Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


9. Chapter 7




I wake up in darkness, the only light i see is from a single light bulb in the middle of a big cold room. Shaking from the cold I sit up, instantly feeling a sharp pain right below my left shoulder. With my right hand I feel that something wet and cold is on my shoulder, first then i realize I have no shirt on. Sitting up I find myself on a bench, cold and hard. There's also a table a few feet from the bench, My shirt is folded nicely on it. I stand up using much more energy than I thought I would. Stumbling a bit I reach out for my shirt. When I notice something scary, I'm in a cage, a big one. There hangs chains from the wall, where there's also scratches on it. A weird dark spot is on the floor right under the chains. Forgetting about my shirt I panic, my heartbeat speeds up to maximum, the adrenalin runs through like never before. I rush to the cage door, trying to open it up. But it won't budge, there's a large lock on the door, no way out. I'm stuck. 

Trying again and again hoping it will just magically unlock, I give up. Crying out I scream for help. But no body hears me. I'm convinced this has something to do with Jacob, it has to be, it must be. This is only some sick joke he came up with. Therefor I start screaming:
"Jacob! I know it's you!" 

"It isn't funny anymore!"

"I get it now, you can beat me up as much as you want, just let me out please!"


A deep growl comes from the very end of this dark place, I shut up immediately, and that’s defiantly not Jacob. Shit. My heart drops to my feet, and I start panicking again. There's a figure walking out from the shadows, it's bigger than a normal human being. Slowly it walks my way, it's keep growling every step it takes. I slowly back of hitting the bench with my legs, suddenly the figure stands right in front of the cage, giving me a heart attack I land on my bum shocked and amazed. I didn't knew monsters existed. But as kinky as it may sounds, this monster is.. Beautiful. It has this big and round face with a black star like shape on it's nose. beautiful grey skin. Spiky, long hair. Its body is big and strong. It's eyes has a red glimpse and nearly shines. I didn't know someone could look both scary and beautiful. But you sure can. 

"Who's that Jacob, huh!?" It's voice is deep and loud. Speechless I just look at him with big eyes. "Is he your boyfriend?!" It sounds angry, it's teeth is sticking out from his upper lip. I shake my head in response. "hmph" he narrows his eyes at me, making me shiver. "Is it that kid who beat you up!?" What? how does it knows that happened? It was Zayn who saved me? wasn't it?. "ANSWER ME" the hole place feels like it shook under his voice, shocked I nod my head.

"H-how did y-you know?" I stutter, scared he'll yell again I look down at my feets. But he laughs, a weird lifeless laugh, I shiver by the evil feeling behind it. 

"I saved you, just like I did this time" He answers, then turning around. 

"Wait!" He stops and look back at me, his eyes scans my chest, they turn redder than they were before. "W-what happened?" sighing he answers

"Someone shot you, I healed you as good as I could" Then he was gone. He was the one who healed me last time then? but how? And I was shot, how the hell did that happened, wait a minute Zayn was with me! Is he okay? did he get hurt too? Where is he? oh god no please don't tell me he's hurt. 


Feeling the cold on me again, I get my shirt on and fall asleep on the bench. 




Waking up I gasp at the sight of my surroundings. I'm really back. I can't believe it, it has been two years since I last saw this place. At the time i lived here, I wasn't used to normal food, he was the one who found it for me. He is the reason why I'm still alive. There was a time when I was around 10 where some tourists found me out here by myself. I wasn't well at speaking, but they brought me back to civilization, I was put in an orphanages, but as the night came he made me kill them all. I ran away the morning I woke up. That day I got myself hundreds of cuts all around my body. 
I found my way back out in the woods, but I couldn't find the house, I cried the hole day until he took over my body again. The next morning I woke up in the house again. He saved me yet again.

As time went by, I got tired of living out here. I got a job when I was 15, started at school I was fast at learning, but it was hard, I always had to hurry home so he wouldn't appear in the city. Sometimes I wasn't fast enough and ended up in a pile of blood the next morning, leaving even more scares on my body, I hated myself. At that time I decided to move into the city, I secured the basement as I had in this house, so he wouldn't go off and kill someone else. 

But it was hard, I wasn't good at speaking, I hadn't been together with people since I was 5. I was alone for 10 hole years. I was bullied everyday, people calling names at me. They always teased me about always wearing long shirts and pants. But they didn't knew what I was hiding from them. Each time they bullied me a new scar appeared on my skin. Now my body is almost covered in scars. But as lucky as I may be, I don't have a single scar on my face. My face is the prettiest thing about me, if you even can call that pretty.

The house looks much as it self, it's made by entirely wood. only a few furniture there where here when I found it. It's has a disgusting smell and feels a bit moist. As I get on my feets I see that the sun is rising. Then panic hits me, SHIT NIALL! He was shot last night! Oh god I hope he's alright. Where can he be?! I run outside screaming his name as a maniac. He didn't kill him. he couldn't. Who am I kidding of course he would! Running inside again I feel tears streaming down my face. I fall down the wall, sitting on the ground I cry, he can't be dead. 

Then realization hits me, I don't have any blood on my hands. But then where is he? There's only one place he can be then. I run for the stairs, running down in the basement I stop up in shock. The blonde is sleeping on the bench, but that's not why I'm shocked, he's inside that cage, and it's locked. 



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