Subject M1: The Creator

For my ''return'', I am creating this.

This takes place in the Maze Runner.. I am making it up as I go, some things won't make sense. I'll try to go off the book as much as possible, but I am changing bits and pieces to fit into adding an OC, enjoy! Or not!


1. The Creator: Prologue

   The Creator: Prologue


     ''Subject A7 for Group A is ready for launch.''


     My supervisor watched over my shoulder as I punched in the code for the newest 'Glader', as they called themselves. The rumbling began, and I pressed a series of buttons to activate the blaring. It warns the test subjects that another 'Greenie' is joining them. The rumblings continued up the shaft and into the Maze. Another series of taps stopped the blaring. Two subjects, opened up the top of the 'Box', as it was dubbed. You know what, I'll just use their terms.

     ''Subject A7 has landed and is disengaged. Another job well done, team.''

     We nodded in sync before returning back to our work, aka mindlessly staring at the monitors and stalking the Gladers. I sometimes wished there was more to do than just record what they do and see if it fits in with the Variables we placed. Most of the time it does, because we geniuses have been working for years to develop the cure for the Flare. That's what these tests do, and they must succeed, or all the money and effort would be wasted. And we can't have that.

    At least, that's what we've been told countless times. It just seems as if there's more. I'll find out eventually. And I completely intend to.

    I look around to see everyone bored, but still focused on the three screens each are given to watch. I sigh and go back to my own screens. I really don't know how they could stand doing this on a daily basis. You see, I just started, so I'm a 'Greenie' of sorts. A smile hints at my face. Their language amuses me.

    So, yeah, kind of sucks to be the newbie. But, I'm starting to get the gist of everything. I can only hope to get answers. And find my permanent job.


''This is your desk. You'll be watching Subject A5 for one day. If this task finally suits you, we'll keep you watching him. Now get to work.''


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