i think you love me

Christen Evans was glad it was raining, that way no one could see her tears.


1. Rain

There was a loud rumble and the sky flashed with light. Her feet splashed through the puddles and the heavy drops of water added to the splash of water up her legs. Her knee high combat boots were full of water and the laces hung limp and soggy. Long dark brown hair plastered to her face. Her arms were folded over her chest holding her art book tightly, a blue raincoat draped over her shoulders keeping the rain off her body. Christen Evans was glad it was raining, that way no one could see her tears.
I recognised her because of her outfit, her ripped, black jeans, red checked blouse over a dark grey singlet and the knee high combat boots. The blue raincoat was new. She was sitting at the side of the building with her knees up under her chin, and she was shaking, massive racking shudders that couldn’t be mistaken for shivers.
I walked over too her with my umbrella,
“Christy?” I whispered sitting down beside her, “what’s up?”
“Nothing” she sniffed, not looking at me, keeping her head between her knees,
“ok, what’s down?” I joked, she looked up, a wet smile spread across her face, “if you won’t tell me, I’ll go find Harris and you can talk to him, after all it is his job to comfort you” I moved to get up, but she grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back down,
“don’t” the sadness had crept back into her features, “that won’t help”
“uh, so he made you cry, ill beat him up instead” I joked, she rolled her eyes at me, causing tears to trickle down her cheeks, I put my arms around her and held her close, she started to shake in my arms and I could feel her warm tears soaking into my shirt, but I didn’t care, this felt…nice.
“Thanks Fred, talking to you always makes me feel better” she whispered, her breath tickling my neck, “and, and im here if you ever need to talk” she looked up and smiled at me.  I nodded,
“well then, I’ll know where to look, no come on, you’ll catch a cold”
“maybe I want to stay here, I like the smell of rain after all” she winked at me, I stood up and looked down to her,
“but you also hate sitting in it” I smirked back and held out my hand to help her up, she took it and stood beside me, “shall I walk you home?” I asked
“sure” she laughed and tugged me along behind her by my hand as she ran off in front of me,
“for a Goth, you’re very perky” I laughed,
“it’s not every day a handsome young man helps my dry me tears” she giggled
“you think im handsome?”
“oh, um, I” she stuttered, I laughed as a blush leapt to her cheeks, I put my arms around her and drew her in to a hug, “well your very touchy-feely for…um, you” she laughed back,
“it’s not every day a pretty little bird calls me handsome” I muttered leaning my forehead against hers, the blush leapt back up into her cheeks,
“you think im pretty?” she mimicked me,
“what do you think” I asked, then pressed my lips softly against her’s in a quick kiss. I looked back down to her,
“I think you love me” she started in a sing-song voice, “you wanna hold me, your gonna kiss me” she danced around me, I smiled and laughed at her,
“try and catch me” she called, and raced off down the street, I jogged quickly after her, catching her on her doorstep, and I pulled her in for kiss before she turned and unlocked her door,
“bye Fred” she smiled sadly,
“later Christen” I whispered, kissing her one last time and headed home myself.

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