Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


2. Prolouge

12 years ago


"What are you going to do with him now!?" The lady screams, while she sees the red liquor drip from the boys back head. He has a silver cross necklace around his neck.

"Uhm.." The man sounds doubting, "Get a black sack!" He commands.

"What will you d-" The boy scrambles around a bit.

"Now!" The man yells. the lady runs out in the kitchen, which once was perfect, but that was 5 years ago now. She opens the brown and destroyed drawer, she messes around a bit, and finds the roll with the black garbage bags. She throws the roll to the man, who rips a bag of. He lays the boy in it, like he was a dead animal. which they meant he was. "Go out and start the car!"

"Yes sir." The boy moans a weird deep sound, that makes the lady put on a faster pace. The man takes the bag, and puts it in the trunk.

"What are you gonna do now?" The lady asks when the man comes into the front seat. He runs a hand through his dark brown hair. " We get rid of him" he answer confident. the lady nods in agreement.


It's dark when the park up, at least 100 km away from their home, his old home. They are at no where in practically, the only visible thing is the forest. The man gets out of the car, when he opens the trunk, he breathe a sigh of relief; the boy is still unconscious.

"Why did we adopt him?" He mumble to himself. He lifts the sæk with the boy inside. He starts swinging it, back and forth, back and forth out of the ditch; He wants him in the forest, deep inside, so no one ever will find him. 

" Be careful, Yaser" The lady calls, afraid that the child might wake up. 

" Calm down will ya?" He swings again " Can you help me? He needs to fall down the hillside"

" Is it a good idea? I mean he is our child" Yaser stops the swinging, and look up at her.

" Do you want more people to die?" He snaps at her.

"no of course not, but -"

"BUT WHAT!?" He yells at her.

"He's just a child, he need protection." She whisper the last part, but Yaser hears her clearly.

"HE'S CURSED PATRiCIA!" He yells at Patrica, who now fells like a puppy, that just pissed on the floor. "we are safer without him, the WORLD is safer without him" he exclaims. 

"As you say, Yaser." Patricia get a grib on the bag with the cursed boy, together they throw him deep inside of the forest, he falls down the hillside, branches breaks when he rolls over them. 

The sound of branches stops, and everything is quite. Yaser gets in the car, while Patricia stands and searching for her son. "What have I done?" She whisper to herself. "I'm so sorry, Zayn."

Yaser honks at her.

"Come on, he might wake up soon" He rushes.

"I'm coming" she answers while the guilt already has found a comfortable place inside of her.


This was the first time Zayn ever got a scar.







So what do you think? Little Zayn getting handled like that? Pretty sad :((

Tell me what ya think! :D

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