Else was forced to flee from
her homeland and was raised with her cousin Orla who's always sheltered from the truth by her fathers he king of a small kingdom in Scotland. One day when he remarries to the queen of England the truth spills out. Why she had to flee to run to keep out of harms way. To find out the truth would bring dark secrets out of everyone.


1. New beginnings

"I hope you are comfortable in your new home," said the old man with a thick Scottish accent as he escorted the peasant girl to her chambers. "All ist meins?" she asked in aww by the size and beauty of the room. "umm," said the old man looking over at a younger man with red hair "yes it's all yours," replied the young man "Welcome to Dornoch Castle my lady,". She ran her hands along the cold stone wall and made her way to a wooden wardrobe. " Das ist," she started to say as she ran her fingers along the patterns carved in the wood. In one swift movement she opened the thick wooden doors reviling silk gowns of all sizes. She picked out a long green one. A gold belt hung just above the waist of the dress and gold trimming along the sleeves. She held the dress up to her little body "That one will suite quite nicely and bring out your eyes," said a little girls voice.

"Orla." said the girl with excitement in her voice, as she turned to see a girl standing in the door. "Hello Else," she smiled.



"Else,Else, come on you hag it's time to your lazey butt out of bed," said a voice full of excitement waking her from her dream. "Good morning Orla," replied else refusing to open her eyes. "wake up," Orla yelled. Else squinted as the bright sun flashed in her eyes. She was greeted by a pair of bright blue eyes so blue they appeared to look like water. "Right now that your up," Orla said turning away and in doing so she hit Else in the face with her curly fire red hair "we have a lot of stuff going on today,"

"like what?" asked Else propping heels up in her hands. " The big feast in honor of our new queen," replied Orla. "Oh that," replied Else as she plopped back down. "You look like a bear with your hair around your head like that," Orla laughed. It was true the way her brown hair with touches of gold and red which she had inherited from her father, floated around her head. "Do shut up," Else replied with a stern voice. Orla tried not to laughed but it was impossible with her mix of a Scottish and German accent. "Ohh Else you are so hard to take seriously," Orla giggled "raus sie lästige person," she said throwing a pillow at her "ok I'm going," Orla said before pulling the big wooden door shut. Else sighed as she laid back down on her pillow. "ish hasse sie," she said laughing "Surely you don't mean that," said a young man as he walked into to her room from a small door in the back. He had jet black hair and a British accent "sometimes I really do hate her," she replied "but you know in a sisterly way," she smiled "it's impossible to hate Orla."

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