Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


11. Part Of The Truth Surfaces

Marcel fixed on Thomas, fully in control. John wasn’t in control of this part of their plan and Marcel was going to make sure Thomas knew that.

‘I will do what I please! You can’t order me around.’ Marcel snarled.

Thomas took his hood down. His short black hair hung a little bit down the back of his neck. His black T-shirt suited him. I then noticed he looked like… Mark. I tried to get my thoughts together before I knew my fate rested with the two strangers, or so I thought. Thomas looked like…Finley! My heart was racing, knowing I was with family once more.

‘I know both your real names.’ I looked at both of them, fixing more closely on Finley, who was saying he was Thomas.

Both guys were in dismay. Finley looked me in the eyes.

‘No one has ever known!’ Finley was excited now.

‘If you know us so well, who are we?’ Marcel snarled.

‘You’re not Marcel Jones. You’re Bradley Thomas, Edward and Carter’s older brother.’ I smirked weakly.

‘Amelia Thomas, the youngest in the family.’ Marcel, who was actually Bradley, sighed of relief being found out.

My revelation only seemed to give the two guys food for thought of what I really knew. I fixed on the boy with jet black hair, hoping he’d understand my point of view.

‘You’re not Thomas Smith. You’re Finley Thomas, the penultimate son of Mark Thomas, my brother. We had a crash, remember?’ I fought with the straps around my wrists.

Finley nodded, remembering too. Both of us hoped we could find the truth before it was too late. Isabel then burst into the room and saw Finley next to me.

‘Have you done it yet?’ Isabel was angry now.

I saw the buckle on the straps and then tried to undo them. I undid the left one and then the right. I freed my waist from the strap and stood to face Isabel.

‘You don’t like staying down, do you?’ Isabel snarled.

‘It’s not in my nature to let people take it easy on me. That’s why I’m a Thomas.’ I smirked.

Isabel ran at me, but I moved and Isabel fell into the chair.

‘Have a nice trip, Isabel?’ I laughed.

Isabel clicked her fingers. A figure walked into the room. Their dark hair flowed half way down her back. She looked like Finley and me. Her clothes were dark and covered by a black cloak. Her figure froze me and Finley, although he tried to fight it, to the spot.

‘Mum, what are you doing here?’ I was in shock.

‘I’m here to ask for your help. Our family has cast me aside. I have tried to see you, but Mark won’t have any of it. I need you to help us get them back for it.’ Ashleigh sounded so sane it scared me.

‘Mum, I can’t…’ I was torn.

‘Please, for me. They don’t care about you. They left you alone in the base and it almost caught you in it, didn’t it? They abandoned you when you needed them most.’ Ashleigh was trying to twist my arm.

‘I… I can’t… abandon John.’ I fought my mind.

‘John’s dead. He has been for ten years.’ Ashleigh walked closer to me.

‘He’s not dead because he spoke to me before I confronted Isabel before. He came back and saved me from going in the cells and he helped me save almost everyone… because you got Uncle Roger killed! They were all in cells and I had to free them all. We were all going to get out and then you do this to me and John. It hurt because I wanted everyone to be together, but you go and do this and totally rip me to shreds! That’s a really nice birthday present for John’s twenty-seventh isn’t it? Finding out that one of his Uncles was murdered?’ I was transforming into a volcano.

‘Amelia, it’s not like that!’ Ashleigh held my shoulders.

‘How is it like then, Mum? I obviously don’t understand this situation that you obviously know so well. Enlighten me.’ I was getting to breaking point.

‘Amelia, I want you to join me and make the World a better place without our family. Just think about it. We could save John from our family.’ Ashleigh sounded like an assassin.

‘No. I’m not the only Thomas hearing your words.’ I smirked.

‘Pardon, Amelia?’ Ashleigh was dumbfounded.

‘Ashleigh, you’ve been working with two of your family already. This isn’t Marcel Jones. This is Bradley Thomas, Mike Thomas’s eldest son.’ Finley smirked.

‘Ashleigh, this isn’t Thomas Smith. This is Finley Thomas, your son, but older than Amy.’ Bradley smirked.

‘This isn’t possible!’ Ashleigh was furious.

‘Would you like me to do the honours, Ashleigh?’ Isabel grinned with an evil look right at me, but I stood strong for my family.

‘Yes. I’d run back to your family, boys. Otherwise you’ll have the same fate as her!’ Ashleigh snarled.

‘Amy?’ Finley looked at me.

‘Finley, Bradley, go to them. Take this and they should understand.’ I pulled out an envelope with the TSB logo on it in the shape of a triangle split into eight different sections with different coloured sections.

It looked like:




‘Are you sure?’ Bradley didn’t like the look Isabel was giving.

‘Yes. Go and tell Dad…I’m sorry. Finley, mention to John his Kiddo’s fighting to the end for him.’ I looked at my new found brother and cousin.

Finley walked to me and then held me close to him. He let go and they both ran off to find the family. Before they ran off, Finley turned to Ashleigh, an aggressive glare in his eyes.

‘If you hurt her, you’ll have all of us on your back.’ Finley growled.

‘Now would be a good time, Isabel.’ Ashleigh laughed, once Finley and Bradley were gone.

Isabel sent me into the chair and a shock ran through me. I screamed out in pain as the shock ran through my body. Once I was done with, I was released from the chair.

‘Go and hide in the corridor until I call for you.’ Ashleigh ordered.

I left just as a group marched in. I could hear everything as I got ready to strike.

‘The brilliant family come back for their brilliant youngest member…you make me sick!’ Ashleigh snarled.

‘Amy was right! It was you behind this!’ Mark was angry now.

‘I’d be careful who you’re threatening.’ Isabel was ready to fight.

‘What have you done with our sister?’ John growled.

‘Why don’t you see for yourselves? AMELIA!’ Ashleigh sounded smug.

I ran round to the doors they’d come in from. The doors behind them opened easily. I came in, feeling angry. I walked round the edge of the family and stood next to Isabel.

‘Amy?’ Jacob was confused.

‘I don’t know you. My name is Amelia, not Amy.’ I was getting ready to punch something.

‘What have you done to her?’ Mark snarled.

‘I’ve done nothing to her. She’s just recognised what you do to this World.’ Ashleigh smirked.

‘Amy, please!’ John pleaded.

‘Don’t speak to me. I don’t know you!’ I was getting annoyed.

‘You’re my Kiddo and you said you’d fight back for me! What happened to that, huh?’ John snarled, making me look at John with a few tears attacking the corners of my eyes.

‘Take them to the cells.’ Ashleigh called.

The family was grabbed and they were being taken away.

‘AMELIA THOMAS!’ Mark kept yelling.

‘Amy, remember our crash!’ Finley and John yelled in unison.

My body froze. I remembered it like it was only yesterday. My heartbeat thundered in my chest. I turned my back on them, hoping they hadn’t seen my reaction, and ran out the opposite doors I entered in. I could still hear them as I hid round the corner. Tears poured down my cheeks. I was in pieces because I was betraying what I knew to be right. John. Jacob. Fin.

‘What have you done, Ashleigh?’ Mark snarled.

‘I’ve fixed our daughter.’ Ashleigh laughed as Mark was taken away, me hearing her spiteful words at Mark.

I had found a cloak so I could walk to the cells undetected. I ran as fast as I could and found them in their cells, talking.

‘What can we do?’ John was beaten.

‘I don’t know. If Ashleigh’s gotten to Amy, we’re stuffed.’ Mark was broken.

‘That’s not entirely true.’ I stood in the corridor, my hood up.

Everyone looked at the black cloak reaching the floor. I smirked. They didn’t recognise me.

‘Who are you?’ Jacob struggled to see my face.

‘I’m someone you shouldn’t cross at all. I was in your family but now I work with my mother.’ I sighed, my worry what they’d do increasing.

‘You tried to finish our family working for them!’ John snarled.

‘I’ve told you… John?’ I took my hood down.

I was blinking out of my confusion put over me by Ashleigh.

‘She’s remembering. Mom tried to clear her head about us!’ Jacob laughed about me.

‘Amy, remember us!’ Finley called.

I walked closer to Finley and Jacob’s cell. I felt ready to pounce. Finley ran towards the bars and I looked at him, which made me stop. Finley looked me in the eyes and then I saw something. Our eyes clicked and I felt like I was at home once more.

‘Finley Thomas?’ I was confused.

Finley smirked at me and then I saw Mark looking at me. He looked torn with my behaviour.

‘It can’t be…Dad?’ I walked over to the bars.

I turned the electricity off and kicked the cell doors down. Mark ran out and then just hugged me tightly. He didn’t want to let go. I didn’t want to let go either. Everyone seemed happy enough for the moment. Mark finally released me.

‘We’ve got a mother to stop. Come on, before she tries to get away!’ I led the family towards the main room.

I ran in and saw Ashleigh drawing a vile of something blue. I knew it wasn’t good. Everyone ran in, surrounding Ashleigh and Isabel. Ashleigh saw her chance and ran at Finley. Ashleigh was ready to pour it down his throat at the right time.

Everything was suddenly in slow motion.

Ashleigh got closer to Finley, but I pushed him out the way, right into the floor, taking Jacob with him. Ashleigh then poured it down my throat. She fell backwards in horror. I fell to the floor onto my knees, clutching my chest. My head connected with the floor as I fell sideward. I just lay there on the floor. Finley got to me first with John right behind him.

‘Amy, can you hear us?’ John checked my pulse.

‘How’s her pulse?’ Finley tried to get me awake.

‘It’s slowing. Mom, what did you do?’ John looked directly at Ashleigh.

Ashleigh didn’t reply. She just looked pale and in shock of what her creation would do for her family. I was the fighter of the family once more and Ashleigh was digging her own hole.

‘MOM, WHAT DID YOU DO?!’ Finley yelled at her, his anger exploding like a volcano, exactly like mine.

‘She got in the way…she saved her brother and took the poison.’ Ashleigh fell to her knees, totally ignoring everyone else.

‘How long has she got?’ Mark yelled, kneeling next to my unconscious body.

‘She has a week at most.’ Ashleigh was broken and confused.

‘Amelia!’ Mark was totally shattered.

Finley and John then tried to pick up my body. Everyone ran out, forgetting to take Ashleigh so she could go back to the hospital. Matt, Jacob, John and Finley all drove me back towards the base. It was somehow intact. I had said it had blown up. John and Finley carried me into the base and into my bed. Everything was just as we left it.

Jacob’s jeans were on the floor outside his room. Matt’s door was covered in violet and sky blue paint flicks from months ago. My room was still covered in sheets, since I was painting my room before we left. The boys took all the sheets off everything and got me into my own bed. I felt weaker. My heart was beating slower in my chest. My body was giving in.

‘Just hang on for us.’ Matt called as he ran for the first aid kit.

Finley pulled the sheets over me. John stayed by my bedside and Jacob had gone to wait for the rest of the family to get back.

‘You’re going to be fine, Amy. Just fight it, ok?’ John sounded so hurt and broken.

‘I…can…try…’ I struggled.

‘That’s our sister!’ Finley smiled.

Mark ran in with Jacob to see me. I was getting worse. I saw our father and I fixed on his apologetic eyes as I neared death once more.

My heartbeat weakened as my time decreased. Mark stayed by my side, no matter what.

‘I’m…sorry…Dad. I…wanted…to…save…Finley.’ I was struggling with my speech now.

‘It’s alright. You just concentrate on getting better.’ Mark sat on my left and held my left hand gently.

Finley stayed by my right side and he didn’t want to be parted from his sister. I had risked my life for him and now he was losing me. John stayed in there too. Jacob and Matt were staying with the rest of the family for support. Ruth dashed in with heart and breathing monitors.

‘Ruth, what are you doing?’ Mark sighed, almost moaning at her.

‘She’s going to need these to stay fighting. Then I can measure her progress.’ Ruth then got the monitors plugged in and helping me stay strong.

The beep of my heart was slow and heavy. It was much slower than usual. Ruth kept checking the results on the monitors every hour. Mark, John and Finley didn’t leave, even when they were sleeping. I then kept looking at my brothers and Mark, which kept me fighting. Edward came in with his brothers, Carter and Bradley, and our cousin, Isaac. They got Mark, John and Finley into their beds. Finley was now two doors on the right of me and John was next door on the right of Finley’s room, since the siblings were in age order; Matt, Jacob, John, Finley and me. There was even a spare room next to Matt’s and mine. Mark was in his room, only a couple of doors down to the left from me. They all slept silently and Edward came to check on his little cousin, the youngest still in the family.

‘Edward…’ I was starting to wake up.

‘Go back to sleep. You need rest.’ Edward kissed my head.

‘I…can’t…’ I tried to get up.

‘No you don’t. You’re staying here. It’s Ruth’s orders.’ Edward kept me in my bed.

I tried to open my eyes, but they were too heavy. Edward held my right hand. His touch burned from his warmth and my chill. I tried to smile, but it was really weak.

‘How long…have I got?’

‘Don’t talk like that.’

‘Edward…how long have I got?’

I looked him right in the eyes as much as I could, just to get the answer I craved.

‘You have about six days left to live, according to Auntie Ashleigh. I’m sorry you have to go through this.’

‘Edward, I’m ready to…do this.’ I looked him in the eyes.

He stroked my cheek and that made me feel more relaxed. I wished my Jakey could be here.

‘Anyone you still want to see, Amelia?’

‘I’d like…to see Matt or…Jacob. I don’t mind…which…or both. I haven’t…seen them yet.’

Edward kissed my head and left my room. Feet ran up the stairs. Matt and Jacob both had run up to see me. They both looked tired and ragged.

‘Amy, how are you feeling?’ Matt sat on my left.

‘I’ve been…better. My speech…is getting…better.’ I was sounding stronger.

‘That’s good. We can hear it too. Where’s everyone else? Dad, John and Finley were with you.’ Jacob sat on my right and he felt my forehead, but he had to pull his hand away.

‘Isaac, Edward, Carter and Bradley…got them all into bed.’ I was getting happier with my progress in speaking.

‘You really have a hot head. Are you feeling ok?’ Jacob held my right hand.

‘I feel great. I don’t look it, but I feel like I could wrestle with Isaac and Ben at the same time.’ I had my speech back.

Matt’s bright red shirt had a big drink stain down his front. Jacob’s grass green shirt had little paint stains all over it. Then I saw a mark on both of them. A red circular shape was on the back of both their hands.

‘What have you been doing to get these?’ I pointed out the red marks on their hands.

‘They’re from the Falling Stars. They put those on our hands before we were put in the cells. All of us have them that were in the cells.’ Jacob stroked the one on his left hand with his right index finger.

I then looked Matt in the eyes. There was a deep pain in them.

‘You thought you’d lost me once I fell on the floor in that warehouse. Matt, I’m stronger than that. I could destroy a house in under a minute. I think I could take on some poison.’ I sat up in my bed.

Matt and Jacob looked really tired. They both had tired bags under their eyes.

‘Both of you get some rest. I’ll be fine. Just trust me.’ I winked at my family.

‘Are you sure?’ Matt was nervous.

‘I’m Amelia Thomas. Do I need to answer that?’ I laughed a little bit.

They both kissed my head and left to get some rest, although Jacob winked at me as he left. I got under the covers and lay my body on my right side and fell asleep.


The sunlight of the morning shone through the window onto my bed. My eyes fluttered open and saw how sunny the day was. Nothing was making any noise. I looked at my alarm clock on my bedside table. It was 06:00am. I swung my legs out of bed and found my joggers. I pulled them on and then got my violet TSB T-shirt on and my walking boots. I pulled my raincoat on as my jacket and peeked out to see if anyone was at the controls. No one was up yet. I was able to sneak downstairs to the controls. I checked the power levels were ok. They were at full bars. I seemed quite pleased with that.

‘Amy?’ A familiar voice was a bit surprised behind me.

I turned around to find Gemma looking right at me. She seemed quite tired, yet her stomach… looked different. It then occurred to me. Gemma’s sunset orange jumper was a little bit stretched over her stomach. Her jeans were baggy and her trainers were falling apart badly. That meant only one thing.

‘Gemma, are you pregnant?’ I whispered, not sure who knew.

‘How did you know? Not even Ben does.’ Gemma was in shock.

‘I’ve seen teachers like that at school and they’ve said they were and you’re starting to have the same shape. When are you telling him?’ I smirked.

‘I was planning to today. I just don’t know how.’ Gemma held her small bump.

‘Just get him to come with you for a walk. Then just tell him. He’ll notice with your food cravings…’ I gripped onto the controls.

‘Amy, what’s wrong?’ Gemma was worried.

‘It’s nothing…’ I gripped tighter.

‘I need to get Ruth.’ Gemma started leaving for her.

‘No. I’m fine.’ I was able to stand with no pain.

Gemma was worried. Fear rippled over her face as I looked her in the eyes. Feet ran down the stairs. Carter was then by my right side. His hair was messier than usual and his sky blue T-shirt was working well with his faded jeans, his black trainers and his navy jacket.

‘Amy, what are you doing up?’ Carter was worried.

‘I’m not being cooped up like a chicken in a hut until I die!’ I wasn’t pleased being stuck in my room.

‘Amy, you need to rest.’ Carter was just like Gemma, only different genders.

‘Just because I’m the youngest in the family, and dying, doesn’t mean I get treated like an animal needed to be locked away.’ I wasn’t pleased one bit.

‘Don’t be like this.’ Carter was nervous for his cousin’s safety on my own out there where the Falling Stars could get me.

‘I’m not being like anything. I’m just being me, Carter. I’m a fighter to the end.’ I said.

I got to the computer and started typing in things. Data was flashing across the screen. I knew what it meant. Carter tried to help me to my room, but I was having none of it.

‘Do I have to get Uncle Mark to get you to rest?’ Carter was ready to threaten anything.

‘No because I’m not going to rest. I’m going to fight this, just like everything else.’ I looked him right in the eyes.

He knew I wasn’t going to back down. Gemma sat down on the sofa and waited for everyone else to wake up. Then John’s door opened and shut. Feet ran down the stairs and John walked to my side, gently sliding his left hand into my right hand.

John’s jet black blazer floated behind him as he ran down the stairs. He was in the crisp black and white suit I had seen him in before that got me in trouble with both Jacob and Matt. The only change was his business shoes were replaced by scuffed trainers. His hair was a little bit messed up, but it was under control, just about.

‘Are you trying to scare us?’ John was in shock.

‘No. I’m doing my job, poison or no poison.’ I kept typing at the computer, releasing my hand that John held.

‘She won’t back down, John. She’s like Mark that way.’ Gemma sighed from the sofa.

Ben walked in and sensed the commotion. He saw Gemma sat on the sofa. He sat next to her and held one of her hands. Ben was also in a three piece suit. His crisp black shirt showed up well with his white tie and his shoes were his normal white trainers. His hair was sticking up everywhere, like he had had a rough night.

‘Gemma, what’s going on?’ Ben was confused.

‘Amy won’t rest.’ Gemma was starting to fidget with her free hand.

‘Gemma, what are you keeping from me?’ Ben raised an eyebrow.

Gemma stood up and pulled Ben with her. I stayed typing at the computer. Then something came out the printer. I collected it and read it. I then gripped onto the table with the printer on it. John supported me but I got out his grip and then fixed on my closest family member.

‘Amy, don’t you dare!’ John knew what I was going to do.

‘What don’t I dare?’ I smirked a little bit, teasing him like he always did to me.

Ben and Gemma came in, smirking. They seemed closer than a few seconds ago. I then just bolted towards the garage. I chucked a plastic chair in John’s way to stop him following me. I got to my Jeep and then it drove out the car park. I kept going until I was away from the base. My stomach tugged a little bit with pain joining it. I hoped John would forgive me.

‘Sorry Dad. I’m not going to become an animal in a cage.’ I then drove away, towards the coast, not realising who I was actually addressing as my Dad.


I had been driving for a long time, but I just pulled up at the warehouse. I shut my Jeep door and then I walked into the building. Slime rolled down the walls. Water trickled down from the ceiling and onto the floor, collecting in puddles. I just walked through the corridors, ignoring it all. Then the wallpaper started coming off the walls as I found Ashleigh and Isabel in the main room. Neither of them noticed me until I spoke.

‘I want a word with you, mother.’ I growled.

‘How are you able to stand?’ Ashleigh walked towards me, worried by my appearance.

‘I’m stronger than you think.’ I was getting angrier, knowing what our mother was up to.

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