Else was forced to flee from
her homeland and was raised with her cousin Orla who's always sheltered from the truth by her fathers he king of a small kingdom in Scotland. One day when he remarries to the queen of England the truth spills out. Why she had to flee to run to keep out of harms way. To find out the truth would bring dark secrets out of everyone.


2. Her Story

6 months before going to live with her uncle.

The sky darkend as she sat up against the old Oak that stood outside her small home. She sat under the millions of stars that watched over her like millions of eyes protecting her from the crual world. “Why?” she asked the stars “When we need your help your not there but when we dont need help well your still not there why?” she asked again but not to the stars. No someone else. She sighd as the cold night breeze tugged at her braids . Usually the cold night breeze soothed her but not today or anyday to follow .


It was the 5th day of November. Else10th birthday. Just a normal day still working in the golden feilds of barley that swayed in the cold crisp November air. While her parents and siblings worked she decided to take a walk. A long walk in the forest by her house. She looked up at the tallest tree. It streched up, up and up almost touching the sky. Walking forward closer to the dark side of the forest. Her mother always said to stay away from the dark side of the forest. No one knows whats in there. Just that its dark and creepy. Some say the sun never shines, the only trees that grow are ones used in the magic of dark witches. Just superstision. “What harm could it do,” she said quitly to her self. She looked around to make sure no one was around. She steped out into the. She paced forward as thr trees hide the sun and the blue sky turned to grey. a wolf howled in the distance, a lonely sad call. She was she felt a sharp pain of sympathy as it sang its lonely song. “Hello?” She questioned as she thought she herd something. It was nothing she thought as walked forward. She looked uneasly around her watching everything in fear that something was going to jump out at her. “Hello?” she called uneasly she could have sworn she heard something “Anybody there?” she called again but there was no answer. A cold wind broke the silence, followed by a pair of blood red eyes peering at her through the nettels. She froze wanting to run but unable to. Just as quickly as they had apeered they disappeared. Mama she screamed running out of the forest.

"Darling what is it," her mother asked concerned.

"I-I was scared," she weeped into her mothers dress

"Oh darling there's nothing to be scared of," she said in her reassuring soothing voice "I'll always be here,".

But then she came.




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