Running Out of Time

Nina needs saving.

Who will be her hero?


2. Unladylike

I used to be a boring person, I used to do my homework (actually show up to class). I was nice, I even had a job, willingly.

But in the past few months I changed, I reshaped myself. I was no longer going to be a doctor. (Who the hell wants to be a doctor? Dumb people!) now I don't know what I want to be, but why does it even matter? There are so many other options. So many doors that I just opened in closing an unrealistic one.

My parents divorced, and of course me being the good girl I went with mommy-dearest like I was told. She brought us to Australia. Yeah, down under. Which meant my favourite time of year just got thrown down the drain. No snow? Is this place even part of the planet?

When we moved here I was still the shy nice girl. About a month in I met someone, great people. They didn't have any expectations. we'll a few but easy to overcome, unlike straight a's or premed, or a good uni after moving mid-term. They encouraged me to try new things, amazing things.

My mom kicked me out when she found these "new things" under my bed. She said it was "unladylike" and some crap about how it was ruining brain cells. As if.

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