Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


8. Chapter 6



Niall POV:

I wake up to the sound of my alarm, grumbling I reach out to shut it, but as I move pain fills my entire body, making me whimper. Then I remember what happened yesterday, Jacob and two of his gang members was beating me up. I can't really remember much, I must have blacked out or something, but how did I get here then? And how did I get all of this bandage on?

I decided not to think about it until I saw the all so familiarly necklace in my hand. It was Zany's necklace, the one he always wears. How did that end up here? My heartbeat starts raising, did Zayn save me? A little smile is playing on my lips as the thought gets to me. Smiling I put on the necklace, and get ready for a new day at school. 


Zayn POV:

I wake up as the sun hits my face, shit what time is it! Jumping up from the couch I run out in my kitchen, 9:23 AM. Oh shit I'm late for class! Without another thought I grab my backpack and run out of the door. 

Walking down the hallway I see no one; their're all in class. I walk run to my locker to get my books. Once I get to the locker, I see Jacob talking to one of his friends. Being the curios one I am, I pretend to search for something in my locker while I eavesdrop them. 

"I was beating up Niall the other day right" he did what!?

"Yeah, whatever it's not such a big deal" Not a big deal!?

"Yeah yeah let me get to the good part" The good part!? "You know how I have told you about this monster" monster? Oh no...

I don't hear the other one's answer, but I assume he was nodding.

"Well while I was beating him up, that creature came and rescued him, dude I tell ya his after me, just like he killed my mom man!" It rescued him?

"Dude are you sure you weren't just high or some shit?" I don't think he was.

"I swear on my life, I could recognize those eyes anytime"

"Wait I think someone's eavesdropping" Whoops seems like I gotta go now! Closing my locker I walk fast the other way as to where they are. "Come on lets give that guy a lesson!" I hear him smash his fist into his palm, I speed up my pace a bit.

"No! Don't, I don't trust that guy" I almost freeze on the spot, does he know?

"What do you mean!?" I walk fast around the corner, out of their sight. 

"Just don't" is the last I hear as I walk to the classroom. 


That's why I don't remember coming home, and why I was sleeping on the couch. I must have been really stressed since I didn't realize what happened yesterday. I don't remember anything after hearing those screams. He never dares to come out before sunset, but why? they said he saved Niall but how? I thought he was only build to destroy and kill, but he actually saved the guy. 

I scratch my arm letting my arm sleeve relieve a little skin, but something weird catch my eye, there's no scars. There used to be these 4 scars marking my wrist, but they're gone know. I got those the day I woke up in a restaurant in New Jersey, 3 people dead no blood was in the corps, he killed them, I killed them. I cried for days, hating myself. but I never touched my skin with a knife or anything sharp, they appeared the second I saw them there and realized it was all my fault. It amaze me that the police never have caught me, it must be that I have a different body and fingerprints when I change into him. I deserved those scars, I still do. 

The last time I lost a scar was when this girl told me that she wasn't scared of me, she admired me for being as strong as I am, and keeping my head up. It was a scar that covered my chest, from the right shoulder crossing down to under my left nipple. I felt this warm sensation, a good felling, in the area of the scar, then later when I was bathing I noticed that it was completely gone, vanished from my body, like it never was there in the first place. 

The bells rings it's lunch time. To clear my head I walk to my special getaway, Café Lessie, it's a good 5 minute walk, just by looking at the old light sign my nerves ease a bit. I order a cup of hot chocolate, which I bring with me to the seat I always sits at, the seat which is at the far end of the back. I feel more alone and calm down here, the perfect place to ease my thoughts and get a hang of it. 

I'm sitting all so calmly, looking out of the window taking small sips of my chocolate, making a move to grab my necklace, when a voice breaks my smooth mood and my actions. 

"Do you mind if I sit here?" It's that cheerios voice that no one can mistake for anyone else, but the only thing different is that it sound a bit less cheerios than it did the first day I met him, a flash of concern hits me, but I hurriedly cast it away again. 

"Sure, whatever" I answer, I defiantly thought this was my special place, and no body else knew about it. 

"Well ehm, I tried to call after you at the school, but I don't think you heard me, so I asked some people where you could be. And they told me they saw you walking this way, not that I'm stalking you or something" 

"What do you want?" I stop his rambling, it is a bit annoying that he followed me all the way over here. i just want him to piss of already, but at the same time I don't want him to leave me. 

"I just wanted to say thank you, so thank you" he smiles and blushes a bit, his eyes are bright and tells me his a bit nervous and hopeful. 

"Thank you for what?" He couldn't recognize me at that time. It wasn't me, it was him. 

"Well, I know you saved me from Jacob, and got me home and stuff, so thank you Zayn, it means a lot to me" he smiles again, why would he be smiling at a monster?

"How did you found out it was me?" Then he laughs, such a heartbreaking laugh that I just want to hear over and over again. He takes his hand down his shirt, and fishes something up, it gets reflected by the sun, and dazzles me. The moment I see it, I freak out, grabbing to my neck I feel that it's gone. He stool my necklace! He's just smiling at me with my necklace. I throw lightning at him with my eyes, the killer look is on. An all to familiarly feeling bobbles up inside me. I jump up from my seat, making the chair crash into the wall, breaking it completely. 

"Where did you get that from!?" My voice has grown darker and more furious. Niall freezes he's paler than normal, gulping he speaks.


"WHERE" I growl at him.

"I-it w-was in my ha-a-and" he stutters. I feel my fangs starting to grow.

"GIVE IT TO ME!" I demand, Shaking he takes of the necklace, and places it in my palm. His eyes are wide and scared. 

"I-I'm sor-" I hear a gun being loaded, looking up I see a man aiming at me. An instinct hits me just before the man pull the trigger. I grab Niall, the gun is being fired, he screams in horror, I shield him to protect my precious boy, crashing through the window I run to the only place I know is safe enough for us both to be there. To the place I grew up when I was abandoned in the woods. With the necklace in my hand and a unconscious Niall in my arms, I run faster than I ever have. Before I now it, he takes over my body again. 


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