Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


14. Courts Change Everything

A knock echoed against my door. My thoughts were going crazy as I didn’t know who would be knocking on my door. I didn’t want to answer it, though.

‘Amy, it’s us, Kate and Carter, are you ok?’ Carter called through the door.

I didn’t reply, but I quickly unlocked the door and ran to the window. I could see Kate open the door and walk in with Carter by their reflection on the window. I decided to stand on the balcony, looking out at the sand lying still in the warm and calm weather. The sky was blue and cloudless.

‘Amy, what’s wrong?’ Kate stepped closer.

I leaned against the doorframe to the balcony. I felt broken, like something was eating away at my insides. I didn’t know how to tell them the truth I was stuck in.

‘Amy?’ Carter walked closer and stood next to me.

Tear streaks were still visible on my cheeks. My eyes felt a little bit puffy from crying. Carter turned me to face him. I just looked at the floor.

‘Amy, you’re scaring us here. What’s upsetting you?’ Carter finally got me to look at him.

Pain filled my heart. Something was definitely wrong. Carter and Kate were ready to find out what, but I wasn’t spilling that easily.

‘Amy?’ Kate helped Carter pull me over to the bed.

I was sat on my bed with Kate on my right and Carter on my left. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t want to get in trouble for what I had to say.

‘Amelia, this needs to be sorted out. What’s on your mind?’ Kate sounded scared for me.

‘Has this got something to do with Auntie Ashleigh?’ Carter started guessing.

I flinched at the name. I couldn’t speak. I didn’t know what to say.

‘Amy, what’s Ashleigh done?’ Kate sighed deeply.

‘Amy, you’ll be fine if you tell us. You can trust us.’ Carter squeezed my left hand.

‘You don’t understand what she’s done.’ I knew my life was in the balance once more.

I knew Ashleigh’s plan, but now it was up to the TSB to stop it now. It was out of my hands. I stood up and walked to my desk, holding the edges in my grip.

‘Amelia, what aren’t you saying?’ Kate struggled to take control of her voice, as it turned shaky.

‘If Mum gets sent down tomorrow in court, things will get worse. This is why I can’t explain this to Dad.’ I couldn’t even look at my cousins.

‘What’s she done?’ Carter walked closer to me.

‘If Ashleigh gets sent down, you won’t be able to see me again. She planned just before John had died that I would go into care and none of you would be able to see me, not even once. That would mean that Dad wouldn’t be able to see his youngest daughter ever again and I have to give evidence to send her down. This could be the biggest mistake I could ever make. You can’t even tell my Dad.’ I started shaking.

Carter hugged me and held me close. I felt a bit better, but I wished I wasn’t in this position.

‘We have to tell him about Auntie Ashleigh’s plan. This could make him say the right things and explain the situation that is bad for you, so we can change it into our favour.’ Carter rubbed my left arm from my shoulder to my elbow.

‘We have to tell him. We can fight together to keep you with us.’ Kate sounded so optimistic and ready to fight for anything.

‘Come on, we’ll be with you when we tell him.’ Carter smiled weakly at me.

‘Ok. You win.’ I gave in.

Carter led me out of my room and Kate walked behind us. We stopped on the landing and Mark looked up. John and Jacob were talking and both of them stared up at me, freaking out.

‘Uncle Mark, can we have a word?’ Kate called.

Mark walked upstairs and all four of us walked into Mark’s study. Kate shut the door behind us and then Carter sat me down. Mark looked worried what the problem could be.

‘What’s wrong, kids?’ Mark started shaking.

‘Ashleigh’s made a plan that would break this family, and it’s a big one.’ Kate explained.

‘Uncle Mark, Auntie Ashleigh has planned that if she ever goes to prison, Amy would go into care, even if you were still around. She doesn’t want to be put into care.’ Carter sighed deeply.

‘That’s understandable, but surely we can stop that?’ Mark tried to be optimistic.

‘I don’t know we can, Dad. It’s even in her Will when she dies. My future’s fixed if she goes down.’ I felt heartbroken, knowing I could lose my family again.

Mark walked to me and held me close. I just wanted to scream out at everything.

‘We’ll sort this out.’ Mark tried to keep me calm.

I felt stronger, knowing my family wouldn’t abandon me. Mark looked me in the eyes.

‘Do you know where she keeps a copy of her Will?’ Mark sighed, hoping I knew.

‘I always have.’ I pulled out a sheet of paper that was in my coat pocket.

‘You’ve had it all this time?’ Carter looked shocked.

‘Yeah, it was for safe keeping.’ I handed it to Mark, hoping he could understand it.

Mark read it and understood the problem. I then ran out the study and stopped at my bedroom door. John was next to me. My tears just poured down my cheeks as I crumbled. John held me close as I broke completely. John just tried to comfort me the best he could.

‘It’s going to be alright.’ John kissed my head.

I tried to hold myself together. John looked me in the eyes. He led me into my room. He sat me on my bed, holding my left hand in his right hand.

‘What’s going on?’ John was so kind towards me it hurt me to know the truth.

‘Ashleigh’s plan is working. In her Will, it says that if she’s sent to prison or dies, I’ll go into care even if any of you are still alive, no questions asked. I’m in trouble as she’d go down then I can’t see any of you again.’ I explained, wiping away stray tears.

‘You had the Will in your pocket. It’s with Dad now, but did you read the small print?’ John raised an eyebrow, a plan forming in his head.

‘IT’S ALWAYS THE SMALL PRINT! Follow me!’ I ran out my room to Mark’s study.

The excitement filled me, hoping I was right. John followed me as I asked him to. Mark, Kate and Carter were stood in the study. They were stuck in shock at me running in and John behind me. I wanted to bounce up and down now because of John.

‘Dad, we need a magnifying glass.’ I smirked.

Mark got one out the drawer and John stood back a little bit, giving me space. I read the small print. I smirked at it and then saw the signature on the bottom. It was John’s.

‘John, I know you could be sneaky with disguises and stuff, but you really pulled this one off.’ I laughed, hope coming back to fill my heart, so John walked over to me.

‘Excuse me, Amelia?’ John was totally confused, unsure what I was on about.

‘Is that your signature?’ I pointed to the small signature on the bottom of the Will.

‘Yeah, what’s that got to do with anything?’ John sighed, raising an eyebrow.

‘John, do you know what you signed there?’ I smirked.

‘They just…told me to sign.’ John started piecing things together.

‘What does that mean?’ Mark was confused by my smile.

‘Dad, you’re looking at the person who’s just about to save your daughter. John Thomas signed that Will. He’s my guardian.’ I grinned.

‘We won’t lose you! You’ll come with me, so you’ll come back here!’ John laughed.

‘You got it, John Thomas!’ I laughed, letting John hug me tightly, and he spun me round too.

Mark let a grin spread across his face. Kate and Carter sighed of relief.

‘Come on, Amy. You need to rest. We’ve got a big day tomorrow.’ Mark grinned.

‘Ugh…don’t remind me.’ I moaned.

I left the study and walked to my room. I found my PJs by my bedside table. My snow white shirt with three pink buttons down the front was folded on top of my furry pink with white dots trousers. I pulled them on and got into my bed, pulling the cord for the light to turn out.


I woke early and was sorting out the controls before I had to leave for the court case when someone came down after me.

‘Amy, what’s going on?’ Finley whispered as he got down the stairs and to my side.

‘Something was bleeping. I found what it was. It was Mum’s mobile phone. It was Isabel ringing her.’ I handed Finley the Blackberry mobile phone.

‘Are you nervous about today?’

‘I guess so. Dad’s also giving evidence.’

‘He’s not the only one. I’m doing it from the perspective of working with the Falling Stars and Ashleigh. I nominated myself last night once you’d gone to bed.’

I looked back at Finley and he saw my worry. Both of us wanted to find peace.

‘We’ll sort this out the way you tell us to. Do what’s right, not what we think will work but do it anyway. We know your way of thinking.’

‘Finley, you’re so random, it’s funny!’

Finley chased me into the kitchen. A window was open with rain pouring in. I pulled the window shut and then found the bread in the red wooden breadbin. White and green tiles covered the floor and the wall. Red surfaces surrounded the kitchen as the room spread out. The table against the North wall had enough spaces for thirty people to fit on, covered in a cloth of green and white stripes. Finley raided the fridge for the butter. I found the shiny silver toaster in the cupboard under the sink and plugged it in, putting the bread down in the toaster. He found the plates in the cupboard which were red and green spotted together. He looked at me, who was fidgeting with some sort of nerves.

‘Amy, are you sure you’re up to this?’

I just looked at the counter. Fear of something going wrong seeped into my mind. Finley saw my worry and held me to his side. He just hoped I’d be strong enough to do this.

‘You don’t have to do this. We can get someone who knew what happened like you do to do this if we need to.’

‘’s not that. I have to do this, but...I don’t know if she’s going to play her Will document card and you have to fight for me. I don’t know I could cope with being taken away from this family by force. It’d rip me to shreds, Fin.’

‘We’ll do the right thing. You’ll do the right thing. I know you know what the right thing is.’

The toast then popped out the toaster. I got the toast out and then started buttering it. Finley gave me a hand and then we ate it together.

‘Let’s go and get you dressed for this court hearing.’ Finley led me back to my room.

I walked into my room and found John already in my room. He looked ready to prepare me for the situation ahead of us all. John held a red number that would be long enough on me. I spotted the best thing I preferred. I looked through my deep sea blue wardrobe and pulled out my dark blue shirt, my waistcoat with a purple inside, my blazer jacket with a purple inside and a pair of navy trousers. I turned around and my brothers just laughed.

‘I’m not the feminine type, John. Haven’t you figured that out yet?’  I raised an eyebrow.

‘We’ll let you change. Don’t be long, kid.’ Finley winked at me, but not like Jacob did.

They both left as I pulled on my suit. I still fitted in it. I pulled on my jet black trainers. Then I saw the locked top drawer in my chest of drawers. I unlocked it and pulled it open. I then found a few small gadgets for me to use. I pulled off my blazer and then my waistcoat. I draped the waistcoat over the radioactive red wooden chair by the wardrobe. I pulled on the blazer and picked up the brooch.

It was in the shape of a four leaf clover. I attached it to the lapel of the blazer on my left and then I made sure it was in the right place to view things. A camera was hidden in the middle of my brooch which connected with the main controls, which was where Mike, Eleanor, Susan, Ruth, Sophie, Cameron, Isaac, Ben and Gemma would be. As for the court case, Mark, Matt, Jacob, John, Finley, Edward, Carter, Kate and I would be there to check things go smoothly as well as Mark, me and Finley giving our evidence.

I then picked up my watch. The camouflage strap was made of elastic to stretch and fit around my small wrist. The helicopter second hand spun around the clock face. I pulled on the watch, which fitted my wrist snugly. I tapped the glass on the top and a pellet fell out with a timer on it. Five seconds until detonation. I picked it up and chucked it out the window. It exploded and black smoke expanded, covering the sky around my window.

The final gadget I picked up was a pen. It looked like any ordinary ink pen, but it was a weapon of mass destruction. Just pulling the pen lid off would only allow the user ten seconds to run away before it exploded, pouring out a knocking out gas. I slipped it into my blazer pocket, picking up more than one for a better chance.

I was ready to do the right thing. I walked out of my room to the control room. Everyone was ready. Mark, John, Edward, Finley, Matt, Jacob, Carter and Kate were all looking smart. Matt saw the brooch and smirked. He knew already what it was. Jacob winked at me like he always did. He was seriously flirting with me. John smirked, trying to make me feel comfortable with what I was doing, obviously.

‘Amy, are you sure you want to do this?’ Mark cared about me a lot.

‘I have to do this. I’m the only one who had my mother messing my head up and tried to shoot me and poison her own child. This has to be done by me. No one else knows what I’ve been through.’ I sighed, worrying John and Jacob out more than they already were.

‘When are we leaving?’ John grinned at me, putting his worry aside for my sake.

‘We’ll leave now. First, what gadgets do each of us have?’ Mark sighed, worried already.

‘Amy has the clover camera.’ Matt pointed at the brooch.

‘That’s a good choice, kid.’ Edward smirked.

‘What else do you have?’ Mark raised an eyebrow.

‘I have the pellet watch and the exploding pen...and my brain.’ I smirked.

‘I’d be worried if it was in your bed.’ Finley smiled.

‘Trying to be funny, Finley?’ I sighed, nudging him.

‘What other gadgets do you guys have?’ Ben came over in his TSB uniform.

The uniform was very simple. His radioactive red T-shirt had the TSB logo in the top right corner. His joggers clung to his ankles and his trainers were scuffed. His hair was all over the place, as always.

‘I think that’s it, but then we all have guns, except for Amy, hidden under our blazers. We should be alright.’ Jacob grinned at Ben.

‘We’d better go before we become late.’ Mark pointed at the clock on the wall.

Its digital numbers said it was: 09:00. Mark then led the nine of us to the two Jeeps. I got into Mark’s Jeep with Mark driving, Finley and John in the back with me and Edward in the front passenger seat.

Matt got into his Jeep at the driving seat, Jacob next to him in the passenger seat with Kate and Carter in the back. We all drove off into the centre of the capital of Belgium: Brussels.

We arrived at the court hearing with the Jeeps parking across the road from the court building. We parked and all got out. I found the switch behind the brooch and pushed it to the right. A bleep echoed from the brooch. The camera was in action.

‘It’s a good thing you’re turning it on now, kid.’ Edward laughed.

‘Don’t forget I have that pen! You might not have noticed, but I have more than one, bunny boy.’ I smirked.

‘That’s not fair!’ Edward pouted playfully.

‘Don’t challenge the youngest Thomas, Edward.’ I laughed.

‘Let’s go now before someone gets too nervous and starts talking a lot.’ John sounded so caring about that.

‘Thanks for pointing out I’m a loser with that, John.’ I walked ahead and reached the court building, a slight bit of anger building inside me.

Camera men and women with news presenters were in front of the steps. They saw me and started moving in on their prey.

‘Amelia, talk to us!’ The reporters and journalists called at me.

‘No comment.’ I growled.

I walked up the steps and then through into the building. I saw the sunlight shining through the glass ceiling. Stone pillars filled the corridors, holding the ceiling up. I saw the sign for the correct court room already.

‘Amy!’ Kate just caught up to me, touching my shoulder so I would stop speeding ahead.

‘Yes?’ I raised an eyebrow.

‘Don’t do that. We don’t want to lose you.’ Kate was doing the motherly thing again.

The rest of us just got in from the camera crew getting at them like seagulls at people’s chips on holiday. John winked at me, pretending to wipe something off his shoulders.

‘That was close.’ Mark laughed a bit out of breath.

I then saw something I didn’t want to. I saw someone that shouldn’t be there, but was.

I saw Isabel Johnson. She was up to something, talking into her mobile phone. Guards from the Falling Stars were surrounding the building. I knew what I had to do. I then ran off, right after Isabel. Isabel saw me and we were in a chase.

‘AMELIA!’ Mark sounded angry.

Isabel ran backwards towards where we just were. I ran past the Thomas family that were there. I ran right behind her and John tried to stop me. I got close to Isabel and then Isabel managed to get away. I was confused where Isabel could have gone. John and Jacob ran to me and they found me fuming.

‘Amy, who was that you…just chased?’ I knew John wouldn’t understand.

‘That was someone who shouldn’t be here.’ I growled.

John and Jacob led me back to the rest of the family. They looked worried. Mark looked furious. I was ready to defend what I was doing.

‘Amy, what were you playing at? Are you trying to throw this court case?’ Mark growled.

‘That person shouldn’t be here!’ I tried to get out of it.

‘If you do anything like this again whilst we’re in court, we’ll sort this out so you won’t do this again. Do you understand me?’ Mark snarled.

‘Yes Dad.’ I felt ready to break.

Mark led me by my right arm to the seats for the court room. I felt like I wanted to escape but I didn’t know how to get out without any of them noticing.

‘You will stay sat by me until you are called to the witness box.’ Mark ordered.

‘Base, this is AT2, something is going on. I’ve seen Falling Stars soldiers here and I’ve seen the female leader. I will let their plan go far and then call the whistle on it.’ I whispered.

I felt my phone vibrate. My phone had a text. I read the text from Sophie. It read: WE’RE ON STANDBY FOR YOU. YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORT. SOPHIE THOMAS.

‘Thanks, guys.’ I whispered.

The court case was beginning. Ashleigh was pulled up to the stands for the case. Everyone stood up and the Judge sat down for everyone to sit down too.

‘The case against Ms Ashleigh Thomas will begin. Who is the first witness to the witness box?’ The Judge looked at the Thomas family.

The lawyer for Ashleigh stood up. His jet black hair was almost covered up by his white wig. His black suit was covered by the court jackets. His glare fixed on Mark.

‘I call Mr Mark Thomas to the stand.’ He growled.

Mark glanced at John and Jacob to keep an eye on me. They got the message. Mark left the stands and walked to the witness box. He got there and swore on the Bible.

‘I swear I will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ Mark sighed deeply.

Ashleigh’s lawyer had an evil look in his eyes. He looked quickly at me and his glare made me want to whack him.

‘Mark Thomas, you married Ms Ashleigh Thomas how many years ago?’ He growled.

‘It must be at least be thirty years.’ Mark sighed, looking in my direction.

‘Why did you divorce in 1996?’ He looked at his facts.

‘We weren’t getting on as well as we should do. It then got out of control when Ashleigh had our daughter. She was born the year we got divorced.’ Mark pointed out.

‘Your daughter’s a bit of a handful, isn’t she?’ He smirked.

‘What’s that supposed to mean? Yes, she’s Autistic, but that doesn’t make her a bad kid that we can’t control. She’s the most caring kid that I know. She does what she thinks is right, not what she thinks might work, and then does it anyway. She knows what she’s doing.’ Mark changed into defence mode.

‘What went wrong then? She’s the child who got the brunt of the divorce. So why did this go wrong?’ He thumped his fist on the table.

‘I was kept from her until she was six years old. Only my third son, John, could go and see her!’ Mark growled.

‘So you’re blaming this on your divorced wife?’ He raised an eyebrow.

‘Yes. Ever since John was in that car accident when she was only seven, Ashleigh had kept me away from my daughter.’ Mark pointed out his view.

‘Is your son, John, alive or dead?’ He knew he had won.

‘He was pronounced dead to us, but he is alive. He is sat next to my daughter right now.’ Mark smirked right at John.

John stood up. People gasped. I let a smirk creep over my face.

‘I’m John Thomas, the man who was injured in that car crash. I was weak, but I came back with some help from a nurse at the hospital. She covered up my disappearance. I then found Finley and Bradley Thomas.’ John grinned and then he sat back down.

‘Thank you, Mr John Thomas.’ The Judge sighed, sounding slightly bored.

‘No more questions.’ He sat down.

The family lawyer stood up. Her bright orange hair flowed down her back. It was Doctor Matthews who treated my broken rib last time we met!

‘Mr Thomas, how would you say your relationship had gotten between you and your ex-wife?’ Doctor Matthews sighed, hiding a truth.

‘I guess it would have gotten rocky as more of her secrets were appearing.’ Mark looked at Finley, who was starting to go pale about something.

‘What secrets then made your relationship “rocky”?’ Matthews was doing well.

‘Ashleigh said she was going on a year conference before Amy was born. She came back and acted like she hadn’t left. When Amy was ten, she had come across my brother, Cameron. Both of them found our mother’s house and found a birth certificate for a Finley Thomas, born the time that Ashleigh was on that conference.’ Mark explained.

The jury were in shock. I searched in my bag. I pulled out a scroll of paper. I stood up with the scroll. John tried to sit me back down, but I placed my left hand on his shoulder, trying to relax his tension. He knew I had a secret plan going on.

‘It’s right here!’ I called.

Someone walked close to collect the scroll. They took it and handed it to the Judge. The Judge read it and nodded.

‘This is the birth certificate of Mr Finley Thomas, born of Ms Ashleigh Thomas and Mr Mark Thomas.’ The Judge agreed.

The scroll was handed back to me. I handed it to Finley, who blushed a little bit as our hands brushed each other’s gently.

‘You might want that.’ I had my plan rolling around in my head.

Isabel walked into the other stalls and sat, fixing on me. I knew something was going to happen soon, and I had to find out what Isabel was planning to happen.

Mark stood down from the witness box.

‘I call Miss Amelia Thomas to the witness box.’ The Judge called.

I got up and didn’t look back. I didn’t even look at Mark. I walked to the witness box and I was letting things process in my mind of what I saw before the case began. Something was going on and I had to find out what.

Guards from the Falling Stars were here. Isabel Johnson was here. They were acting shifty and were using a plan of revenge. Isabel was in the stalls of the case.

‘I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ I growled.

I was so close to getting what they were up to. Then it clicked.

‘Amelia Thomas, you were born the year your parents got a divorce, am I correct?’ The man lawyer growled.

‘That is correct.’ I fixed on the brooch.

‘How did you feel only seeing one of your brothers?’ He smirked at my hesitance.

He knew I could rumble them, but I wasn’t quick enough to see the mayhem at my feet.

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