Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


7. Chapter 5


 "I t-told you, I a-aren't good a-at ma-math" I stutter full of angst, as Jacob and two from his gang drag me out to the back of the school, where no one comes, except one person. I heard around that it's here he has the bodies of his victims. They also says that it's here he torture them, and slit up their throat and I think you got the point here. People say it's here Zayn has his secret chamber. I once saw him walk down here, so I never dared to go here. But here I am getting pushed into the wall pretty damn hard. 

The room is filled with shelves, which stand in 5 rows, I think there's books inside them, but it's hard to see when there's no light on. He has me pinned up against on of the corners of the room, so you can't see the door.

"Listen here fag, you will now get your 39 punches" Jacob growls at me, whining I make myself small. the two other guys hold my arms up over my head, then I feel the first Punch hit me straight in the guts, which leaves me without any air. Coughing a bit, he smirks at me "Only 38 left eh?" he prepares on the next Punch, his arm flies through the air, and hit on my chest. Pain shoots through my ribs, seconds later he hits me at the same place. Groaning of pain, I try and get away from the two guys holding me. But I get stopped by a fist which collide with my face. Stumbling back against the wall, I feel dizzy, tears form in my eyes.

"Look the fag are crying" One of the guys laugh at me. 

"Better get those tears stopped, eh?" The other one joins in. 

"How about I Punch them away?" Jacob laughs. I just whimper afraid of what he's going to do. Then another fist hits my eye, another one hits the other eye. My head hits the wall at the same time, something wet and warm slide down my face. Knowing it's blood, I start to panic, and tries once again to free myself. But end up getting an uppercut right up my ribs. Screaming I hear a crack coming from my ribs. Then the pain explodes in my bone, screaming once again the tears fall for real now. 

"Shut up you prick" I hear one say. Then another Punch in my face, and another, and one more. my nose is bleeding, and my rib bone is throbbing of pain. 

"Hey hey, don't cry you only got like 29 left" Jacob laughs. 

"P-ple-ase s-s-sto-op" I choke out. 

"What what was that? You want more ey?" Jacob starts before I answer he continues "Then you'll get it" He hits my other side of my ribs 4 times more, probably breaking the bone. I start to feel like it's getting hard to breath, and I see spots in front of my eyes. A final blow in my face, make my vision completely blind. Then I hear a loud bang, people are shouting and screaming, I feel the cold and hard ground hit my face. Before I completely fade away, I hear this scary, deep and monsterish voice saying "Stay away from him"  then everything goes black. 




3. person POV:

Zayn is walking down the hall, all the way down to his little hideout. He would normally go to the cafe, but it was Monday and the cafe was closed. So he went down the the old library, which only he knew were there. No body came to that place, not even the teachers, it was only him, surrounded by the many books in the old room. He liked it there, he could pretend he was some else when he read in those books. Just forget about the world for some time. 

As Zayn comes closer and closer to the library, he hears some weird screams coming from in there. Walking up to the door, he presses his ear to the door. "Hey hey, don't cry you only got like 29 left" it is Jacob, what is he doing in there, Zayn thought to him self. But things got clear when he heard the little whimper of a certain Irish little man.

"P-ple-ase s-s-sto-op" Zayn hears him whimper. Anger boil inside of Zayns veins, something weird is happening to him. Something new. He thought it would only happen after sunset, but not this time. Warm and pain boil up all over his body. The transformation has been sat in. Seconds later it's not Zayn who's standing in front of the door, it's a beast from the night who appeared in the sun light. Its body is big and gray with long fingernails, more likely claws, it's hair is gray and spicky, it's eyes are blood red, it also has a black cross on its face. 

The creature force open the door, making it break of the hinges and fly into the room. The three boys holding Niall, scream of surprise. "Stay away from him!" The creature snarl evil at them, the two drop Niall on the ground. The three of the boys faces were all white from angst. The were still standing in front of Niall.

"P-please d-don't k-k-kill us" One of the speaks. The creature growls at them.

"If you don't stay away from him, I Will kill you" The creature wanted nothing more than just to kill them, but it had to get to Niall, he is laying unconscious and bleeding. Anger get the good of the creature, in lightning speed it crashes into Jacob, holding him up against the wall, his feet not touching the ground, with its bare hand "Stay the hell away from him!" the Creature screams at him. The two other guys run out of the library, faster than a dogs reaction on the word "squirrel". 

Jacob is shaking in the grip of the creature, silently tears wheel up in his eyes. "Please don't, please" he pleads. But the creature doesn't care one bit, it only shoves him against the wall one more time. Cursing all the air within Jacob to disappear. Jacob whimpers, making the creature smirk.

Niall squirms on the ground, making the creature release Jacob, where he takes the opportunity to run away. Which the creature does nothing against. It checks him carefully, as it lift him up britalstyle it disappears seconds later. 

Taking Niall all the way to his home, it gets inside the boys house without breaking anything with ease. On the run Niall had a firm grip around the silver cross, which the creature didn't see. Putting Niall down on his bed, the necklace broke, but then again the creature didn't notice, it was to focused on getting Niall better. Cleaning him up and giving him some bandages here and there, he found out some of Nialls ribs were broken. 

The creature found new power, it didn't only have the power of destruction, but it could also heal. It healed the broken ribs in Nialls body. Making them as good as new. 


Finishing up the bandage, the creature couldn't stop it self from doing what it did, it kissed his forehead, wishing him recovery. It took one last look at Niall, then it disappeared out the window.

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