Subject M1: The Creator

For my ''return'', I am creating this.

This takes place in the Maze Runner.. I am making it up as I go, some things won't make sense. I'll try to go off the book as much as possible, but I am changing bits and pieces to fit into adding an OC, enjoy! Or not!


2. Chapter One: Voices

   The time is coming. Follow the voice.

     My head popped up from my paperwork. I looked around but nobody else seemed to hear it. What? Time for what? Voice? I looked back down at the papers I have to fill out. What could be coming? Does it have something to do with Subject  A2? I shake my head to clear the thought. I probably just dazed off again and imagined it.

    Although, in almost every story I read, the voices usually lead off into an epic adventure. Or just plain insanity, but that's not usually in stories, it's in real life. But trust me, I'd hope for the former. Life is extremely boring here. But it's better here than being in the Scorch, where I'd be beaten up and driven mad.

    That's the thing though; I would only be driven mad if I caught the disease. I've been studying images of the bacteria and trying to breakdown it's most basic structure, and it seems to me that all you would need is a simple gas mask of sorts, or even a- Oh, what are they called? The face masks the doctors use? Yeah, those, to protect yourself from it.

If only I could just get a sample of it, I can probably develop a cure faster than what these people are doing. But hey, you know what they say; WICKED is good.


    I was filing away the reports for Group B's Day 1512. All four quadrants. Ugh! I hate this job! Oh well, at least I'm not stuck in there, with the Subjects. Poor things, don't even get their memories. But it's all part of this plan to ''save humanity'' or whatever, but I don't buy it. They're trying to pass off the fact that they're studying what makes Immunes, well, immune so they can replicate it. All I see is a waste of government money.

Why not try to stop the spread instead? Why not build a safe haven for Immunes, so humanity can live on, instead of wasting it on getting brain scans and test results. But no, WICKED is good.


Sorry for the wait. I have been offline again, so it's not really celebratory as a return. I'm too busy with Wattpad, which I like better, but I also want to get back into using this as well. So yeah, hope you enjoyed!

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