Through The Dark

"Haven't I seen you before?"


"Aren't you that guy I sat with in lunch?"


"Yes you are"

"Eat your breakfast"

"Did it get you too? What does it want with us?"

"I don't know, now eat"

"Will we ever get back?"


"Why not?"

"We know to much."


12. Chapter 10



Niall POV:

It's late night and the screaming has just stopped, I wait until I hear the similarly breathing coming from outside of the cage. Collecting all of my courage I speak

"Please.." my voice sound a bit Weaver, being the man I am I man up "Tell me what he doesn't want me to know" I stand up and grip at the cage's poles "Tell me what he haven't told me yet" I nearly demand. The monster snickers at me. "Come on! I must be here for a reason!" I raise my voice. But a deep voice scares me.

"I like when you're hasty, it make you... sexy" a shiver runs down my spine, I can't really tell if the good or bad kind. Suddenly the monster stands just inches away from me, gasping I take a step back, but get stopped by the monsters hand gripping onto my shirt. My eyes are wide open and looking directly in the monster's eyes. I felt.. weird, I wasn't scared but somehow I act willingly, like I.. I want this. "I wanna tell you some things, but I want something in return" the monster smirks down at me. Did I tell you that his really big and tall that is. 

"Whatever you want" I breath. The monster's smirk grows even wider, seconds later I feel something cold upon my lips, then a wet, hot muscle touch my lips, and I finally realize what's happening, widding my eyes again I feel the monster kissing me harder, almost begging me for returning it. But I stand frozen on the spot. The monster's tongue keep on begin for entrance but I refuse it. 

"If you're not gonna return this, the there'll be no responses" it groans at my lips. Then it forces it's lips right onto my own again, and this time I respond immediately, receiving a satisfied groan from the monster. Its' hand grip the back of my head, it fill up the space and even more, forcing us to deepening the kiss, its' tongue creep its' way into my mouth. Battling for dominance I'm quick to surrender and let it roam my mouth with its' tongue. The monster pulls a bit at my hair, making a moan slip out, blushing I feel the monster smirk into the kiss. It sneaks a hand around my waist, with its' giant hand it pulls my body up against the cold poles so I can feel its' body up against my own. At that point I discover that this monster is defiantly a male.

Gasping I pull away for air, I realize that my hands has been gripping rather tightly onto the poles in front of me. He doesn't pull his hand away from my neck and waist, but start making circles with his thumbs, I can feel that he has rather big claws, but he is being sure that they doesn't bruise me. As I look up at him I see that his eyes a glowing a lot more then they use to, and they bare a strange emotion that I have never seen before. On top of that he's almost smiling, but hides it behind a smirk, I blush at the sight of him.  

"So" he starts his voice rather rough "What did you want to know?" Oh yeah I had questions, blushing again I grip a bit tighter around the poles. 

"Ehm, yeah, eh.." smooth really smooth.. he chuckles a bit at me, it sounds almost friendly, but then he ruffles my hair, and I pout on instinct, which makes him chuckle even more. I kind of enjoy that sound. "Well ehm, I wanted to know why me and Zayn are here, and why I'm locked inside this cage, and why he can wander around here, and why that weird scream comes after I've had my dinner and ehm... yeah" I ramble, but stop as I she his smirk falls at every request, and he get a distant look in his eyes. 

"Listen" he starts staring directly into my eyes. "I really shouldn't be the one telling you all of this, but I don't know if Zayn ever will say these things to you" 

"Why's that?" I stop him. 

"Well Zayn got a great liking for you, and he don't want you to get hurt, he doesn't trust me that is." he stats.

"What do you mean?" I ask confused as ever. he chuckles at me again, letting go of me, making me frown at the loose of contact.

"I'll tell bit after bit, I don't think you're ready to hear the full Truth just yet" He stats.

"BUT I WANT TO KNOW!" I raise my voice getting frustrated. He starts to back away from me. "YOU PROMISED ME ANSWERS!" Then he stops.

"You're here because you know about me" then he starts walking away again. 

"I WANT MORE THAN THAT!" I scream at him.

"Lets wait for them to tomorrow, I'm hungry" he growls at me, the scary sound making me shut up and let him walk out from the basement, leaving me all alone... again. 

some time after he left, I realize I'm still holding onto the poles, loosing my grip on them I lay down on the bench, and put over my blanket I got from Zayn. I didn't know you could be cable of liking a monster.


heeeeey finish with this chapterr yay

picture at side is like niall and the monster.. pretend for me here xD

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