Else was forced to flee from
her homeland and was raised with her cousin Orla who's always sheltered from the truth by her fathers he king of a small kingdom in Scotland. One day when he remarries to the queen of England the truth spills out. Why she had to flee to run to keep out of harms way. To find out the truth would bring dark secrets out of everyone.


3. No

Back to reality:

"Ya I was going to say," said the man as he sat at the edge of her bed "but if you did hate her then thy would make your decision so much easier"

"You know John even without Orla I would never run of with you,"

"That's not what you were saying last night." He cheekily chuckled as he crawled over the covers and leaned over her. "You know you love me," His face so close to hers that she could feel the heat radiating off his body. His lips gently pressed onto hers. 

"No," Else yelled as she pushed him off of her. "The heart can only love once and my heart belongs to James," she said jumping off the bed.

"What?" He laughed with disbelief in his voice "Your dead fiancée?" He said disbelieved. "What could he ever do for you?" he laughed as he got up and walked over to her. He gently put his hand on her cheek. "God your cold," he whispered before pulling her into a deep passionate kiss. Else pushed him away. He stumbled back and into the mirror. The sound of shattering glass rang through the room. "He understood," anger in her voice and fury in her eyes "which is something you could never do," 

"My lady are you alright I heard a crash?" Berta Else's maid sense she was child, asked as she entered the room "Who we're you shouting at?"

"Yes in fine," she replied "I wasn't shouting at anyone," 

"Only just a figure of my imagination," she said under her breath. 

"What?" asked Berta 

"Nothing," Else snapped "I said nothing."   

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