Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


4. Chapter 2





Locking my door I walk out on the streets, people are in hurry, actually I am too. But I don't really care, I don't want to go to school, so why should I hurry. Nothing has changed anyway. It's just the same old boring classes. 

The bell rings the same moment I step in on the school ground. Sighing I walk by the late students, who can't get more absence than they already have. They are sending me side glances, either terrified or disgusted. I don't care anymore, they can't harm me more than they already have. It have to be impossible. 

I reach my locker, opening it I take my books and head for class. Not many people are left in the hallways, the same old. It's the "bad guys" who stay behind. Mostly to pretend they're cool and dangerous. they don't scare me, but they scare a hell lot of the others around here. Just like they're scared of me. The same old. 

Class is boring as hell, we are doing algebra, math yes. Fuck you math. Everyone hates you. Just like they hate you. sigh. I wish that he for once would stop talking to me. But that will never happen. Then again the same old. 

Lunch sucks, we're having mashed potatoes but the mush is kind of wet, it's like a soup, and the bacon hasn't cooked enough. I leave it on the plate, and drink my water. 

"E-excuse me?" A voice close to me, closer than usually, asks. I don't answer; No one speaks to me, so why should they ask me anything. "H-hallo?" His voice cracks, his accent is different, I haven't heard it before. Curious I look behind me to see who he is. He is staring directly at me with his ocean blue eyes. his hair is blond with brown rots, he's wearing a snapback, a white shirt and blue pants. My heart raise of the sudden new thing. "C-can I sit.. here?" He speaks holding up his tray. 

"S-sure" I manage to say. 

"Thank you" He smiles and sit down. I don't say a single to him, just taking small sips of my water awkwardly. After minutes of silence the boy breaks it. "I'm Niall by the way" he is holding his hand towards me. 

"Zayn" I stat shaking his hand, he smiles at me, making my head fly. Why is he even talking to me? "You aren't from ere, are you?"

"No I'm new" He smiles friendly, . That's why. The new kid doesn't know who I am. Yet. "I'm from Ireland." He looks proud, eating some of the disgusting potatoes, he actually likes that?

"Oh yeah, cool." I answer coldly, I have to, he can't get hurt because of me. Looking around I already see people whispering and looking at us."Y-you shouldn't sit here" I stat looking down at my untouched food. He can't sit here, they'll just hurt him. 

"W-why not?" His smile fading slowly. I can feel his eyes on me. 

"I am not good for you" I answer standing up with my tray. walking over to the nearest Dumpster I throw my food out, and disappear out of the canteen. 

 Why would he even sit next to me? Like seriously, you can easily see that I'm an outcast. Sitting alone with no people around, if you were smart you wouldn't go near that kind of people. You would go to a table with loads of people, who have friends. Not me. No one should be near me, too dangerous. Same old.

I walk directly to my next class which is history. it's okay, we just listen and write down notes. 

After 5 minutes the bell rings and people is walking to their seats. A certain person with blue eyes is walking inside the room. Did he really need to be in the same class as me? He looks around, his eyes catch mine, he immediately smiles. Fuck. I look down on my table, hoping he just would fuck off. 

"Hey" He says sitting down beside me. I don't answer him. He can't be with me. "Sooo, you have History too?" I keep quiet. "In Ireland we had history too, I just hope it's just as good here like there." He rambles on. "I think history is a really good subject, what do you think?"

"I think you talk to much." I answer before the teacher enters the classroom.

"Okay class, today we're reading the next 2 chapters in the history book, remember to take notes" Mr. Keith said. I like history, we don't have to do team work, just read for ourselves. 

"Org are we going to read for 2 hours straight!? I can't do that!" Niall whines. Why is he sitting here again? "Zayn, is this really what you do in here!?" He whines again. I Roll my eyes, I won't answer him. "ZAAAAYn!" Now's people looking. Great.

"What" I answer him to make him shut up. 

"Do you only read in this class?" He asks pouting, his lower lip is poking slightly out of his mouth, his brows is placed so he kind of looks like a puppy. Why would someone as cute as that ever want to talk to someone like me. I don't deserve this, he deserves more than being an outsider. Oh yeah his question.

"Uhm yeah, always" I answer reading the first line in the chapter about Princess Diana. 

"OOORgghh" Niall whines once again. 

"You should start reading, Mr. Keith doesn't like noise" I tell him.

"Oh, yeah sorry" He answers innocently, he didn't start reading, but took something up from his bag, curious I studied what he was doing. He took a pair of glasses out of his bag. Putting them on he looked a bit nerdy, but cute in a way. I hate to admit it but he looks just fine with those glasses on. Licking my lips, I bit down on my lower one, and forces my eyes down on the book, but of curse he noticed me staring at him. "Like what you see Zayn" I could hear he was grinning, I couldn't control the blush that came flushing in over my cheeks. 

This could ruin everything for him. I just I can't stay here, he can't be my friend not now, not ever. 

Mr. Keith is writing some papers, so he can't see me. Taking the opportunity, I take my books and my bag, and storm out of the room. I didn't look back, so I don't really know how he reacted. I shouldn't even be thinking about that... 




Niall's POV: 

Oh didn't thought he was the badboy, I wish I had the balls to just go like that. The teacher didn't even notice. Why did he even go? Was it something I said? Oh... So he wasn't checking me out, and he got disgusted by me instead? But didn't he blush? He was probably about to puke. Of course. The best first day of school ever! 

I have moved school so many times now, the longest I have stayed on a school was for 2 years. But that was also the worst of them all, I was bullied for being the new kid the first year, the next they just decided I had some sort of disease, so no one really talked to me at all. If they did it was hate full words like loser and fuck you, you little shit head. It was hard, but then my mom got a new job in another town and we moved. 

There was one school were I got in a friend group of 4, I think it was the 5th one. We're still in touch, they are my best buddies. We made a pact before I moved again; we have to go on the same college, It's a music college, we are all pretty much into music. i play the guitar, I'm not the best, but I still rock! I live about 500 miles away from them now.

I hate history, it was much better on the school I was at before. Wait a second, what did I just read? Orghh seriously! Now I have to start all over again! Princess Diana... Bla bla bla.

The bells rings after I finish the first chapter. "The rest is homework" Mr. Keith commands. What's next? I look on my schedule, English with miss Jenifer. That's okay I guess. Uh fuck. I don't know were that is! I wanted to ask Zayn, but he isn't here so I have to talk to the ugly man. Urgh.

 Walking up to his desk I ask "Excuse me?" to get his attention. 

"Yes" he answers.

"Do you know where English with miss Jenifer is?" I ask kindly. He looks up at me, his eyes widen.

"Oh you must be the new kid" I nod "I'm sorry, I'm Mr. Keith" he takes out his hand, I take it and shakes it lightly.

"Niall, Niall Horan" I Answer, and let go of the mans hand.

"The class is at 2. floor room 243, right beside the toilets." I thank him and walk to the direction he told me. 

I walk up the stairs to 2. floor, I spot the raven haired boy walking in room 240, disappointed I look after my class, and it is exactly where Mr. Keith told me it were, just beside the toilets. Walking in the students shut up and look directly at me. They have been giving me this look since lunch, that's why I sat beside Zayn in history, he's the only one who doesn't look at me like I was some sort of a monster. He looked more shocked and nervous, and glad. Yeah glad. 

Scanning the room I see there's a few seats left, I take the one in the back of the class. The others are studying my every move.

A girl comes in the class, she has long, dark brown hair, a smile as white as the clouds - When it's not raining, her eyes are dark brown like a chestnut. Looking around in the room she founds out the only seat left is the one beside me. Looking down on my phone I wait for her presence, which is there seconds after. Looking I see she's much prettier up close, if not she's beautiful. 

"Hi, you must be the new kid, right?" She asks smiling.

"Yeah I am" I answer kindly. 

"I'm Claudia, but you can call me Clay" She offers.

"I'm Niall" I smile. 

"So Niall, I'll just go into the details right away" She starts.

"Okay?" I ask confused.

"I heard you where talking with" She holds a pause "Zayn" she whispers. 

"Yeah? So what?" I lift an eyebrow.

"You can't talk with him, it's for your own good." She tells me.

"Why not, it's not like he's a murder or something" I frown at her. She doesn't answer me, but looks like I just got jackpot. He didn't kill anyone! Did he? "He's not, is he?"

"I don't know if it's true, but people are talking. Just stay away from him okay, he's bad for you" weird he said the same thing to me, but I just assumed he was a 'badboy' ya know. He did leave in class but that's not so bad. 

"But did he kill someone?" I whisper.

"I don't know, but people are already con summing you'll be his next target or something." WHAT HWAT!?! 

"You're kidding right?!" I whisper scream. 

"I'm not" That made me storm out of the class, down the stairs almost tripping, then out to the parking lot to my car. This is so not cool.









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