Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


15. Sacrifices Have To Be Made

My heart was racing as I could see the plan against me thoroughly in my head. This was all to get back at me all because my mind figured out things faster than the others. I looked at John and Jacob. Both of them were on edge from my glances at them. I then looked down, knowing I was to blame. I put the TSB at risk. I would lose my family for my behaviour.

‘It’s my fault.’ I whispered.

‘Amelia, answer the question!’ He snarled.

‘We shouldn’t be doing this!’ I growled.

‘What are you on about, child?’ The Judge looked angry.

‘Do you have guards for this court building at all?’ I raised an eyebrow.

‘No. We use the Police.’ The Judge looked worried.

‘This isn’t the only thing going wrong right now. Two people are here who shouldn’t be. One of those is Isabel Johnson!’ I fixed on Isabel.

Isabel stood up and snarled at me. She couldn’t seem to form words against me. I was ready to fight like mad against her just like before. Oddly enough, I saw a flicker of Ben in her.

‘She’s not the only accomplice to Ashleigh Thomas. The other took a fancy to her last time they met, didn’t you…Dominic Michaels.’ I pointed at Ashleigh’s lawyer.

‘You’re smart for an Autistic kid.’ Dominic snarled.

‘Your kids are here to help you try and get us back for what we supposedly did, but that won’t work.’ I smirked.

‘What’s your little plan, kid? You have the brain of a sieve.’ Isabel laughed.

‘I have a trick up my sleeve. Ben, it’s time! It’s time the youngest Thomas family member showed what she’s made of. Ben, use the back up. We’re going to need it.’ I growled.

‘Your Uncle Benjamin Jones isn’t here, girly.’ Dominic laughed.

‘That’s what you think.’ I pulled out my phone.

I read the message. The corners of my mouth turned up into a smile. Ben was with me again.

‘Dominic, you really shouldn’t have said that. Ben heard you and is coming to kick your backside to the moon.’ I smirked, reading the text from Ben aloud.

Dominic clicked his fingers. His two kids appeared, holding machine guns. Everyone froze, except for me. I was sure I saw Olivia shaking a little bit, but I was ready to fight like mad. Matt, John and Jacob had drawn their guns at one point and one was aimed at Isabel, one at Harvey and the other aimed at Olivia. Mark had his gun out aimed at Dominic.

‘Surrender and you’ll be spared.’ Isabel called, the message that I wished wouldn’t happen coming out and hanging in the air, even though she had a gun aimed at her.

Two of the guards holding Ashleigh freed her, knocking out the other three. I was alone for this one. Doors locked shut with a mighty click. Edward tried the doors.

‘We’re locked here. We can’t get free.’ Edward looked at me with fear.

Harvey fixed on Jacob, like a bad taste was in his mouth. I knew he’d try to kill Jacob, although Jacob held his gun aiming right at Harvey’s chest. I didn’t want revenge occurring.

‘This doesn’t have to end like this.’ I was trying to buy everyone some time.

‘That won’t work, kid.’ Ashleigh snarled.

‘That’s the plan. That’s why I was called up second. This was to break the family, youngest first. Am I right?’ I stared at John holding his gun at Isabel, wishing he’d lower it.

‘Yes.’ Dominic snarled, staring at Mark holding his gun at him.

‘I hate it when I’m right!’ I snapped, hoping Mark and his three sons would lower their guns.

Kate saw Olivia and she stopped still. Kate was ready to fight what was coming.

‘Olivia, you don’t have to do this! Harvey, you don’t have to do this either! We can be friends just like before. Just please don’t do this.’ Kate pleaded.

Olivia and Harvey chucked their guns. They broke in two. Matt and Jacob lowered their guns.

‘We’ll be a family again.’ Harvey sighed, a smile slowly emerging.

Harvey and Olivia disappeared and ran to the doors holding everyone in the stalls with the Thomas family. They both hugged Kate once they broke down the doors.

I was stood still in the witness box, trying to figure out what was going on now. My glance at John gave both of us hope to see each other again, now John had lowered his gun.

‘Friends never lose hope, and neither do families. Once we’re a family, we’re always a family. None of you have to do this. This is just old revenge that you couldn’t let go of. Just let it go. Do it for your families. Dominic, your children have dropped the weight of your revenge. You can do the same.’ I sighed, glancing at John and Jacob lovingly.

‘No. Isabel, call them in.’ Dominic snarled.

Soldiers marched in behind the witness box. I turned sideward. I knew they would hurt me for this. Mark had lowered his gun. Jacob winked at me, sending his love at me that way.

‘Amy, please don’t.’ Mark looked broken, unsure what my plan was.

‘I’m doing this for the family, Dad. Just trust me. Give this some time.’ I then felt tears rolling down my cheeks.

The soldiers led me out the court room and out the back. I was handcuffed and led to the vans out the back. I knew what was going on.

‘Ben, save everyone else. I’ll be fine. Just trust me on this.’ I whispered.

I was then pushed into the van. I sat still on the floor. The soldiers waited for Ashleigh, Isabel and Dominic. They got in and I knew what was going to happen.

‘I’m sorry, Dad.’ I cried, letting my tears roll down my cheeks.

The vans drove away, leaving the family behind. I had a small window. I saw Mark running after the van. I knew what he was doing. He was going to get me back if he could.

‘AMELIA!’ Mark yelled.

The handcuffs fell off my wrists. I unlocked the door and got ready to jump out. The vans stopped at traffic lights. I opened the door and ran out. I kept running away. The vans turned around and drove along the car park towards me. I turned and pulled out a gun. It was loaded. I aimed it. Fire cut off the vans from where I was. My anger started to rocket.

‘I never go back for seconds.’ I growled.

I dropped the gun and found my Jeep waiting for me. I saw my family gathered far away. They were calling my name. They didn’t know if I had been caught in the blaze. I got into my Jeep and drove it towards the car park exit. The vans had got round the flames. The vans started chasing me around the car park. I was swerving everywhere. I couldn’t shake them. I saw my family were frozen still. I then held on tight. I spun my steering wheel. The Jeep spun out of control. I screamed from the sudden pressure on my air.

‘I’ll be back for you, Kiddo.’ John’s voice sighed in my head, his last words before his crash.

I knew I had to crash. The vans were getting closer. A van came away from the main group, aimed right at the Jeep. I stopped the Jeep completely. I was ready for the impact. I sent a text to John. I put my phone away and held on tight.

‘I love you, Johny. I guess I never told you enough. I’m sorry, boys.’ I thought of John and Jacob, the two guys in my life I didn’t want to be parted from.

The van got nearer, so I cut it fine, jumping out of the Jeep. I felt the heat of the explosion on my back as I landed in the gravel.

‘AMELIA!’ John’s and Jacob’s yells called out to me.

‘That’s just great.’ I growled.

I got my phone out and texted someone, hoping my message might spur them on. I then got up and started running from the scene, hoping the family hadn’t seen me. John had seen me as I ran towards the exit of the car park. Something was wrong. John recognised me a little bit and he’d broken free from the grip holding him back.

‘Where’s…my…SISTER?!’ John yelled at me.

I ran round in a circle and got out the grip of John. I ran towards the crash. Then I stopped by the destroyed Jeep. My knees buckled underneath me. John reached me and saw the cut face of a seventeen year old me.

‘Amy!’ John cried out as he held my body in his arms.

Everyone ran over and saw the face of me in John’s arms. John was letting his tears pour.

‘I’ll call an ambulance.’ Ben got out his phone.

Ruth knelt next to me. I wasn’t breathing. John laid me down and Ruth began CPR. It was working. I was breathing again. I wanted to be in John’s and Jacob’s grip forevermore.

‘Amy, keep fighting. You’ll be fine, I promise.’ John almost choked on a sob.

Finley had to be restrained by Isaac and Harvey, since he was trying to find Ashleigh and kill her for hurting me like this. Jacob was trying to fight his tears for me getting hurt.

‘ASHLEIGH!’ Finley yelled in anger.

Mark tried to talk to Matt. He didn’t know what to do, but Jacob held onto him and cried. My cough echoed in the silence as I felt myself come round properly.

‘Amy, can you hear me?’ John let his tears escape even more.

‘I’m…doing…what…you…did.’ I let my tears flow.

Blood was emerging in my wounds. My face tensed at the pain. I screamed out as I remembered the crash. John and Ruth tried to comfort my screaming. I looked John in the eyes. I knew my time was up. He held me up in his arms.

‘You can’t go. I only just got you back.’ John pleaded.

‘I must go if it’s my time.’ I touched his left cheek.

The ambulance arrived and the team ran to me.

‘Just keep fighting, ok?’ John cried, choking on a sob.

I nodded the best I could. John saw my smile try to come back. I was then wheeled on the stretcher to the ambulance. The family ran to their Jeeps, taking Harvey and Olivia with them. I just wished Jacob and John would keep fighting for me.


The ambulance got me into hospital and I was put into intensive care from the crash injuries I got. My face was cut. I had dried blood on my arms. I stayed asleep as they treated me.

The family got to me and they saw how bad I was. I had been plugged into a heart monitor and a breathing machine. My heart was slowing. My eyes stayed closed. Mark walked to my side and held my hand.

‘I forgive you, Amy. Just fight for us like you have before.’ Mark sighed deeply.

My heart beat was getting quicker. Mark smirked. I was fighting back.

‘That’s it, Amy.’ Mark smiled.

Then the heart beat was off the scale. I was waking up. My hand that Mark was holding twitched. I could just about see him as my eyes fought to open.

‘Come on, Amy. You can do this.’ Mark laughed.

My eyes started opening quicker. I let them open fully and they fixed on Mark.

‘Dad…’ I struggled.

‘Shh. You need to rest. You were just in a car crash.’ Mark sighed, gently kissing my head.

‘I blew up my Jeep!’ I tried to get up.

Mark pinned me down. He wasn’t let me up just yet, I guessed.

‘You need to stay here. You have to recover. We’ll sort things out. You helped Kate to change Harvey and Olivia. They’re now working with us.’ Mark said.

‘Dad, they don’t know the truth. No one does other than me.’ I growled.

Mark looked confused at me, like I was making no sense.

‘What are you saying?’ Mark looked in my eyes.

‘I found their birth certificates amongst your mother’s things when I was ten with Cameron when I ran off. I found Harvey Thomas and Olivia Thomas’s birth certificates. Harvey was a son of Roger. Olivia was a daughter of Mike.’ I looked away.

Mark couldn’t speak. I had known something and hadn’t told him.

‘Why didn’t you say anything?’ Mark looked shocked.

‘It wasn’t time.’ I growled.

Mark kissed my head and left. I felt the family leave after Mark, since he ran out. I then found the wires for my heart and breathing monitors. I pulled the heart cords off first and then took out the breathing tubes. The machines went off. I got my clothes back on and ran out, towards the car park. I spotted the Jeeps leaving after Mark. I knew I had to make my own way back to the base. Then I spotted something that shouldn’t be there.

‘That’s my Jeep!’ I ran to the shiny Jeep.

It was the exact same model but it was brand new. A note was attached to the mirror. A key was attached too. The note only had four names and a last name on it. It read: Matt, Jacob, John & Finley Thomas.

‘I love my brothers sometimes.’ I then got into my Jeep.

It was just the way my old one was. I started the engine and it roared into life. I could drive away and never be seen again. Then I knew that would break the family. I knew I couldn’t do that to my only family.

‘Let’s go and freak out the Thomas family.’ I smirked.

I sped away down the road. Two vans started driving after me. The driver of the one in front was Ashleigh. I typed my name into the keyboard.

‘AT2 to Base, come in.’ I called.

No reply came back.

‘AT2 to Base, come in.’ I repeated.

‘That won’t work, kid. You’re on your own.’ Ashleigh’s voice echoed round the Jeep.

I picked up my radio. I hoped strongly this would work this time.

‘JT2, come in.’ I called.

‘This is JT2, who is this, over?’ John called back.

‘This is AT2. Two vans are on my tail and AT is driving the front van very close to my new Jeep. Where is everyone, over?’ I growled.

‘The Falling Stars got into the base, over.’ John growled back.

‘John, turn the volume up on this. I’m going to make a little speech to them, over.’ I smirked.

‘You ready, over?’ John called.

‘Falling Stars, this is your final warning. The youngest Thomas is on her way and she’s angry! I may have blown up one of your vans and my old Jeep, but I still have enough power to kick your backsides. So I’d watch your back, over.’ I yelled.


‘Looks like you’ll have your hands full.’ Mark smirked.

‘No. As soon as she walks through the door, she’s dead.’ Isabel laughed.

‘I wouldn’t count on that.’ I was on the first floor landing after driving all the way there.

‘How did you get there?’ Isabel snarled.

‘My business doesn’t include you in my secrets, Isabel.’ I smirked.

‘Come down here and fight.’ Isabel challenged me, reminding me more of Ben.

‘You really shouldn’t challenge me.’ I came down the stairs.

My glare on Isabel froze her to the spot. I was ready to pounce. Ashleigh ran in behind me. I then flicked both my arms out and got Ashleigh and Isabel, knocking them both over. Isabel got up and ran at me. I moved and Isabel fell into Ashleigh. They both growled at me. I smirked, ready to fight even more if it was necessary.

‘You should be dead!’ Ashleigh hissed.

‘Just because I should be, doesn’t mean I will be.’ I smirked.

Isabel pulled out her gun. It was armed and aimed right at my chest. I pulled out one of the exploding pens. I gripped it tightly in my right hand.

‘Are you going to ink me?’ Isabel laughed.

‘No. This pen’s special.’ I threw the pen to Isabel.

She started pulling the lid off. Ashleigh stopped her.

‘It’s an Exploding pen, Isabel. Is this your only weapon, Amelia?’ Ashleigh snarled.

‘No. I have at least five others in my pocket.’ I smirked.

‘You’re bluffing.’ Isabel was shaking.

I saw the sunlight disappearing as the night invaded the sky.

‘Time’s running out. We have to be quick. You changed the side of the sun. I put it right. You changed it back. We have to set it right, or everything will explode, even your pea sized brains.’ I ran to the controls.

Levers were flicking everywhere. Isabel sighed deeply and tried to help me. Ashleigh didn’t move. Isabel and I were making sure things were working. The way Isabel was checking things made me think of Ben much more, as if they were related or something.

‘Isabel, is there something you’re not telling us?’ I growled.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ Isabel lied.

I got up the people database. There was no Isabel Johnson.

‘Your name doesn’t exist!’ I looked Isabel in the eyes.

Isabel pushed the last lever. The sun moved to the correct side it should be on. Isabel looked at Ben and then away again. I knew she looked longingly at him just from that quick glance.

‘Isabel Johnson, you knew Ben. I know why now.’ I looked at my Uncle.

‘Why if you think you’re so smart.’ Isabel growled.

‘You’re his sister! You’re the missing Jones daughter. You ran away. You learnt things like Ben did. You just didn’t know if you could meet your brother again.’ I saw right through her.

‘You have a really annoying power of being able to do that.’ Isabel smirked.

‘It’s not the first time. John found out when I was little. He got stuck with it.’ I shrugged.

Isabel knew she had to say who she was.

‘My real name’s important then?’ Isabel sighed, shrugging slightly.

‘It’s important when you’re part of this family. You are part of this family.’ I let a weak smile show.

‘My name’s…Lucy Jones.’ Lucy/Isabel sighed.

‘Lucy?’ Ben fixed on his sister.

‘Hello brother.’ Lucy sighed, a small smile appearing.

Lucy and I then tried to untie everyone. We cut the rope and Lucy with Ben had a family reunion. I smiled, until I saw Ashleigh’s face. She was looking pretty mad.

‘Amelia!’ Ashleigh growled.

‘Go back to where you came from, Mum. You’ve tried to kill me three times this week! I can’t take it anymore. You’re meant to be my mother, but you’re just becoming a villain.’ I didn’t even look at her.

‘You will look at me young lady!’ Ashleigh yelled.

I turned. Anger filled my fists. I was ready to strike down what force would try to rip apart my family, even if it was Ashleigh.

‘The little baby of the family will die.’ Ashleigh snarled.

‘Not today, Mum. I have a family to fix. We have three new members. We have Ben’s long lost sister. We have Olivia Thomas, Mike and Eleanor’s daughter. We have Harvey Thomas, Roger and Susan’s son. The Thomas family shall grow to be the best we can be.’ I growled.

‘Where did you know this?’ Ashleigh snarled.

I pulled out three birth certificates and held them high.

‘The birth certificates of all three.’ Ashleigh whimpered.

‘Yes. The birth certificates of all three new found family members. Dominic lied and so did you. You helped him cover it up.’ I pieced things together.

Dominic came in with a bundle of rope and some duct tape.

‘It’s time you learnt that your mind shouldn’t be accessed.’ Dominic growled.

I knew what that meant. Mike walked to my side. He wasn’t going to let Ashleigh hurt me.

‘You won’t touch her whilst I’m alive. She’s brought two of mine and my wife’s children home. I’ll fight until she’s safe, Ashleigh.’ Mike had his determination back.

‘I’m with you, Dad.’ Olivia stood by her father.

The Thomas family formed a barricade of people. Ashleigh and Dominic called for backup. I then found myself by the stairs.

‘I can lure some away. I can then use the netting contraption in the ceiling.’ I murmured.

The soldiers came in. I ran up the stairs to the lever in the wall that would release the net. The soldiers were chucked into the middle of the circle of Thomas family members.

‘Are we ready?’ I called.

‘Yes!’ The family called.

The lever was pushed. The net fell and trapped the soldiers.

‘I believe we win, Mum.’ Matt laughed.

‘It’s not over yet, Matt.’ I saw Dominic’s plan.

Dominic then pulled out a laser gun. I looked at my father, who could see my plan.

‘It’s time.’ I growled, disagreeing with our father’s shaking head.

Dominic aimed it at Harvey. He didn’t know which way to move. I ran and blocked it.

‘NO!’ I was hit in the chest with the laser, knocking me back a little bit.

I fell to my knees. My hands were shaking. Mark fell to the floor by his eldest son.

‘You can fight this.’ Mark was out of hope.

I screamed out. My feet were planted firm. I stumbled forward and stood as straight as I could. Ashleigh was shaking a little bit as I fought back more than she ever could.

‘I’M A THOMAS AND WE DON’T GIVE IN! YOU WANT THIS FAMILY DEAD! You’ll have to get through me first.’ I growled.

Ashleigh saw what she had done. She’d not noticed how I had been growing up.

‘I’ve created a fighter.’ Ashleigh cried, almost cringing away from me.

‘The strongest fighter in the family and you tried to break what makes us all who we are. They’re who you are too.’ I pointed out.

‘She’s getting into your mind.’ Dominic snarled.

‘I’d get out before I make you disappear.’ I growled.

Dominic held Ashleigh’s hand and stood firm. She got over her fear and glared right at me.

‘We’re not going anywhere.’ Dominic and Ashleigh smirked.

I then had my strength and was running round the controls. Lights were flickering. My gaze didn’t leave the controls. I was like a typing tornado.

‘Amy, what are you doing?’ Ashleigh hissed.

‘Shut up, old lady! I’m busy!’ I growled back.

‘How dare you!’ Ashleigh was about to go and whack my with the baseball bat in her hands.

‘I wouldn’t use that, Mother. I’m not too bad at Baseball. I could easily take it from you and hit a ball into your window.’ I was enjoying myself.

‘How are you doing this? You got shot in the chest!’ Ruth was amazed.

I undid my jacket. My bulletproof vest was visible. I was grinning now, making the family grin too. I winked at John and Jacob, who were a little taken aback.

‘It’s not just bulletproof. It’s laser proof!’ I laughed, jumping up and down.

‘You’re a little brat, Amelia!’ Dominic snarled.

I stopped moving around. I looked at the scanner and knew things were getting bad.

‘It’s time the last plan was used. It’s my last trick.’ I looked at Olivia.

‘Amy?’ Olivia sighed, confused what I was about to do.

‘I can’t believe I’m about to say this. Mum, I know I was stuck with you a long time, but why do you have to do this? Is it gonna get you anywhere?’ I fixed on Ashleigh.

‘I’ve made my decision. I’m leaving now and you’ll never see me again. I hope you rot, Amelia Thomas.’ Ashleigh then ran out with Dominic.

I just stood in confusion. Ashleigh’s words sunk in. She didn’t want me anymore.

‘She really meant it.’ I was broken.

Jacob walked to me and held me close, kissing my head to comfort my fears. I felt so alone. The parent I’d been with for the longest amount of my life and she’d walked out on me.

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