in my hand. I opened the envelope and recognised the writing. It read:


You may be wondering what this is all about. I’m sorry about hurting you the way I did. We have to find out what’s going on here, beginning with when you were seven years old. Something’s gone wrong and we have to find out what. I love you with everything that I have in my body. I hope to see you again soon, Kiddo.

John Thomas, your brother XXX

The letter made me smile, so I hid it in my bag. I walked into the living room area and kitchen area. I walked past the blue two seat sofa and the mahogany wood table to the marble kitchen. I got out some cereal and milk as my breakfast. Edward came in wearing a blue shirt with dark jeans and a biker jacket. He also had some boots on. Edward grabbed some cereal.

I grabbed my bag and got all of Edward’s stuff into it. I was ready for the next part of the adventure. Edward smiled at my enthusiasm. We were both ready to go. Edward paid the hotel owner in Spain for the room. We both got out the hotel and I pulled him forwards just in time as the hotel name in lights came crashing down behind us.

‘You have good timing.’

‘That’s not the first time I’ve been told that. John saw that first.’

Edward led me to the Jeep and we drove around to find the warehouses. He found the warehouse estate by driving around. We both walked into the most falling apart building, since it was sending my senses crazy. I walked in first. Slime and water dripped down the ceilings and the walls. Edward was dripped on and commentated on it.

‘That’s disgusting.’

‘Edward, there is worse than slime or water to be dripped on you.’

‘Like what?’

‘What about a number two or yellow liquid?’

Edward glared at me with horror, which made me laugh. We kept walking. Edward was complaining all the way. I smirked all the way to the main room. The man tied to the chair had short to his ears brown hair in small curls. He looked shattered and in pain. Edward and I ran to him. His denim jacket and jeans were a little wet and his hair was damp too.

‘Ben, can you hear me?’ I sighed, crouching in front of him.

Edward untied him and he almost fell off the chair. I propped him on the chair.

‘Uncle Ben, can you hear us? Wake up.’ I said.

Ben’s eyes were starting to open. Edward and I sighed of relief. Ben smiled weakly at them.

‘How did you find me?’ Ben smirked.

‘It’s a long story.’ Edward laughed.

Two men came in. I ran at them and knocked them into the walls. Edward helped Ben up. He was leading Ben out the building. I was following them from behind in case the men got back up. Ben was sat in the Jeep next to Edward. I sat in the back. Ben slept like a brick through the journey to the base in Brussels, Belgium.


The building looked like an abandoned factory or warehouse. Edward helped Ben into the building once we’d parked, me following. White and blue striped walls were all over. Metal tables were covered in technology. Edward sat Ben on an orange sofa. There were three floors all together. Edward pulled out a mask from the wall. Ben breathed in the substance and was able to get his strength back. I was in shock.

‘You’ve not been here before have you, Amy?’ Edward laughed.

‘This is the T.S.B. That stands for Thomas Spy Base. We’re serving the whole Earth. We’re the only spy family left alive and pretty much intact.’ Ben smirked.

I smirked. I pulled out a disk. I inserted it into one of the computers. I started typing a lot. The guys came over. Lots of data was flashing across the screen.

‘What are you up to?’ Ben asked, curious.

‘I have to get this data onto the main drive of this database so then we have all the data that I’ve collected. If I don’t, the family has less information to help them fight.’ I said.

‘How long have you been keeping this data exactly, Amy?’ Edward said.

‘It’s been at least, oh, fourteen years.’ my eyes fixed on the screen.

‘Wait a minute. That means you were two when you started this!’ Ben was in shock.

‘Let’s just say I’m a quick learner...most of the time. It does help knowing what to look for.’ I smirked.

The disk came out and I put it in the safe. I covered it up and faced the guys.

‘Edward, Ben, our next stop is Canberra in Australia. I’m going alone. I’ll bring him here once I’ve gotten the next one after him.’ I placed my bag on the sofa.

‘Who are you getting from Canberra?’ Ben asked.

‘I have to get Carter. I’ll then go and pick up Uncle Mike from Jerusalem, Israel. I might get Auntie Susan from Cairo, Egypt too. I’m going alone.’ I said.

Edward was looking like he was still in the army, disagreeing with my choice. I put all the stuff that I was leaving at the base in a plastic bag. I found one of the bedrooms on the first floor. The bare blue walls suited me and I got the stuff into the wardrobe. I walked back down to Edward and Ben with a smaller dark blue backpack. I walked to my Jeep, putting my stuff in the boot, not knowing what I would be facing next.

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