Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


13. Everything Always Has Consequences

I tried to fix on John’s face as he tried to care for me. It was back to the start again when I was seven years old. I was glad I had him with me.

‘Yeah, you know how I am.’ I smirked.

John kissed my head and then winked at me as he left to get a drink for me. I then sat up in bed and got up. I pulled on my trainers and then I looked to see if the coast was clear to leave my room. No one was around. I walked downstairs and sat by the window, overlooking the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium.

Sand was everywhere. It looked like a desert. Pummels of sand and dust created mini-tornadoes of sand, ready to get in people’s eyes. No noise disturbed the landscape. No cars or anything. No animals were moving around. The sky was blue and cloudless. This was the way I hoped it would be like in the sky back in the UK. That was my home, just like being with Jacob and John was my home too.

‘It’s not quite like home, is it?’ Mark stood over me and made me jump.

‘Dad, don’t do that!’ I laughed as I was glad to see Mark in one piece.

‘It’s beautiful though, isn’t it? It’s nothing like the UK, but it’s a home.’ Mark looked so far away, thinking of the country both of us originate from.

‘Dad, how did you repaint me somewhere else on my wall in my room and manage to paint John, Finley and Bradley onto my wall? It must have taken ages.’

‘It did. It took me a good few hours to make you look just like the one you painted and then do the names as closely to your writing as possible and then cover the old painted you that was on the wall. How did you know it was me?’

I pulled out a yellow sticky note with one word on it: DAD. Mark smirked at that and he knew who put that there.

‘Your brother Jacob can be quite mischievous, can’t he?’ Mark laughed.

‘Is she meant to be up, Dad?’ John came over with my glass of water.

‘She wanted to see the landscape.’ Mark laughed.

‘Yeah, thanks, John.’ I was handed the glass, smirking at him for being more caring than the others were about my condition.

I took the glass, not knowing the consequence of the drink my closest family member had given me. I drank the drink carefully, not knowing if it would help. Something felt weird with my systems. It was as if I was getting stronger. I left the drink for a bit and felt weaker. I drunk and got stronger. I was getting better!

‘Mum really had no idea what poison she was using.’ I smirked.

‘She didn’t know what she was doing to us most of the time.’ Mark growled.

‘Mum said there was no antidote, but there is.’ I looked at John, smiling.

‘What are you looking at me like that for?’ John raised an eyebrow.

‘You’re the one who gave me the antidote, bimbo.’ I rolled my eyes.

‘The water was the antidote?’ John grinned.

‘Yeah, she had no idea. Now you won’t get rid of me so easily.’ I smirked.

I drunk the rest of the water and stood up. I didn’t wobble or anything. I then grinned and winked at Mark and John, before I ran upstairs.

‘You know what she’s going to do.’ Mark laughed.

‘Yeah, I’d better get to her first before she gets too mischievous.’ John smirked.

‘She’s always mischievous, John, always has been and always will be.’ Mark chuckled.

John looked where I went. I’d run into his room. John ran after me and then my laugh echoed round the building. Mark just sighed deeply.

‘I guess my kids don’t change, no matter what they go through.’ Mark laughed as he walked to John’s room.

Mark pushed the door open and found me over John’s shoulder, laughing. All of John’s things were all over the floor. Mark just laughed as John put me down.

‘You’d better help him tidy up, Amelia.’ Mark laughed.

‘Not so fast.’ I then bolted out of his room and left to talk to Jacob.

‘She’s a funny one.’ Mark laughed.

‘Yeah, but she’s our funny one.’ John laughed.

‘I heard that!’ I called from Jacob’s room, popping my head out of the doorway.

Mark and John just laughed at that fact. Mark helped his son tidy his room. John did a mini-salute at his father and then walked into Jacob’s room.

‘Has she been any mischief yet?’ John sat next to his brother.

‘Not one bit, which is quite unlike her.’ Jacob smirked.

‘Thanks for ganging up on your sister and the youngest in the family, guys.’ I loved my sarcasm.

‘It’s our pleasure, Amelia.’ John laughed.

‘What are you planning? If it’s anything about doing something to me, I wouldn’t.’ I stood up and held two expensive looking phones in my hand: two iPhones.

‘How did you get our phones?’ Jacob was in dismay, patting his jeans pocket that had held his phone.

I just smirked and ran to my room. John ran after me and got me round the waist whilst we were on the landing. I still wouldn’t give up the phones.

‘Give me the phones!’ John laughed.

‘No!’ I laughed and then broke his grip.

I almost made it to my room, but John grabbed me again and Jacob followed him into my room. They both got me pinned down and they tried to tickle me to give them the phones.

‘I haven’t got them!’ I laughed.

‘Who has then?’ Jacob laughed.

‘NOT ME!’ I still got tickled for it.

‘Who has our phones?’ John sighed, gently brushing his fingers over my stomach to warn me he would tickle me more.

‘Dad…’ I got my breath back.

They both stopped and I was still out of breath and I got off my bed. I looked at the painting on the wall and noticed something.

‘The picture’s changed. The sun is on the other side. NO!’ I snatched Jacob and John’s iPhones from the table.

I ran out of my room and straight to the controls. I found the main controls and started typing things in. Words flashed over the screen.

‘Words win wars, especially ones like this!’ I then pushed the big red button.

Everything shook like an earthquake. The sunlight faded and then the lights came on. The sun was on the right side. I had done it.

‘I saved Earth once again.’ I sighed, relief spreading through me.

‘Now you’ve done that, give us our phones!’ Jacob was right behind me.

‘ISAAC!’ I called.

Isaac came out his room and I gave him the two iPhones. He knew what to do.

‘Amy, come here!’ Jacob chased me along the corridor.

‘Stop running in the corridor!’ Mark called.

We both stopped and I was held against the wall. He then kissed my lips, teasing me that he loved me more than I thought he did. He pulled away and chucked me over his shoulder. I just laughed like I did every time I was caught by my siblings. Jacob took me back to my room and John was ready. Jacob placed me on the bed and John sat on my left. He wanted his phone back as soon as possible.

‘Where are our phones?’ John raised an eyebrow.

‘Isaac.’ I smirked.

John nodded to Jacob, who left to go and get them from Isaac. John kept an eye on me, just in case I pulled out any tricks. I walked to the wall with everyone painted onto it. I touched the face of the painted John. He looked just like the actual John. Finley did actually look like his actual self as well.

‘Amelia Thomas, the girl who likes fighting us just to do the right thing, rather than what we think will work and then just do it anyway.’ John walked to me and held me to him by my waist, pulling me into his left side.

‘That’s me, John. Now what’s your secretive little plan that you have here?’ I could see right through him.

‘You’ll have to wait and see if Jacob gets our phones back.’ John laughed.

‘You always say things like that!’ I rolled my eyes.

A piece of paper floated in through the window. I caught it and read it.

It read:


I’m sorry you had to go through this because of me. Please forgive me. If you’re still alive, I would like to see you every month in the hospital. I’m sorry what I put you through.


Ashleigh Thomas xxx

I was in shock. John tried to walk to me but I ran out of my room to the unoccupied controls. I tried to hold it together and then I knew what I had to do.

A pile of plain sheets of paper was sat on the table with the controls on. I grabbed a sheet and scribbled something. I left it on the table and grabbed my hung up coat and my Jeep car keys. I got in my Jeep and started the engine. It roared to life and then I drove off, ready to see what Ashleigh Thomas wanted.

‘I’m sorry, John.’ I knew he was something more to me than a brother now, as if he was a brother in the first place.


The white five storey building with small windows stood in front of me in the city centre of Brussels, as the base was on the outskirts. The Jeep was parked behind me in the empty car park. I then walked into the building, not sure what to expect. Then it hit me.

Red flowers were painted on the walls and were in vases everywhere, making the room smell of coffee and flowers mixed together, which wasn’t that nice a smell for my nose. The desk was white as snow with an Asian woman on the desk in the light blue nurse’s uniform. Her smile seemed welcoming towards me so I could know I was in the right place. I walked to the desk and the woman’s jet black hair tumbled down onto the desk. Her chocolate brown eyes fixed on me as I approached, but her stare unnerved me a little.

‘How can I help you, honey?’ The woman’s accent sounded like some kind of forced French into English accent.

‘I’m here to see my mother.’

‘What’s her name, honey?’ The woman smiled.

‘Ms Ashleigh Thomas. I have a note from her if you want it, saying she wants me here.’

‘She’s in her room, if you’ll come with me, honey?’

The woman stepped off her chair and she was easily six foot. She led me down the corridor to the right of the Reception and down two or three corridors, crammed full of patients and doctors trying to get them into their rooms. Then the woman stopped. She pointed to the room on the end. I was to go this alone, as if Ashleigh wasn’t a threat to me.

The door was snow white, just like everything else in that building, even the floor was snow white. I walked towards the room which the woman had pointed to. The door was unlocked. I walked in and saw a woman with dark brown hair to her shoulders. She looked like me.

‘Mum?’ I took a step closer to Ashleigh.

Ashleigh turned around and smiled, a plan being hatched as soon as she turned around.

‘Amelia. Are you on your own?’ Ashleigh looked worried.

‘Dad wouldn’t have understood. He’s not exactly the expert with my behaviour, even though he has a Doctorate in Behavioural Differences.’ I sighed deeply, wishing I’d brought John with me now, or Jacob at least.

‘Amy, I’m glad you came here. I felt so bad that I almost killed you with that poison. How did you survive it?’ Ashleigh walked to me and held my hands.

‘John brought me a glass of water. I drank it and I got stronger. I stopped and I got weaker. The antidote was water.’ I confessed.

Ashleigh hugged me tightly and I hugged her back. She laughed at that.

‘I thought you said you wouldn’t trust me again?’ Ashleigh raised an eyebrow.

‘That was only if John, Jacob, Uncle Cameron and Isaac hadn’t made it from your friends marching into the base, which they did.’ I rolled my eyes.

Ashleigh glanced at her bedside table. I knew what that meant. I turned to the door, ready to leave. My feet started leading me towards the door.

‘They didn’t disarm you… YOU STILL HAVE-!’ I tried to speak, but she covered my mouth.

I tried to fight the grip around my mouth and waist. I trod on Ashleigh’s right foot and I managed to break free. I leaned against the wall, not looking at her.

‘Never do that to your own daughter, Ashleigh Thomas!’

Ashleigh didn’t notice I had my phone out, sending a text to someone who could hopefully help me in this situation. The text was sent and then I sneaked my phone back in my pocket before facing Ashleigh again. I just hoped he’d be quick enough before Ashleigh struck.

‘I’m sorry. I…this place get some crazy ideas into our heads. We can’t stop it. It hurts when they do things like that.’ Ashleigh lied through her teeth.

‘I don’t believe you. You’re using that tone again. That tone you used, it always meant that you had done something you shouldn’t have and that you lie. I can’t take it when people lie to me, but my own mother? You’re meant to trust me!’ I was getting angry.

I started walking out, giving up on her. She got behind me and hit me hard on the head with the butt of the gun. I fell sideward into the wall, leaving a blood stain on the wallpaper. I couldn’t get up. Ashleigh grabbed me and yanked me to my feet. I was then tied to a chair and had material tied round the back of my head by her, the person who had brought me up from the age of seven years old, when John disappeared.

‘Now you’ll understand what you put me through.’ Ashleigh chuckled.

I screamed through the material, so it was really muffled. Feet ran towards us. Jacob led Matt, John and Finley into the room and then they saw the chaos. Ashleigh held her gun, the Automatic that she threatened me with earlier in the base, aimed right at my chest. A trickle of blood was running down the side of my head. There was a splatter of blood on the white walls. All of them looked nervous, John and Jacob especially.

‘Mom, put the gun down.’ John was good with confrontations.

‘Why should I? She’s the reason I’m in here! If it wasn’t for her, we would be better off! She should have died from that poison!’ Ashleigh snarled, fixing on John.

I just felt very dizzy. I couldn’t fix on anything. John had our mother distracted so Jacob sneaked round to me and untied me. My eyes tried to fix on him. He removed the material. Mark just walked in and saw what Ashleigh had done. He walked to stand next to John, Matt and Finley.

‘Put it down, Ashleigh. This isn’t you.’ Mark sighed, hoping to convince his ex-wife.

Mark then glanced at me with Jacob. I was weak and beaten badly. He noticed the blood splatters on the wall. I wasn’t in the best shape, to be honest.

‘Why did you hurt her? She’s our daughter!’ Mark was worried what she might do with that gun.

‘She’s gotten in the way! She is the reason I’m in this place!’ Ashleigh snarled.

‘Jakey…’ I struggled.

‘I’m here, Amy.’ Jacob helped me to stand up.

Finley walked to us and helped Jacob to support me.

‘Do you see what you’ve done?’ Mark was getting calmer by the minute.

‘I see she’ll be a better person now she knows that I can get her back.’ Ashleigh grinned like she had a great idea to end this quickly.

I fell to my knees. Finley and Jacob struggled to get through to me. Matt walked over and then I screamed out in pain. None of them with me could stop me screaming out. Ashleigh laughed with an evil cackle mixing in with it. Mark walked to her and snatched the gun from her. His anger had just burst through his calm front. John glared at Mark, trying to calm him.

‘WHAT DID YOU DO?!’ Mark yelled in her face.

‘I did what the Falling Stars and The 24 failed to do to your daughter. She’s no daughter of mine.’ Ashleigh glared at me.

I curled into a tight ball and didn’t release myself. I wasn’t coming out any time soon.

‘Amy, please!’ Finley pleaded.

I started to let my tears flow. Ashleigh saw the extent that she had pushed me. That only made her grin even more. Mark was shaking with anger. John tried to calm him down, but he had to shoot a look at Matt to help calm Mark down, since Matt was the eldest of the sons and who had been with both Mark and Ashleigh the longest.

‘Dad, please don’t. Stop this for Amy.’ Matt looked at his father in the eyes.

Mark gave in. He looked at me, broken on the floor. Ashleigh just burst out laughing with a hint of madness rubbed into it, no matter how she laughed.

‘Amelia Thomas won’t be able to stay out of a hospital like this one, just like me!’ Ashleigh started sounding mad.

I stopped crying. I fought my own body to stand up, but I slid a little across the floor. I tried again and then supported myself on the arm of a chair.

‘You may need this place, but I dont!’ I felt my tear streaks down my face with the puffy eyes from crying.

‘You dare to fight back?’ Ashleigh snarled.

‘Yeah, you got a problem with that, mother?’ I fixed on Ashleigh.

Ashleigh searched for her gun, but Mark had taken it off her earlier when he had come into the room. Mark waved the gun at her, just to get on her nerves, with a smirk on his face.

‘Give me my gun!’ Ashleigh turned on Mark.

‘No.’ Mark smiled.

Ashleigh snarled like a bear at intruders to its cave. Mark wasn’t scared one bit. I scanned the room and I almost collapsed into the chair as I saw my own blood on the wall.

‘Ashleigh, just calm down and we’ll sort this out.’ Mark was ready to negotiate.

‘Not whilst she’s alive.’ Ashleigh growled.

I heard that and stood by myself. I let go of the chair and I could stand pretty well for being hit round the head. Jacob was ready to catch me if I fell.

‘Why did you hit me with your gun?’ I sighed, trying to steady myself.

‘I wanted you out of my life and this family’s life!’ Ashleigh pulled another gun out of her jacket.

It was aimed at me. I didn’t flinch or move. I just closed my eyes. I knew this wasn’t going to end well. Jacob’s breathing got faster stood behind me. John was shaking, shaking his head.

‘Do it then, Mum. You want me dead, so shoot me!’ my right hand was shaking against my leg, seeing my family in pieces now Ashleigh would try and kill me again.

Ashleigh smiled at the invitation. She aimed the gun and then she fired it. I crumpled to the floor as the bullet hit my stomach. Ashleigh screamed out in pain. She dropped the gun. I didn’t move, other than breathing and my heart beating. I didn’t even scream out. Jacob ran right to me and held my body up.

‘What have you done?!’ Jacob yelled at his mother.

‘I got rid of our family problem.’ Ashleigh became weak and broken all over again.

Footsteps marched down the corridor towards them. They walked in and saw the gun at Ashleigh’s feet. They saw me lying on the floor. Finley ran to my side, checking the pulse in my right hand. The Police marched over to Ashleigh and two of them grabbed her.

‘Ashleigh Thomas, you’re under arrest for the attempted murder of Amelia Thomas and the kidnap of the Thomas family and the murder of Roger Thomas. Anything you do say will be given as evidence, do you understand?’ The Head Police officer growled.

‘Yes Officer.’ Ashleigh looked at the floor.

They led her out and the Head Police officer was left with Mark’s sons, Mark and I.

‘Mr Mark Thomas?’ The Policeman raised an eyebrow.

‘That’s me, Officer.’ Mark was worried.

‘We’ll be taking her to court for tomorrow at our court room. We would appreciate it if you could bring your family with you. Could Miss Amelia Thomas give evidence?’ The Policeman smirked at me.

I gasped and sat up. No blood had been spilled from the shot.

‘I certainly can, Super Intendant.’ I smirked.

‘Amy?’ Mark let a smile spread over his face.

‘Did you really think I’d threaten her to shoot me if I hadn’t got my bulletproof vest on?’ I raised an eyebrow.

The police officer left and Jacob with Finley helped me up. They all just laughed.

‘Are you sure you want to do this?’ Mark looked me in the eyes, worried about me.

‘Yes. I can’t stop a criminal going to prison, even if it is my mother. She killed an innocent man and now she can go somewhere where she can be helped to sort herself out.’ I explained.

‘Let’s get this one home.’ John grinned.

‘No mischievous behaviour, boys.’ I smirked.

‘Aww, Amy!’ Matt, Jacob, John and Finley groaned.

‘I know you guys too well to know you like your little tricks.’ I was able to walk by myself to my Jeep.

We all looked back at the hospital. It was empty and dull. Then something we weren’t expecting happened. A strike of Lightning in the storm outside struck the hospital. The building started to collapse. Then the dust cloud evaporated. The building was now just a load of rubble in the centre of Brussels.

‘It’s a good thing I wasn’t caught in that!’ I was relieved I hadn’t caused it this time.

‘Come on.’ Mark smirked.

I was about to get in the driving seat of my Jeep when John stopped me.

‘No you don’t, Amelia.’ John smirked.

‘It’s my Jeep!’ I wasn’t pleased I couldn’t drive my own Jeep.

‘You just got shot. Why should we let you drive your Jeep?’ John held me close.

‘Now you’re just trying to wind me up.’ I sighed, not pleased with John’s decision.

‘What gave you that idea?’ John laughed.

‘You just proved my point.’ I said, discovering John’s plan.

John got me in the passenger seat of my Jeep and then he got into the driving seat. Finley got into the back of the Jeep. Mark, Matt and Jacob got into Jacob’s Jeep for them all to drive home.

‘John, can I ask you something?’ I sighed, hoping I’d get a proper answer.

‘Ask away, Amelia.’ John laughed.

‘Why did you, Finley and Bradley show up in the base before when I had my first briefing meeting as a spy?’ I looked behind at Finley.

‘We knew that we were needed to come and help you get to be the strongest spy you could, but we couldn’t intervene to help you just yet. John made contact first and then Bradley and I got involved when Bradley brought you to us away from John.’ Finley explained.

‘Oh boy…’ I felt broken, remembering something.

‘Amy, what aren’t you saying?’ John knew I was hiding something.

‘It’s nothing.’ I looked out my window, remembering what Ashleigh had arranged years ago.

‘Amelia?’ Finley knew just as well as John did.

‘Just drop it!’ I got annoyed just for a second.

‘We’re here if you need us.’ John sighed, not knowing the trauma incoming.

‘I’ll need more than that at the end of this.’ I murmured.

John and Finley heard that and they both knew something was wrong and they had to find out what it was. The silence became more awkward as we drove in the lead towards the base. As the Jeeps pulled into the car park, I just got out the Jeep and ran to my room. I slammed my door and locked it, cutting myself off from the family when I needed them most.

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