Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


5. Chapter 3




Niall POV:

On my way down to my car some scary looking guys were looking disgusted at me, they're about 5 people, what did I do? I just ignored them, and continued towards my car. "Hey you!" One of them shouted to me. Keeping my pace I ignored it. "You blonde guy, I am talking to you" Why is that damn car so far away from the school building?! "It's not nice to turn your back on someone" he continues. 

"That was three" somebody whispers energetic. 

"Let the fun begin!" another shouts, making me run for my life. But unfortunately 3 of the guys are running after me. They're just behind me, I reach my car, but before I get to unlock it they yank me of it and throw me on the ground, cursing me to lose all of my air. 

"You're the new kid right?" The one with the brown short hair asks me. I just nod, to scared to say anything. "You were the one sitting with that kid Zayn" he said Zayn's name like it was poisoned. "Wasn't you!?" he shouts at me. 

"Y-yes" I stutter. Why is he asking me about Zayn too?

"Stay away from him! You hear me!?" He shouts again. 

"W-why?" I ask curiously.

"None of your business!" One of the others snares at me.

"Just stay the hell away from him! Copy?" The one with the brown short hair, the leader I assume yells at me again. To stupid and to curious I shake my head.

"No, tell me why, why is he so bad?" I spit at him. His face turned red from anger, making me flinch. 

"Don't fucking answer back you little prick!" One with red spiky hair yells. 

"Relax pals, it's cool, I'll tell him." He stats " So you really wanna know why you can't hang out with this guy?" He starts. I nod quickly. "He doesn't deserve happiness, he's sick!" he spites at me.

"And why is that?" I spit back. 

"He killed my mother" Everything seems to freeze, my head hurts, cold shivers is running down my spine, making me feel sick. Cold sweat is forming on my forehead. 

So he's really going to kill me? This can't be true. He couldn't have killed this guys mother. That's just sick. I won't believe it!

"You're lying" My voice is shaking, it's almost silent. My throat is dry, I can't speak. 

"Keep away from him, or we will punish you" the boy whispers dangerously in my ear, leaving me in the parking lot of the school. 

I fall back on my back, feeling more scared than ever, I can't move at all. I should really go home and lock myself up in my room forever.

Shaking I try and stand, but as soon as I get up on my feet, weird black spots are ruining my vision, and I get dizzy. With a weird feeling of flying through the air, I hit the ground and pass out. 



Zayn POV:

I walk down on the empty hallway, I had to go to the bathroom, when I spot a figure on the parking lot. Curious I take a look on the fella. He has blonde hair, White shirt and blue pants... wait a minute isn't that the same clothing as Niall was wearing? 

On instinct i run to the nearest exit, and run over to the figure laying on the ground. And as I thought it was Niall laying there. Just to be sure I checked his pulse, it was all normal, I sigh of relief. 

Why is he sleeping on the ground? I better make sure he doesn't get run over by some car. I lift him up in my arms bridal style. Walking back to the entrance, I kicked open the door, and walk to the nearest bench. Placing him down on it, I try and wake him up. 

I shake his shoulders calling his name, but I get no response at all. He just mumbles something like "Leaaavrghh mhh lonee" What a cutie pie, I laugh to myself.

"Niall seriously wake up man, my teacher gonna search for me" I mumble half smile as I shake him a bit rougher, but to my big surprise he just roll over and turn his back on me. "Fine then I'll leave you be" I whisper getting up. I can't get detention for this, so I make sure he is still asleep, and walk back to the classroom. When I walk into the class, everyone is listening or rather pretending to listen to Mr. Petersen. 

"That took you long enough Mr. Malik, sit down please" Even my teachers don't like me. The other students try and hold back a laugh at Mr. Petersen's comment.

I hate school.



Niall POV



 I wake up to the sound of talking, opening my eyes I find out I'm laying on a bench in the school hallway. How did I even end up in here? I thought I was outside.. Memory from what happened outside comes rushing in. Fuck. My heart starts pounding in my chest. shaking I sit up, taking a deep breath I look at my phone. It's already 2PM? Standing up I walk to my car, most people have already went home. I sit in my car. Hurriedly I start the engine and drive out from the school parking lot. 

Today has been a busy week for me. (couldn't help it, sorry)



HELLOOOO so chapter 3 finish! 

So Zayn gonna kill Niall? exciting :)

what do you think? TELL ME! :D










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