The Fury of the Righteous

Everywhere he turns he sees blasphemy and heathens plugging their godless agenda. He sees the fabric of his once great country ripped apart by everyone. Lucky for him, he can do something about it, something terrible... This is my entry for the NaNoWriMo thingy.


3. Eric

There was another one. Another stinking Arab, thinking because he wore a suit he was somehow elevated to the same status as decent folk. It was bullshit of course, absolute bullshit, but society was being driven to buy into it, and it drove him mad.

The worst part was, this person was heading toward him, having walked into his place of work, and with every step of shoe upon marble his rage grew. 

Patience Eric, the voice in his head whispered. To act rashly now would mean being unable to act properly later on, when the chance to inflict serious damage existed. 

He slipped into the lift by the reception desk, one of a handful of other employees, one face among many in a crowd.


The computer was new, the product of the company's latest roll-out to ensure they stayed at the cutting edge of technology. 27 inch touchscreen, all-in-one desk top, a Core i7 processor and more RAM than anyone would surely need. Eric slipped into his chair (a rigid, high-backed number that offered great back support, important to him) and logged on to his email.

Not his work email, but his private, hardly-anyone-knew-about-it email. The little corner of secure, emulated web space he'd set up let him be confident that his work would not be read or traced back to him. 

He had one new email.

Eric had to try not to let show how excited he was as he opened it. Hopefully, this was the one he'd been waiting for.


We're ready. The Asian man, the one here for the job interview, is on the third floor, meeting room 3. In your coat pocket is a memory stick. It's virtually identical to the one all prospective employees get to study for their next round of interviews, save for one detail. Make sure you swap his stick for the one in your coat pocket.

Once he runs the software, it will transmit a code that will easily traceable back to him and what it will do will swell support for our cause dramatically. Don't mess this up, it's important for the future. For Queen and Country!

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