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1. Luke.

I sat in the dressing room as I heard the screams

of our fans echoing through the halls and

bouncing off of the walls, I waited to hear us

being called onto the stage to perform, we were

currently in Connecticut waiting to perform to

thousands of fans, I had nervous in my stomach

and I headed to do our ritual before the

performance, brush our teeth. Our next

destination was to Sydney, back home and I was

so excited to see all my friends and family to

catch up on all of the things we missed while we

were gone. We had a concert set up when we get

back to Sydney, I always get nervous before a

concert but the idea of performing in front of

people who knew us personally sent nerves

shooting through me, wondering if they'd enjoy

our performance, we heard our name be called

onto the stage and as we all headed onto stage,

I thought to myself this will be a good show.

After the show was finished we all got off of stage, heading

back to our dressing rooms to take a shower as I felt the sweat

drip off of my face and run down my shirt, I finished my shower

and got my bags all packed on the bus and headed to the airport

back to Sydney we went and I was so excited.

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