i think you love me

Christen Evans was glad it was raining, that way no one could see her tears.


2. it was nice

I gently closed the door after he walked through the door of his house opposite mine. What happened today? I asked myself, what happened to him? This morning by closest friend and boyfriend of 6 months was exactly as he’s always been and exactly the boy I was dating, the sweet, agreeable boy who was nerdy but athletic and defiantly not violent or aggressive. At lunch time he did nothing but grumble about everything and argue with me over everything, he has never been like that. Between fourth and fifth class he got in a fight with another boy in our year. And then after school I went looking for Harris to walk home with him, but I couldn’t find hide nor hair. Anny even helped me look, I found him, behind the science block, snogging Martha-lee. The thunder started when I screamed at him, but, but he just shrugged me off, ‘WE’RE THROUGH’ my word rang in my ears. The rain started when I ran away, tears running down my face. That when I believed my life was over and was thankful for the rain.
That’s when he came, Fred, I’ve always harboured a crush for the tenth year prince, but I believed that he’d never think of me as more than a friend, I tried to move on, but it’s always been tugging at the edge of my mind. Sure, I was thrilled when he came to comfort me, held me, and kissed me. But it surprised me, he surprised me, but it was, it was…nice.

I threw the ball at the wall, shouldn’t have done that, it was stupid, I was angry. The moment I saw Christen running around the corner of a building crying I went to see what was wrong. I walked around the corner to see Harris snogging a girl, this girl was Martha-lee, my girlfriend. All I could see was red, all I wanted was to give them what they gave me, so I decided to act on the crush I’ve had on Christen I’ve fancied the ninth year artist for a while. I, I know it was wrong, but, but, I felt better, and she was happier, I shouldn’t have, but I did, and it was all ok. Being with Christen was, well it was nice.

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