Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


9. Lies Can Kill

Jacob looked deep into my eyes, hoping to get a reply from me, more than yesterday anyway.

‘Amy?’ Jacob asked, holding my left hand in his right hand.

I couldn’t speak. I gave the slip of paper to Jacob and he read it quickly. He gave it back and helped me up. I was still unsteady. Jacob then decided to support me in his arms. He carried me downstairs. I was placed on the white and sea blue checked sofa. I couldn’t even support myself. Jacob sat me upright so I could be checked over.

A woman with short black hair to her shoulders walked forward. Her uniform of a nurse was under her bark brown leather jacket. It was Ruth. She crouched next to me and looked me in the eyes, which blinked a lot to keep myself awake.

‘Amy, what’s wrong?’ Ruth’s eyes burned into my skull.

I couldn’t respond. Everyone was nervous. Matt stood near the door. Mark was near the front, ready to walk to me. I then gripped onto the sofa, visions of the crash on repeat in my head. Mark came and sat next to me. I then clenched my hand. Mark supported me, swapping from Jacob, who stood by Matt. He didn’t seem to notice the hold on his right hand get tighter.

‘Amy, what’s wrong?’ Mark was shaking.

I still couldn’t speak. I then released my grip. Mark then held onto me as I slipped sideward down the sofa, unconscious onto his shoulder. Matt and Jacob were frozen still. Edward walked over and pulled my hand off the sofa. Mark sighed deeply.

‘We’d better get her to rest.’ Mark helped Edward get me upstairs.

I stayed still in my bed as they laid me in my bed.


I woke from collapsing and I walked out and stood on the landing.

‘Amy, are you ok?’ Carter sighed, calling up to me.

‘Where’s Dad?’ I felt worried as the silence filled the base, no one sure what to say.

The four of them, Carter, Edward, Ben and Gemma, stayed quiet. I ran downstairs. I scrunched up my fists. I felt aggressive and ready to smash something.

‘WHERE IS HE?!’ I had blown like volcano, a snarl escaping my lips.

‘We… don’t know. He just left with your brothers.’ Ben was shaking.

I walked to the controls and found the radio. They had to try and stop me. Edward walked to me and whispered in my ear.

‘Let them do this. They know what they’re doing.’ Edward whispered.

I then typed in the correct number for Matt’s radio. I got a reply.

‘This is MT2, what’s wrong, base1?’ Matt’s voice cracked over the radio.

‘This is AT2, what do you think you’re playing at? Are you trying to break your sister in ten seconds flat?’ I growled.

‘Get off the radio.’

‘No Matthew. I won’t until you give me an answer!’

Matt then cut off the radio. I slammed the radio back in the cradle and ran off upstairs, slamming my bedroom door. I could hear my crying amplified through the corridor. I was crying my eyes out in my room all alone, no one coming to comfort me. My phone then vibrated in my pocket. I wiped my eyes and then pulled out my phone. It was an incoming text. I clicked a button and read the text. It read: SORRY ABOUT MATT. YOU HAVE TO STAY THERE WHEN BACKUP IS CALLED. YOU ARE OUR SECRET WEAPON. DON’T TELL ANYONE. WE ARE GOING TO SEATTLE. YOUR JAKEY xxx

I then almost dropped my phone. I knew what I had to do. I sent a text back to Jacob and it then was delivered. I put my phone in my pocket and then pulled my sky blue raincoat off. I then pulled my satchel bag over my head so it sat at my hip, then pulled my raincoat back on, and then left my room.

I dashed down towards the controls. My bag vibrated as I got there. I pulled out my phone. It was a text. I clicked a button. It read: MATT SENDING TEXT TO EDWARD. YOU HAVE TO ACT HURT YOU HAVE TO STAY BEHIND. THEN JUST WAIT FOR MY SIGNAL. SEE YOU SOON, AMELIA. :) YOUR JAKEY xxx

I smiled. Then Edward ran in, looking worried. I knew he had gotten Matt’s text.

‘Edward, what’s going on?’

‘We have to go. They need backup.’ Edward grabbed his Jeep keys.

‘You don’t me in that “we” do you?’

‘Don’t be like this on me.’

‘Edward, they’re my brothers and my Dad. I can help them!’

I was fooling Edward easily. Edward was worried now. He held me close, trying to calm me down from my faked anger. I pushed him away and walked to the controls and scowled at them, making Edward feel even worse.

‘Amy, we have to go. You’ll be fine here. Just stay here.’ Then Edward was gone.

I then pulled my phone out again, to text Jacob. Then I put my phone away once the text was sent and got one of the radios working. I was ready to give directions.

‘JT, come in!’ I was getting worried.

There had been no reply for ages. Then I got out my phone and tried to ring someone.

‘Where are you?’

‘This is Cameron Thomas. Sorry I can’t pick up my phone right now. I must be saving the World. Leave your message after the beep!’ Cameron’s voicemail bleeped.

‘Cameron, answer your phone! The family has gone to Seattle to face the Falling Stars. I can’t get hold of anyone! I need you to get to the base as soon as you can. This is Amy Thomas.’ I hung up.

A package was sat on the table near to the controls. Its chocolate brown paper was in a slim box shape. It sent shivers down my spine. Something niggled at the back of my brain to leave it alone. I was even sure I heard John’s voice in my head telling me to leave it.

‘That wasn’t there before.’

I looked at the name printed on the top. It had my name on the top. I then opened it. Inside was a box with a massive red dot on the lid. I pulled the lid off. Wires plugged into it. It was connected to the controls. I knew what that meant. I then was knocked off my feet. I grabbed my bag and radio. A gut instinct told me to collect the photograph frame off the mantel piece so I shoved it in my satchel. Then I grabbed my Jeep keys from the wall and ran towards my Jeep. It was still there. The building kept shaking. I drove straight out and then the building crumbled. I was shaking. I couldn’t control myself. Then I pulled out my phone again. I called another person.

‘Jacob, what’s going on?’

‘Hey, this is Jacob Thomas. Sorry I can’t pick up right now. If you can’t get to me, try my lovely sister, Amy. She knows how to contact me easily. Just leave your message after the beep!’ Jacob’s voicemail beeped.

‘Jacob Thomas, when you get this, ring back, please! The base has collapsed and I only just made it out. I don’t know what to do. Just please contact me. This is Amy Thomas!’ I hung up.

I then almost broke into tears. The radio was sat on the passenger seat on my left. I then remembered what Jacob’s voicemail had said.

She knows how to contact me easily. Jacob, you’re a genius!’

I pulled out a little machine with letters on, the size of a harmonica. Then I started typing in a message. I then clapped my hands together and the machine bleeped as the message disappeared. I decided to go somewhere safe, so I was driving in my Jeep. It was swerving round all the corners on the road. I didn’t know where I was driving, but wherever it was, it wasn’t where I wanted to be. A big house then pulled into view. Its bright windows with the white rim around them shone in the sunlight. The bright orange door stood out like a sore thumb. Then something moved the curtain on the second floor of the house. I pulled up and then parked in front of the pomegranate red garage door.

Someone opened the front door. Their brown hair flowed past their shoulders. They were older than me, about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, yet we looked a little bit similar. Their grass green jacket flowed over her shoulders over her skin pink T-shirt. Her skinny jeans suited her as she saw me get out the Jeep.

‘Amy, what’s going on?’

‘Kate, where’s Isaac and Cameron?’

‘They’re inside. What’s happened?’

‘Something’s gone wrong.’

I was led into the bright house by Kate. A man with spiky hair at the top of his head was playing a shooting game with a man younger than him, yet they looked similar. They were shooting at other soldiers coming at them. It was Cameron and Isaac. I pointed to the plug. Kate got the message. She walked to the plug by the screen and turned it off.

‘KATE!’ The men whined.

‘Stop whining. We have company.’ Kate looked at me.

Cameron looked at me. He almost jumped in his seat seeing me in his house.

‘Amy? What’s wrong?’ Cameron was nervous now.

‘Cameron, something’s going on. Dad, Matt and Jacob left to Seattle and then called for backup, but I was requested to stay behind. A package was left on the table for me and then the base exploded. I couldn’t get hold of anyone, but I managed to message Jacob using the harmonica code creator. Then I just came here as quickly as I could.’ I explained.

‘Is everyone else on that mission?’ Isaac seemed sad to miss out on the mission.

‘Yes, Isaac. That’s why we’re the only ones here and the others are on the mission. Something is going on to disturb what is happening now. Did you notice last night what happened in the sky?’ I was starting to fidget.

‘No. What went wrong?’ Kate was nervous now.

‘The stars were disappearing. Dad was acting weird too. He was acting kind of shifty, like he was hiding something from me.’ I looked at the floor.

Kate walked to me and then held me close. Kate was like a mother to me, since Ashleigh wasn’t around to be there. Kate sat me down on the two seat cream leather sofa and then looked me in the eyes. She wanted me to trust her more than ever.

‘We’ll sort this out. We can do this together. We can win.’ Kate was so optimistic.

‘You don’t know who we’re dealing with.’ I started shaking again.

‘Then tell us so we can help you.’ Cameron smiled with encouragement.

‘It’s... the Falling Stars.’ I blurted out.

‘I’ve heard about them! They were against The 24 when we were trying to get you, but then I met you. They can be mad and mischievous when they want to be. Do you think they’re behind this?’ Cameron was now shaking.

‘We can beat them, can’t we?’ Isaac was waiting for a fight.

‘I don’t know. It depends who hired them to finish our family if we can’t contact anyone. Have you tried Jacob again?’ Cameron seemed to know more than he was letting on.

‘Cameron, how many times have you come across the Falling Stars exactly?’ I looked him in the eyes.

‘Oh. I’ve met them about ten times. They almost knocked Dominic unconscious when we came across them before we started gathering your family.’ Cameron sighed, still shaking.

‘Then let’s get them back! They want to mess with our family, but they haven’t thought about us four very well, have they?’ Isaac was eager to go.

‘Hold it, tiger. We don’t know how bad they can be and what their instructions are. We have to wait a bit. We can then go to Seattle and find them.’ I sighed.

Isaac then walked to the doorframe. A coded panel of shiny new silver with a pad of numbers one to nine showed up in the doorframe. Isaac then typed in the code of 1642. Then the wall by the backdoor transformed into a dark wooden wall covered in guns and protective gear, such as bulletproof jackets and machine guns. Isaac then pulled off the sub-machine gun from the middle of the wall. Its shine was almost blinding. Then he picked up the ammunition for the gun and then found his bulletproof jacket.

‘Let’s go and kick some butt!’ Isaac grinned.

Kate then grabbed her bulletproof jacket and Cameron’s bulletproof jacket too. She chucked the jacket to him and Cameron caught it. He pulled it on under his coat and Kate then pulled her rose red jacket over her bulletproof jacket. The coat fitted her and even through the jacket, it made her shape look flattering. Kate picked up the pistol off the wall and then looked at me, sympathy for my pain in her eyes.

I was so quiet Cameron had thought I’d left the room. I then pulled out my phone. There were no messages at all. Then I felt my phone vibrate. I looked at the screen. It was Jacob. My heart almost leaped out my rib cage. I answered the call.


Cameron, Kate and Isaac froze on the spot. Isaac almost dropped the sub-machine gun onto the sea blue tiled floor.

‘Amy! Thank goodness you’re ok!’ Jacob was laughing.

‘Where are you? What happened?’

‘We were all captured by the Falling Stars and then we were somehow knocked out. I managed to free myself, but everyone else is still in there. I got your phone messages and they scared me to hell. I’m heading for the base. Are you still there?’

‘No. You can’t go to the base.’

‘Why? Amy, what’s happened?’

‘Jacob, the base was blown up. I found a package with my name on. It was a bomb and the base crumbled. I was almost trapped inside. I told you that in your sleeve message.’

‘Are you ok? Where are you now?’

‘I’m ok. I’m with Kate, Isaac and Cameron at their house. Come as quickly as you can.’

Cameron held his hand out for my phone. I handed the phone over.

‘Jacob, where are you now?’ Cameron was getting angry.

Cameron then sat on the sofa. He looked dumbstruck. Kate sat next to him and then Cameron dropped the phone. Luckily, Kate caught it and held it to her ear.

‘Jacob, just get here as quickly as you can so you can explain what is going on. What did you say to my Dad?’ Kate sighed.

She heard the reply and gave it back to me. Jacob was still there.

‘Jacob, just please get here as quickly as you can.’

‘I’ll try to get there. I’ll see you in a while. I love you, Amy.’

I was hung up on by Jacob. I wasn’t sure what to do now.

‘AT2, come in.’ my radio buzzed.

‘This is AT2, what’s up, JT?’

‘There’s a white van on my tail. How can I lose them, over?’

‘Try the spin technique. It should work, over.’

I could hear tires screech under some sort of pressure. Then Jacob’s laugh came through the radio. He was in one piece.

‘I’m on my way to you, over and out.’ Jacob laughed.

‘That’s Jacob for you.’ Cameron laughed.

‘I wish it wasn’t.’ I sighed, sitting on the sofa.

Kate sat on my right, trying to comfort my fear for Jacob. A knock echoed on the door. Isaac went and opened the door.

‘Isaac.’ Jacob’s voice sounded exhausted.

‘Hello Cousin!’ Isaac laughed.

Jacob walked into the hallway, Isaac shutting the door behind him. Isaac walked into the living room, leading Jacob in, and Kate was sat on the sofa with a shaking me. Cameron was by the wooden wall covered in weapons. I looked up and saw my brother, still intact. I stood up and ran to him. We both hugged each other and then he kissed my lips once, making my heart drum again. He looked me in the eyes. My green eyes wouldn’t let his go.

‘How’s my little sister then?’ Jacob laughed.

‘You scared me half to death just running off and you contacting me on the radio about the white van behind you. Just please, don’t scare me like that again.’ I sighed, holding onto him.

‘You can try, but you can’t make promises that you won’t get followed.’ Cameron smirked.

‘Thanks for looking after her, Uncle Cameron.’ Jacob smiled.

‘She’s my Niece. It’s not as if I’d abandon her is it, especially with Kate and Amy being so close.’ Cameron said.

Jacob then looked at Kate who nodded and then he looked at Isaac, ready to shoot someone or something down. Cameron just looked calm and ready to sort this out, hoping not to have to use weapons or violence. I then stood by the backdoor, looking out onto the fresh green grass out the back to the garden. I wanted my family together again, including John and Finley and Harriet. I needed to find out the truth of this World, just like I had to last year.

‘Are we ready to go and kick some Falling Stars backside?’ Isaac was itching to shoot them.

‘Ok. Jacob, take Amy in your Jeep. Isaac and Kate, you’re with me in Amy’s Jeep. Jacob, can you lead us there?’ Cameron was good at this co-ordinating malarkey.

Jacob and Kate nodded. Isaac just grinned like he’d just found a bone he’d buried. We all left to the Jeeps. Jacob got into the driving seat and I sat in the back on the left, opposite Jacob, since these Jeeps were British. Cameron got into the driving seat with Isaac next to him and Kate behind Isaac. We all sped off, towards Seattle. We sped quickly round corners, hoping not to see the white van that was after Jacob before when he tried to escape.

‘JT, how far have we got to go before we get to the warehouse, over?’ Cameron sighed down the radio.

‘CT, we have to get to Seattle. That’s where everyone else was being held. I don’t know what happened to the rest of us, but we have to figure it out quickly, over.’ Jacob sighed, hoping something might just explain what was going on.

I fixed on the road. Then I noticed something. A man in a black and white crisp three-piece suit was stood in the desert, looking right at me. He seemed familiar to me. His brunette hair was the same as mine but shorter to his neck, yet blowing gently in the slight wind outside. His blue eyes stared out at me from a distance, suddenly winking at me. He looked like me as well. I looked at Jacob and found he looked like that man in the suit.

When I looked back, the man was gone. I then started to breathe heavily. Jacob then glanced quickly at me. I felt like I’d seen a ghost. My hands shook in my lap. I was scared of what I’d just seen. Was that my family? I just hoped the answer wouldn’t cause more trouble.

‘Are you alright?’

‘I... I don’t know. I thought I saw something in the desert, but there’s nothing out here for miles.’

‘What do you think you saw?’

‘I saw a man in a suit.... He reminded me of you and Matt.... He looked like the man in the picture with you, Matt and Dad on the mantel piece in the base, which I somehow managed to grab.’

I pulled out a picture in a silver frame from my satchel. The picture was of one woman, two men and two boys. The boys were at least in their late teens. Ashleigh was stood, holding hands with Mark. Mark was stood with a man that looked familiar. The familiar man was Matt. One of the boys looked familiar as well. It was Jacob. The last boy was sat, cross legged, on a picnic matt in a park. His brunette hair and blue eyes stung into my head. The crisp black and white three-piece suit was the same as on that man she saw in the desert. Then I flipped the frame round and pulled off the back.

I found some writing on the back, saying: Mark, Ashleigh, Matt, Jacob and John Thomas in Hyde Park, London on Ashleigh’s birthday.

‘Amy, what’s wrong?’ Jacob brought me back to reality.

‘I had another older brother. Jacob, where’s John?’

Jacob then sped up. I knew I’d said the wrong thing. I put the photograph back in, then placed the back on the frame and then just sat in silence once it was back in my satchel. Something was disturbing Jacob’s thoughts, just with that one name. John Thomas. I needed him.

‘AT2, what’s going on, over?’ Kate was on the radio.

‘Jacob’s gotten angry and when he’s angry, he speeds up when he’s behind the wheel. I don’t know what it is. I just wanted to know why I thought I saw John Thomas, over.’

I could hear the radio almost dropped by Kate.

‘John Thomas? Was he a bit younger than Jacob, over?’

‘Yeah…did you know him, over?’

‘Amy, he’s been dead for years. He died when you were only seven. He had to look after you when Matt and Jacob with Mark and Ashleigh were at work, saving the day. He went out to get some milk from the store and then he didn’t come back. Someone had driven their car into the side of John and he died in hospital. His last words were for you to look out for him. No one knew what that meant, over.’

‘It was a van! John wasn’t the only one in that car! How did you know, over?’

‘I was the nurse that he was treated by. He died whilst I tried to keep him alive. I tried to explain to Cameron what had happened, but he didn’t listen. Then he met you and got the true end of the story. You had that locket with John’s picture in as your seventh birthday present. It was the last time you saw him, since Ashleigh only let John go and see you. So he took everyone’s gifts. The only thing was, once John died, no one was allowed to see you. What did you mean by he wasn’t the only one in the car, over?’

We pulled into the front car park of the warehouse. The grey walls were peeling their paint onto the floor, yet they were brand new. Then the sun shone onto the building. There was one problem though. The sun was going down the wrong way.

‘Jacob, something’s wrong!’ I was nervous.

‘You brought up our dead brother! Of course something’s wrong! Dad told us not to speak about him!’ Jacob started having a go at me.

‘Jacob, calm down.’ Cameron placed a hand on his shoulder.

‘No! She brought up my brother who I always miss! How can you say calm down? I’ve had to fill his place cuz he died!’ Jacob snapped.

‘Jacob, I’m not talking about that! I’m -!’ I tried to explain.

‘I don’t care!’ Jacob interrupted.

I looked at my brother and then felt something flow down my spine. It made me feel uncomfortable. Then I felt tears ready to pour down my cheeks. Kate walked to me and held me close. I broke Kate’s grip.

‘What’s up?’ Kate looked me in the eyes.

‘Look at the sun.’ I looked at the ground.

Cameron and Isaac looked. They were confused.

‘It’s setting on the wrong side. It’s going the wrong way!’ I pointed at it.

‘How is that possible?’ Jacob was confused.

‘We have to investigate now!’ I then looked at Jacob, my anger building.

I then ran towards the door. It was bolted shut. Kate had to run after me. Kate then pulled out a lipstick in the shade of red apples.

‘How is that going to help?’

‘Amelia Thomas, watch and learn. Try and find the hinges of the doors. We’re going to blow them off.’ Kate laughed.

I found all four. Kate swiped her lipstick over all four. Then something was hissing like something was melting. The doors were creaking. We moved back and then the doors fell flat with a mighty THUMP on the ground. Kate and I just laughed.

‘Are we ready?’ Kate looked at Jacob.

‘Let’s go before we get company.’ Isaac didn’t like this place.

We all walked in. Jacob was staying with Cameron and Isaac. Kate kept an eye on me. Something was creaking in the building. A loud BANG and creaking like a chair being dragged echoed down the corridor. Purple paint was peeling off the walls and the ceilings. Water dripped into puddles on the floor. Then a sound like a scream echoed.

‘What was that?’ Kate was nervous.

‘It sounded like…Sophie!’ I remembered that scream from before.

It was Sophie’s. I then ran down the corridor alone, took a right and then a left. I peeped through the window in the grey door and then I was pulled back by someone. I looked at them and saw it was the man in the crisp black and white three-piece suit.

‘It’s you. John?’ I looked into the brunette haired man’s blue eyes.

‘Shh. I can’t stay long. You must be ready to fight. Something is coming to break you apart, but I can’t let them do it. You have to be ready for anything. Call for me when you need me.’ John smirked and then kissed my left cheek.

I shut my eyes for one second and then he was gone. The four of them just reached me. I stopped them and got each of them to look through the window as I rang Matt.

‘Matt! Thank goodness you’re ok! Are you in a cell?’ I had been able to get through.

‘Yes. Where are you?’

‘I’m here too. Matt, please don’t hate me for what I have to say. I saw John.’

‘He’s dead! Why do you have to bring him up?’

‘I can’t help what I saw!’ I pleaded, hoping to save Matt and the family once more.

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