Amelia Thomas was just a girl like anyone else. She had a dream to do something as she got older. All she got was the scare of a lifetime, plummeting into a World she didn't know that was different from the World she left. Now it was up to her to find the way out, but no one knows quite how it will turn out.


7. Amy Risks Her Life Once More

Dominic came behind me out of nowhere. He grabbed me and I screamed. I was strapped into the chair with my wrists on the chair arms tied by some sort of belt. Mark was tied to his wooden chair with his hands behind his back. Cameron and Dominic laughed together, allowing fear trickle into my heart. I closed my eyes in concentration. Dominic came over to me, crouching in front of me so he could glare right at me when I opened my eyes.

‘Amelia, you’re going to die.’ Dominic laughed.

I opened my eyes and looked at Mark. Mark was looking at the floor, fear in him too.

‘Here’s how our little game works, Amelia. We ask your father twenty six questions that only you know. Every question he gets right, unlocks the door to the cell your family members are in. Once all the doors are unlocked, one more question will allow them to leave. If Mark gets any question wrong, pain comes to say hello to little Amelia.’ Cameron smiled.

‘You killed my brother. You’ll regret messing with me. Bring it.’ I snarled.

Cameron looked at Dominic. Dominic tied my mouth shut with some material. He then injected a liquid into my left arm, so I couldn’t lie. John’s figure slipped into the room, totally unnoticed. I could see his anger at my imprisonment here on this chair. I could see none of them were looking at me, other than John. I shook my head, trying to convince him to stay where he was. I knew my time was running out. My family members were in trouble again and I was the only one who could free them with the help of my father, but of course, at that time I didn’t know who my true father was. Only time would tell if I was strong enough. Now that time was here.

Cameron was watching me carefully, knowing what we’d done when I was ten years old. John was tensing his fists that I could see. His hands were almost white.

‘Who’s asking the questions?’ Mark sighed, still slightly shaking from his fear for my life.

‘I am. Dominic will be inflicting the pain.’ Cameron smiled, bringing himself back.

‘I’m ready, Cameron. Start the questions.’ Dominic laughed.

‘Question one, what day was Amelia born?’ Cameron sighed, almost sounding bored.

‘She was born on the 5th June 1996.’ Mark smirked, thinking he’d got it right.

‘Amelia?’ Cameron smiled at me, almost in a cheesy way.

I nodded. I didn’t like that really cheesy smile. I winked at John, hoping he’d not fight them.

‘Release door one.’ Cameron sighed down the phone.

‘You’ve released Gemma Jones’ door lock.’ Dominic said, relaxing a little bit.

‘Question two, what was Amy’s first word?’ Cameron laughed, enjoying himself.

‘I don’t know! Ashleigh kept me away from her until she was six!’ Mark said.

‘Amelia, what was your first word?’ Cameron smiled, removing the material.

‘Johny.’ I sighed, locking eye contact with John so he knew how close he was to me.

Dominic replaced the material. He then came close to me and slapped me across the face on my left cheek’s scar. I scowled at him. Cameron sighed, not liking the pain towards me.

‘Question three, what did Amy get from her brothers for her which was actually from you?’ Cameron smirked at me.

‘We gave her a photo frame of me and my sons when she was one.’ Mark laughed.

‘Amelia?’ Cameron asked, sounding slightly tired.

I nodded. John wanted to come to me. He took a step towards me, but I shook my head.

‘Release door two’s lock.’ Cameron sighed down the phone.

‘It’s Eleanor Thomas.’ Dominic was fuming.

‘Question four, where was Amelia’s first home?’ Cameron said.

‘It was in York.’ Mark sighed, his head almost leaning forward for sleep.

‘Amelia?’ Cameron asked, glaring right into my eyes.

I nodded, unsure if the dream I’d had was true that I was from Birmingham. John nodded.

‘Open door three’s lock.’ Cameron sighed, oblivious to John’s interference.

‘It’s little Sophie Thomas.’ Dominic was like a volcano, waiting to explode.

Mark caught my eye and smiled weakly at me. I was trying not to scream out for all this to stop through the material, so the smile wasn’t returned. Mark sensed my nerves of where this was going. I was close to death and I didn’t want it just yet. John stayed stood in the corner, watching me in his long cloak. He pointed to his chest, knowing he would be on about the locket that held the key to what was going on, even if I didn’t know it yet. He was my protector. I just hoped Jacob would come back too. John kissed his fingers and blew the kiss at me. I felt a little touch against my cheek. Cameron tapped his long index fingers against his temples. He crouched in front of me. I eyed him with suspicion. He stroked my soft cheek bones on my left cheek. I moved my head to the right, looking at our father. Cameron laughed gently. He stood up and kissed my head. I could feel the tension building from John and Mark for that. I shook my head at John, who tried to step forward again.

Mark tried to get out of his chair and attack him, but he was tied there tightly and Dominic was looking like a tiger, ready to pounce on their prey. Dominic smirked at Mark, like he was plotting something in his head to hurt Mark even more.

‘Question five, what was the name of Amelia’s first teddy bear?’ Cameron smirked.

‘I don’t know. I wasn’t allowed to see her then.’ Mark looked at me with fear in his eyes and sweat beads dripping down his forehead.

‘Amelia?’ Cameron smiled at me, removing the material.

‘Mark Matt Jacob John Finley Callum, the names of my father and brothers.’ I looked at the wet patch on the floor by my right foot, unable to look at John or Mark.

‘Dominic, do the honours.’ Cameron sighed in my left ear as he took the material off my neck.

Dominic came over to me and looked me in the face. He then untied my body and flung me across the room. I screamed as I collided with the wall. I fell to the floor and couldn’t get back up. John almost walked to Dominic, his anger rocketing for hurting me like this, but I managed to send a glare not to at John. He was struggling to restrain himself.

‘Question six, what did Amelia find out about you from that letter you wrote to her mother when she was two?’ Cameron sighed, definitely sounding bored this time.

‘She found out where I was! She tried to write a letter back. I didn’t know what it said or who it was from until I looked on the back and the only clear thing was the twelve letters on the back. They spelt “Amelia Thomas”.’ Mark smiled.

‘Amelia?’ Cameron sighed, raising an eyebrow.

I nodded. I tried to get up but I didn’t have the strength. Cameron walked over to me and helped me up. He sat me on the chair and gave me some water. He seemed gentle towards me. John looked really uncomfortable, so I motioned for him to go find Jacob.

‘Open door four’s lock.’ Cameron laughed down the phone.

‘It’s Ben Jones.’ Dominic was sulking.

I was watching Cameron with suspicion. He smiled at me and held me up to stand next to him by my waist. John had gone, but I sensed someone was coming. I hoped it was him.

‘Question seven, how old was Amelia when she first saw you face to face?’ Cameron laughed.

‘Amy was six. It was her birthday.’ Mark said.

‘Amelia?’ Cameron smiled.

‘Yes.’ I sighed, wishing my Jakey would find me again.

‘Open door five’s lock.’ Cameron was hiding something from us all.

‘It’s Susan Thomas.’ Dominic was starting to lose his patience with this game, even though it was his idea.

‘Question eight, when did Amelia get the most affected by your divorce?’ Cameron held my left hand in his right hand he moved away from my waist.

I felt like he was a family member doing that. His skin felt just like Mark’s did. The warm and soft texture along with the feeling of the blood pumping around their hands all the time, I only got that in my father’s hands. This man did look a bit like Mark did. Mark was getting stressed why he was warming up to me.

‘I believe it was her eighth birthday.’ Mark scrunched up his eyes in worry he was allowing me to get hurt like this.

‘Amelia?’ Cameron sighed in my ear, tickling gently as he did it.

‘It was my seventh, when John died.’ I was ready to fight against Dominic.

Dominic came and pulled me away from Cameron. He grabbed my left shoulder and dislocated it. I screamed my loudest scream possible from my lungs, which seemed to hold Johny and Jakey’s names. My throat had gone dry and I just wanted to get out of this game. Cameron came over to me and helped me up. I was sat on the chair. Cameron looked me in the eyes. I couldn’t hold it long from the pain.

‘Amelia, this may hurt a little bit.’ Cameron held the dislocated shoulder and popped it back in place.

I grimaced at the pain. Cameron sighed deeply. Dominic looked at him with horror in his eyes. Dominic pulled Cameron away from me.

‘We’re meant to be hurting her, not becoming a doctor.’ Dominic was having a tantrum.

‘Dominic, she’s not the problem here.’ Cameron sighed, trying to convince him.

‘Who is?’ Dominic was ready to punch Cameron, then and there.

‘None of the Thomas family is the problem, Dominic. This is our fault. Amelia has lost another brother because of us. She’d already lost one brother and now we took another. She lost John and now she’s lost Jacob! I don’t like killing people, but that is what you have made us do. I don’t like it.’ Cameron was sounding like Mark.

I walked slowly to Mark and untied him. Mark helped me stand up properly.

‘What makes you think you are the problem, brother?’ Dominic let his anger slip off his tongue.

‘I’m not your brother, Dominic. I found my birth certificate in my mother’s things. My mother and father are of the Thomas family.’ Cameron sighed, catching my eye.

‘Are you saying that you are my relative?’ Mark was in shock.

He almost dropped me. Cameron came over and held me up. Mark looked at him in horror. I was struggling to breathe. Cameron sat me down and found the first aid kit in his backpack. An air bag was inside, so I could breathe. Cameron pulled it over my head and I was helped to breathe by the mask over my mouth and my nose. I sensed someone was here, for me alone. They had come because John had promised so. I wanted to hold him close now.

‘How is this possible?’ Dominic was in shock.

‘I am Mark’s, Gemma’s, Mike’ and Roger’s brother. That means that my kids are Amelia’s cousins.’ Cameron held my hand.

‘How did you find this out?’ Mark sighed, confused.

‘The reason we are all in this room.’ Cameron crouched next to me and smiled at me.

‘Amy did this?!’ Mark was in shock.

‘Amy was a young kid when I bumped into her. I took her back to your mother’s house in Birmingham, since she had died by then. Amy looked through the pieces of paper and found a birth certificate. She showed me and looked at me with suspicion. I was shocked to see it was mine. I noticed that my parents were of the Thomas family. I got Amy back into the centre of town and then a few minutes later, she was found by you, Mark. I didn’t say anything about this since. Amy has kept her promise too. Now I’m sorry that Jacob was killed by us and John was killed by that car, but I didn’t order either to happen. I didn’t mean for that to happen.’ Cameron smiled at me.

‘It was a van. I was ten, to be precise too. We found those birth certificates. There was another thing that not even Cameron noticed. There were two more birth certificates. One was of a Callum Thomas, born before me…son of Mum and you, Dad. There was another. There was a birth certificate of a Bradley Thomas, son of Auntie Eleanor and Uncle Mike.’ I managed by taking the mask off a little bit and then I pulled it back over again to breathe.

‘Step away from my sister, you monster!’ Jacob was holding a laser gun in his hands, appearing out of nowhere.

‘Jacob, put the gun down.’ Mark was worried what Jacob would do.

Cameron, Mark and Dominic walked over to the wall. Jacob walked over to me and crouched next to me. I stared at him in the eyes, happy he was alive and with me again.

‘Hey Amy, it’s me.’ Jacob pulled off the mask slowly.

Jacob kissed my left cheek gently. I was sure I blushed. I breathed a little bit and then struggled to breathe. Jacob was leaving the mask in his hand. Horror had filled his face.

‘Jacob, give her the mask. She’ll die if she can’t breathe.’ Cameron sighed, pleading.

‘Cameron, you can’t tell me how to look after my own sister! You don’t even have a sister!’ Jacob was having a rant, just like he always had with…Harriet, our older sister.

‘Jacob, please give her the mask.’ Mark tried to walk to his son.

Jacob pulled the gun higher at Mark’s head. I fell to the floor and I pulled the chair with me. I was gasping for air like a goldfish. Jacob looked at the fear on my face. He pulled the mask over my head and I could breathe again. Jacob gave the three men the Evils. Cameron walked to Jacob and towered over him. I wanted them to stop fighting, but words escaped me.

‘Let me have a look at her. She may have injured a rib that will need sorting out.’ Cameron said, sounding worried about how long I had.

Jacob hesitated. He looked at me, sat on the floor, holding the mask to my face. Jacob nodded slowly. Cameron knelt next to me. He HHHe lookeHHHHHe looked me in the eyes. I fixed on his eyes.

‘Amy, is there something stopping your breathing?’ Cameron sighed, worried.

My head nodded. I held a hand over my bottom right rib. Cameron placed his hand in that place. He sighed deeply. It hurt when he touched it. I tensed my face from the pain.

‘Cameron, what’s wrong with my daughter?’ Mark was panicking.

‘She has a broken rib, which is restricting her breathing. She has to get to hospital quick. I don’t know how long she has with just that bag.’ Cameron looked Mark in the face.

Mark punched Dominic in the face, knocking him unconscious.

‘That’s for hurting my family and Amy.’ Mark snarled.

Cameron picked me up and carried me out the building to his car, the Aston Martin. Mark and Jacob followed him and we drove to the nearest hospital. Cameron carried me in and I was whisked off to the Theatre for the operation to fix the broken rib. Cameron and Mark waited for me to come out. Jacob was staying with the car, unsure what to say to me.


After a few hours, I was wheeled out of Theatre and to one of the spare beds and laid down. The doctor had bright orange hair tied behind her head in a ponytail and was the same height as Mark. She smiled at them both.

‘I’m Doctor Matthews. Miss Amelia Thomas is unconscious from the anaesthetic and she should wake up soon. She had broken a rib, which is now fixed and should be alright after some rest. Once she is discharged from hospital, she must take it easy for a month to let the rib heal itself back to its usual position.’ Doctor Matthews smiled.

‘Thank you.’ Mark shook her hand.

Doctor Matthews left them there and Mark sat next to me on my left. Cameron sat on my right.

‘Why didn’t you tell me before that you were my brother?’ Mark was curious.

‘I promised Amy that I wouldn’t say anything until Amy and I met again. Now that we did, we told you.’ Cameron held my right hand.

‘That’s not a proper answer.’ Mark was put out.

‘Mark, I think Amy is waking up. Her hand twitched.’ Cameron stood up quickly.

My eyes started opening. Feet thundered down the corridor. Matt ran round the corner, out of breath. I just opened my eyes fully and smirked at the sight of Matt out of breath.

‘You don’t see this every day.’ I laughed.

‘You don’t break a rib every day.’ Matt was still getting his breath back.

‘Did you see Jacob?’ Mark sighed, raising an eyebrow.

‘Yeah, he explained and sent me in. He told me to run to her. That’s what I did and now I see why. It’s to cheer up little Miss scare the Thomas family half to death. You’ve got mayhem written on your forehead.’ Matt laughed.

‘I thought you were here to make me feel better, not worse, Matthew.’ I tried to sit up.

Cameron and Mark came over and helped me sit up. Jacob came round the corner. He smiled at me with a big grin. I rolled my eyes at him. For some reason, my heart drummed more seeing Jacob. Matt and Jacob looked at each other and smiled, scheming again.

‘I know I’m the little daughter in this bit of the family tree, but that doesn’t mean that you can gang up on me just because I’m fragile.’ I sighed, trying to take it easy.

Matt and Jacob had shock ripple over their faces. I had found them out. Mark and Cameron laughed. All I wanted now was our other siblings; John, Harriet, Callum and Finley.

‘What are you laughing at?’ I was curious.

‘Even though you’re injured your instincts of detection never stop.’ Mark sighed, smiling.

Doctor Matthews came back with some papers. She smiled at us all.

‘She can be discharged now. Amelia, please take it easy for a month to allow the rib to heal.’ She smiled at me.

I nodded. Matt and Jacob came to my sides and helped me up. Doctor Matthews was carrying some crutches too. Jacob’s grip on me was more supportive than Matt’s was.

‘These are to walk with. Your balance will be out for a while so walk with these and you’ll be fine.’ Doctor Matthews sighed, yet I could see a peeking strand of brown hair in the ginger.

I took the crutches and walked a little with them. I was having fun, even walking with crutches. The group walked out to the car park. Everyone was waiting outside for me to come out. As I did the family smiled. I walked up to them and smirked.

‘This is unexpected. Jacob, since when were you bulletproof?’ I sighed, winking at him.

‘Since I started wearing bulletproof vests that you have in your storage space that no one can enter, other than you and our brother? You left one in Matt’s Jeep and I’ve worn it since the start of this mess.’ Jacob smiled, glancing for approval at Matt for not saying John’s name.

I sighed deeply. The right crutch slipped and I fell. Pain shot through my body. I tried to muffle my scream of pain. A bullet had been shot through my side. Edward held me up and I looked him in the eyes and smiled weakly. My eyes became heavy.

‘I hate bullets. This is a good way to die, in the places of your family.’ I sighed deeply.

I struggled to breathe again. Edward passed me to Jacob. My eyes started closing. Jacob managed to kiss my lips once gently. My eyes closed as I focused on Jacob’s face. Jacob held me in his arms and cried out in pain. Jacob was broken. Matt knelt next to his brother and held the crying Jacob. The rest of the family held each other. Mark and Cameron looked at each other. They saw Dominic and his kids walk round the corner. Isaac and Kate ran after them. Cameron ran after his kids to get them back. Matt laid down their sister’s dead, unmoving body and let the doctors do what they could for me. The doctors shook their heads.

I had died for the Thomas family in front of a hospital. My chest started rising from my heart beating and my lungs breathing. I was moving again. My eyes were opening. Matt and Jacob held me up. I opened my eyes and stood up. I didn’t need the crutches. Doctor Matthews came over to me and shook hands with me. I leaned into Doctor Matthews’ ear.

‘Find Matthew Thomas cuz he’s not here. You marry him and be happy, Sis. See you in a bit, Harriet Thomas.’ I whispered.

Doctor Matthews looked at me in shock. I ran round the corner, after Cameron and his kids along with Dominic and his kids.

‘AMY, NO!’ Mark was worried what I was going to do.

Cameron, Isaac and Kate were facing Dominic, Harvey and Olivia in the empty car park in the midnight hours. I hid behind a bin and listened to Dominic arguing with Cameron.

‘You abandoned us, Cameron! You will all die.’ Dominic pulled up his gun.

‘Put the gun down, Dominic!’ I walked closer, coming out of my hiding place.

‘You died from the shot wound to your side!’ Dominic was having a tantrum.

‘I made special bulletproof vests that cover the side too. They are very effective against you, since you failed to kill Jacob too.’ I sighed, thinking how Jacob had kissed me.

I walked to Dominic. He lowered his gun.

‘Put all of your guns on the floor.’ I sighed deeply.

The six guns were thrown on the floor, one shooting and hitting someone’s tire.

‘Cameron, take your kids and yourself back to the family. I’ll deal with this lot.’ I had my back to Cameron and his kids.

Isaac joined me. He nodded at me. We both faced the three of them left. Dominic was about to explode like lit Dynamite. His kids were ready to fight. I shook hands with Isaac and we both ran at the three stood there and fought them to the ground. Isaac and Harvey had a full on fight, fists and kicks included. Blood came from all of us. I had knocked Olivia unconscious and was fighting Dominic single-handedly.

Isaac sent the last punch at Harvey and he was unconscious on the floor. He ran to me and Dominic. Isaac punched Dominic into the wall nearest to him. He fell unconscious and I almost toppled in exhaustion, but Isaac luckily caught me.

Doctors took the three inside and healed them up so the Police could take them away. Isaac helped Ruth and Cameron with my injuries. I had a cut down my right cheek and my left arm from my elbow to my wrist. Isaac had cuts on both his arms and cheeks. Isaac and I were getting on really well.

Mark and Ashleigh got me into my Jeep. Mark got in the front with Ashleigh. Jacob and Matt got in the back with me. Isaac and Kate drove Matt’s Jeep to our base. Everyone followed to the base. Cameron, Isaac and Kate were in awe once they saw the inside of the base.

‘This is amazing. I can’t believe we’re part of this!’ Cameron was in shock.

‘We will stick together and save the World from disasters that need spy cover. We are the TSB!’ I smirked, still standing by Jacob.

‘Amy, I’m sorry to say this, but I’m going back to the UK. You’re coming with me. You’re not ready for this life yet.’ Ashleigh sighed, not sounding sorry at all.

I looked at my mother in shock. Mark saw the pain of moving away in my dark green eyes. Mark tried to hold my hand but I moved away. I ran upstairs to the room I had chosen that was mine before. I locked the door and found all of my stuff was in there.

I grabbed my blue rucksack and packed all of my stuff into it. I found my coat and pulled it on. I listened to the door to see if anyone was eavesdropping on me. There was no one there. I opened the door and walked to my Jeep. I got my bag into the boot of my Jeep and was about to get into the driving seat. Cameron was in the way. I walked backwards.

‘Did you really think we would let you run off again, Amelia?’ Cameron sighed.

I felt annoyed. I walked to the boot and pulled out my bag and got it onto my back. I strapped myself up and walked out into the dawn’s light. I kept walking and walking. None of the family followed me, although I wished someone in particular would.

I found my passport in my raincoat pocket. I found the airport and got the plane to the UK, which took a pretty long time to fly. I eventually landed in Birmingham International Airport. I got my bag and left for the house in a red taxi. I arrived at the house. The house was for sale still. I pulled out my phone and rung someone.

‘Hello, yes. I’d like to take house number 15, Hall Green Road, Birmingham, off the market please. The name is Ms Ashleigh Thomas.’ I sighed.

I hung up the phone and pulled the sign down. I walked into the house and broke the sign so it would hide under the stairs. I chucked my bag onto the sofa. I looked out the window. A Jeep pulled in front of the house. I ran away from the window. I recognised the Jeep. It was Matt’s. A knock echoed against the snow white front door. I crept forwards to open the door. It was Matt and Jacob. I walked backwards. Matt and Jacob walked in and shut the door.

‘Amy, come back with us.’ Matt sighed.

I was worried what was about to happen. I walked back towards the stairs. I ran upstairs to my room. Matt and Jacob followed me. The room was just as I’d left it. I walked to my balcony. I looked out at the green garden.

The green grass covered the entire garden. A tree with blossoms on was in the middle of the garden with a red swing in the tree. Different coloured flowers surrounded the edges of the garden. I had forgotten all about the two dark shapes coming towards me from inside my room.

The shapes got closer. A hand reached out next to my head. It clasped around my mouth to stop me screaming. An arm wrapped itself around my waist. I was in distress. I was sat on my bed. I was hugged tightly by Jacob. He kissed my head, trying to relax me, but it wasn’t working. I broke his grip and sat on the floor on the balcony. I let my sadness spread more.

‘Amy, are you alright?’ Matt sighed, worried about me.

‘Don’t… do… that, Matthew!’ I was stuck in between my anger and my sadness.

Matt looked at the carpet as he’d grabbed me from behind. Jacob watched me with caution.

‘Amy, we’re sorry.’ Matt sighed, begging forgiveness.

‘That’s not enough, Matthew!’ I snarled.

‘Tell us what we need to do and we’ll do it! I’ll do it for you, Amy.’ Jacob pleaded.

‘I don’t know what you can do. That’s the problem.’ I looked at him, worried how my emotions were changing.

I looked out at the blossoming garden. Silence fell awkwardly into my bedroom. I wished I could kiss Jacob again. It made me feel whole, like nothing else before. Mark walked in and noticed the awkward silence between the three of us. Mark walked over to me. I was now standing on the balcony. Mark placed a hand on my left shoulder.

‘Amy, come here.’ Mark sighed, not knowing how our lives would change forever.

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