21st Century Mind

Noticing a lot of pressure on image, gender and sexuality recently. Even society and the media are placing pressure on the newer adult generation.


1. The Female Image


1)  Women's image within society. So you're not skinny, or size 4. Why give people the satisfaction by editing photos of yourself? Lots of women, girls, lasses ( I'm only speaking for this gender the most because I don't know enough about it from the other way around) think that they should have that beautiful curve in their waist. This is due to the fact of magazines that have images of attractive girls with little waists. Well those images aren't real sweetie. If you look at the woman figure there should be a straight down shape, that's what many catwalk model have and what agency look for. There should be a little roundness at the lower stomach, because after all there's a womb down there and maybe one day a child. So the female figure is built to support and carry the next generation. That is not to say that's all we're good for. But it's how over time the female body has developed.
So I guess I'm say look after yourself to a healthy point and a point where you're happy...for you! Not for others. Being skinny is over rated. if you are a little bit over weight or bigger than size 10 then good for you. You're beautiful.
And adding onto that it doesn't matter what size you are. Us women get insulted either way,
"You're too fat, lose weight."
"You're too skinny, stop throwing your food back up and eat it."
"You're chest is too big."
"You're chest is too small, I can hardly see it. It's just a flat board."
Basically within all the media there is a perfect woman and if you're not her then all hell will break lose.
  Even boys can be mean towards girls, especially during puberty. So if your boyfriend tells you he'd like your boobs a little bigger then tell him to back off. Why change for him? Why change for anyone?
 I personally went through the "am I attractive enough?" phase and it didn't help that I had friends who nit picked my figure. If I'm happy then that's all that matters.
 Put the magazine down and just be happy with you.

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