Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


6. chapter 4



Niall POV: 


The last few weeks I have been avoiding Zayn. I'm scared of him, everyone says he's a murder. I can't risk my life, by being friends with him. I really wish it wasn't like that, cause to be honest, I really don't have any friends here. Ever since I talked to Zayn first day at school, people have been looking down on me, and started picking on me too. It's really hard when I came here to find friends and I end up being the new kid. Nobody likes the new kid, especially after he talked to Zayn. 

I really shouldn't dislike him because of this, he even warned me to be seen with him; It would only curse trouble. It really was my own fault. Why do I have to be so stubborn? I wish I never moved out here, really it is that bad. Sooner or later Jacob and his gang, from first day of school, will come and either beat me up or humiliate me in front of everyone. I don't understand why they do this, they told me if I would stay away from Zayn, they wouldn't do me any harm. But I guess not. 

Speaking of the devil, here he comes. "Hey fag!" Jacob says loudly and slam my locker shut. "Have you done my homework?" Oh yeah and I also have to do his homework. And I did, I stayed up all night to make it, and I'm not even good at math, so I'll probably get even more hate later. 

"Yes it's done, but I don't know if all the answers is correct" I answer shyly, pulling out the papers, and hand them to him. 

"If I don't get a B for this, I'll kick your ass" He growls at me, while taking the papers. Right before he leaves, he shoves me right into the lockers, so it makes a loud banging noise. Did I mention that I hate my life? No I don't think so. An the worst part is that, that math papers won't give a B, not even close. 

I walk to my first class which is English, it's goes by pretty slow, nobody wants to talk to me, so when we should gather up in groups I had to be together with the teacher. Humiliating? Yes, yes it was. Next class is Biology, one of my favorites classes, it's easy and understandable.

Then lunch came, my time to get picked on. I sit alone at a table near the entrance, with my load of food, a sandwich, some fries, pudding and can of soda. Just what I need to feel a bit better about this place.

Of habit I look around the canteen. People always sit at their usually table. there's the skaters, the nerds, the cheerleaders and football team, the normal looking people, the hippies and then there's the table Zayn sits all alone, the same place I saw him my first day of school. Yeah and then there's my table, it's not so often people sit here, only when there aren't space enough for their groups, or it's just them who never really is at school.

I take a bite of my sandwich, feeling eyes on me. Gulping I look up, meeting the brown deep eyes which belongs to Zayn. The second I look at him, he hurriedly looks away. He has been doing that ever since I came here. It's really scary, I really think he might wants to kill me. Everyone told me he would. I have reasons to believe that he will. It's like he's thinking of a way to make that happen.

Eating the rest of my sandwich, two hands grab my shoulders really hard squeezing them. Scared that it might be Zayn, I look over at his table, but he's sitting there with a stiff and scary looking expression, staring at something behind me. Whining I try and turn around, but I can't. I feel a breath beside my ear.

"Are you going to eat that, fag?" He spits me in the face.

"Ehm, yeah I am actually" I answer, nobody can get Niallers food!

"Wrong answer" He says darkly, pushing me down from the bench, so I land right on my back. All air leaves my lungs, as I whine in pain. "Stop whining you pig" He takes one of my fries, and eats it right in front of my face. 

Anger fills my body "Oh no you didn't" standing up I punch him right in the guts. But unfortunately I am not that strong... So he just start laughing at me, making feel like a little dog. Then He punch me in my face, then in my stomach, so I lost all my air once again. I fall to the ground, accepting my defeat. Laughing he take the rest of my food.

"And if you ever try on that again, I'll kill you, understood?" I just nod. "Good, oh and see you at math" he smirks and leaves. God I forgot we have math together.. 

The bell rings as I try and get up off the ground. Brushing myself of, I head towards the history class, but then my nose starts to bleed, so I make a fast pit stop at the toilets. A good 5 minutes later, the blood stopped streaming, and I went to class. 

"Mr. Horan you're late" The teacher stats. 

"I'm sorry I was taking a wee" I smile politely. 

"Yeah, please sit down" I look around seeing that the only seat available is the one beside Zayn, shit. Slowly and painfully I walk over towards him. Putting my bag down and taking up my books I sit down. trying my hardest not to look at him. But of course I look over at him, seeing that he's looking at my face. 

"Are you okay?" He suddenly burst out. Why would he care about if I was okay or not? He's the one who wants to kill me, so why would he care?

"I-I'm fine" I mumble looking down. 

"No, no don't do that!" Confused I look up at him, feeling something wet running down my nose "Your nose is bleeding" 

"Fuck" I panic, trying to dry it off with my hand. 

"Here" He hands me a tissue.

"Thanks" I take the tissue, and my nose. 

"No problem" he smiles at me? That's weird. I thought he didn't want me to be seen with him. Well the damage is already done, so what's the point anyway. He's not as bad as everyone says he is, they probably just made it up.

We didn't talk much the rest of class, just about the assignment we got. So now it's math, just kill me already. 

When I walk in the classroom I instantly see Jacob, he sees me too and make sign for me to come down to him. With my head down, I walk towards him. "Hey fag" he greets me. "You ready to see how many punches you'll get?" I frown at him


"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, one of the others got an amazing idea" he smirks " For every wrong answer I get to punch you one time" Angst fills me, I start shaking and feel a bit dizzy, no way this gonna happen, I'm gonna end up in a hospital! "Sit down already, class starts soon" 

As much as I want to run out of this classroom, I sit down beside him. Then the teacher comes in. 

"Okay students! Be quiet please, I want you all to give me today's homework" Everyone walks up and hands the papers to the teacher. "You'll get the answer later today" shit.

"You ready to see your future fag?" That name fag, probably won't ever disappear. 

"hmm" I mumble. He looks at the result, shaking I look at his expression and he's frowning. That can't be good. "H-how m-ma-ny w-wrongs?" I ask barely speaking.

"25/64 rights, so 39 wrongs" he growls " I got a fucking C-, you fucker!" he yells at me. Oh boy. 






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