Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


16. Chapter 14




Zayn POV:

The moment he told me where the key is, his voice disappeared from my mind. Calmly I walk out of the door of the cabin, walking outside into the forest I take a large breath smelling the trees and flowers. A cold breeze hit my face and dry of the last remaining of my tears, I still can't believe he told him about the killing, he should be the one knowing that I love that boy with all of my heart. I can't live a life without him around. I would be torn into pieces I wouldn't know what to do with myself. My life would be over. I just really hope that he's right about the things he told me about. I really hope that Niall can Love me for who I am, and be able look away for the bad tings I have done in my life. I really hope he can fix me. 

I wander around the house, to the bushes which hides the bottom of the house, removing the branches I see a shiny object under some dirt, fishing it up I realize it's the key. So he didn't lie to me, nice. I walk inside the cabin again, going down the basement I see Niall laying on the bench with his back against me. I hide the key in my pocket. 

I still can't let him go, I can't trust him fully. I have to see if he really don't mind, I have to know that I can trust him. As I walk towards him, he begins to move, I stop. 


Niall POV:

I hear footsteps coming closer to the cage, on instinct I turn around to see who it is. Zayn is standing in the middle of the basement with his eyes wide open. He looks sick. "Zayn?" He doesn't answer, I stand up from the bench and walk towards the poles of the cage. "Are you okay?" Then he seems to get out of it, he blinks a bit. Then he starts to walk towards me. "So you're okay?" I try again giving him a little smile. 

"Well I could be better" he sighs, before I get to say something he continues "I know he told you about... about the murders" he says the last word with so much disgust and venom that it's almost scary. 

"Ye-yeah he did" I stat, his gaze falls to the ground, I take the last step towards the poles so i'm only inches away from him. "But" I begin as I grab his hand "I know he was the doing it, you didn't have any control of it, and I know that he did it to protect you" He looks up at me with the most nervous look I have ever seen.

"S-s-so you don't ha-hate me?" I immediately shake my head smiling at him. 

"I do see you a bit differently, but it's only on the outside, on the inside you're still the boy I have a crush on" I smile at him. His eyes widen at the second I said that.

"Y-you have a crush on me?!" Wait what, DID I SAY THAT!? Letting go of his hand I scratch my neck.

"Well ehm..." I start blushing "Yeah, kinda" I look up at him with a crossed smile still blushing, and his standing there with the biggest smile I've ever seen him wear. Getting lost in his eyes I don't even notice him removing my hand from my neck and taking it in his, he takes a step closer to the poles, which holds us apart. He places a hand on my cheek, I bit my lip.

"You're cute when you blush" he smiles making me blush even more. We just stare at each other, his eyes have a beautiful glow in them, he seems at peace, my eyes wander to his slender lips, which looks soft and inviting. Suddenly my body starts leaning in to him I slightly part my lips, my head tilt to side, but is stopped by poles. I didn't realize that Zayn also was leaning in before I could feel his breath on my lips. Looking up at his eyes, I see they are focused on my lips, desperately I try and come closer, but the poles is holding me back. But then I feel them, Zayn's lips upon mine, but it's only a slight touch, closing my eyes I crave more. Grabbing his neck I pull him closer, moans slip from both our mouths, but we keep going, tasting each other hungrily. His hand crawl to the back of my head clawing at my hair, making me groan. The other runs down my spine stealing shivers. I found my own hand getting closer to his ass, which I can't hold myself from, grabbing it he moans in my mouth, making me groan once again. Grabbing his hips I force them to my own as far as possible until the poles once again holds us from each other. I thrust my groin forward rigth into his, making both our breath hitch, lost of air we pant into each others mouth keeping up the grinding.

"I-I need uurgh mo-ore of you" I pant as I grab his shirt attempting to take it of, but he steps back from me, frowning I see he tumbles with something in his pocket. A little metallic thing come out, it's the key! "When did you get that?" I step back from the poles to the door like thing. He looks up at me smirking.

"I got it this morning" then he opens the cage door, stepping inside he takes my hands in his intertwine them together. I smile up at him, his smile is so pretty. Leaning in we kiss again, this time I let myself feel him, his lips are moving slowly against mine, they're moving perfectly in sync. His lips are even softer than I've expected, his taste is unique, he taste of Zayn. One of his hands sneak out from mine, and finds the small of my back, pressing my body up against his. Our groins touch yet again making a shiver run through me, his hand slid a bit further down to my ass, making me deepen the kiss. 

Soon we're making out again, crotch's grinding up against each other, hands all over our bodies, I'm at my limit of oxygen, pulling away I kiss down his neck towards his collarbone, suddenly he stiffs, I stop there and begin sucking and biting at his skin, moans slips from his mouth, I go harder, which curse me to push him up against the wall. Ending my love bite I suck hard, getting a whimper in return, and grab at the rim of his shirt. Pulling it over his head my eyes widen. His torso is filled up with different forms of scars, I pull back studying them. 

"P-please d-don't look at them.." Zayn sighs looking at the floor where his shirt lays, he bents down towards it, but I stop him pushing up against the wall yet again. He's still looking at the floor, his hair is shadowing his eyes.

"Zayn, look at me" he don't, I put a finger under his chin forcing him to look at me, tears are forming in is eyes, he's trying everything in his might not to look a me. "These scars are a part of you, even your hair is a part of you, and you know what, Zayn?" he bits his lip shaking his head. "I love every single part of you" I stat as I kiss down his chest, I kiss every little scar there's on his chest, I stop right at where his heart is, this is the longest and deepest scar of them all, the kiss I place here is the longest one. A wet drop lands on me, looking up at Zayn I see the tears he has been holding back is falling down his face. Lifting myself up to his level I wash of all the tears with my hands and kiss him on the lips, he kisses me back with so much force that we tumble backwards landing on he ground. But we don't break the kiss, we keep going. I turn us over so I'm on top of him, taking off my own shirt I go for kissing him again but he stops me.

"Y-you really love me?" He cracks, he looks so little and unsure about himself.

"Yes, yes I do" I smile at him, and it's true I really do love him, he's such a nice person, he has something nobody else have. He knows how it feels to get hurt so you feel like dying. He can feel more empathy than any other person in the hole world, he just don't know how a wonderful person he really is. 

"I-I love you too" He stats blushing, my heart rate speeds up. He actually loves me, and I'm about to- "Please make me forget about everything, just for a day, Niall, Please"

"What do you mean Zayn?" 

"Make me only think about you and me, just us. Nobody else, just for a day" he blushes, understanding what he means I nod and slams my lips against his for the third time today. 

Grinding into him I run my hands down his naked scared side, kissing up to his ear I whisper "I love your ears Zayn" kissing down his neck I whisper "I love your neck" skipping down to his chest "I love your chest" going for his left nipple I start sucking and nibbling it, while massaging the other with my fingers. Zayn bucks his hips up in mine making me grind him more aggressively. Fast I skip to the other nipple "I love those too" getting a bit impatient the romance got on hold for a bit, as I kiss down his happy trail his hands find their way into my hair tugging on it, begging me to go faster. I unbutton his pants taking them of and throwing them somewhere I take mine of as well. Coming back down on him I'm about to kiss him but notice something weird. I run a finger over his chest as I straddle him sitting on his already hard member. "Zayn"

"What?" he hums.

"Your scars, they're fading" he sits up like he just got struck by lightning, looking down on his stomach we both look fascinated by the way each scar slowly heals and disappears. "How is this even possible?"

"I.. I don't know" he laughs, wow his laugh is just like ice cream on a hot summer day; the best solution to have a greater day. "Come here" he grabs my face and kisses me again.


I can't believe I'm doing this. I just confessed my love to him, and he even loves me back, I shouldn't be doing this. Why am I even doing this! I can't believe I'm such a bad person. I just made him lose so many scars just by telling him my love for him, and this is what I'm doing to him. I just made love to him, I just fucked him. I'm a terrible person

But there's no other time to this but know, if I really want to go home I have to do it know. Carefully I  untangle myself from Zayns warm body, leaving him on the floor with a blanket, I silently collect my clothes up from the floor, taking on my boxers I carry the rest. I grab the handle of the cage, and stop in my tracks, looking at him for probably the last time in my life, I take in everything that have happened these past 4 months. It's crazy how things can turn out to. A single tear falls down my cheek. "I'm sorry Zayn" I whisper as I walk out of the cage. Leaving Zayn alone in the basement I run out of the cabin and into the forest, I keep running until I find the road. 


Zayn POV:

"I'm sorry Zayn" And he's gone, just like that he left me. He didn't love me, it was all an act. He never cared for me all he cared for was to get out of here. That's why he always asked about the key. All he ever wanted was to go home. He never loved me. Tears fall from eyes I try and bash them away with my hands, but what I see stops me completely. There's scars on my hands, I've never had scars on my hands. It can't be. He broke my heart, he used me, he fucked me. And it meant nothing to him. 

"THAT BASTARD HOW DARE HE!??!?? I'M GONNA KILL THAT KID!" No don't It's my own fault in the first place, I should have let him go to begin with, I shouldn't have been so scared. I'm the monster here, he hates me and I can do nothing about it, either can you. You'll only make it worse and you know it. 

"But he crushed your heart and soul, your hole body is covered in scars, don't he deserve punishment?" No if you kill him I'll lose the very last bit of my soul, and you know that, I'll die if he dies. 

"But then what can I do Zayn?" You can be there for me is all. 

A slight pain runs through my bag, but I can't really feel it, the pain in my heart is way more intens than that. Suddenly a pair of warm wings curls around my body, holding me tight. 

How do you do that?

"I can do more than you'll ever know"

Then I fell asleep in his wings, with scars covering my hole body.





I'm sorry guys.... :C




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