Dark Desire

inside a doctors office is a lab ran by two phlebotomists who happen to be real life vampires.


1. the premise:the turning

the year is 1939.the town is savannah,Georgia.darkness falls upon all man kind as a train arriving from New Orleans,Louisiana carrying precious cargo overturns crashing into the train station.in a burst of flames all living persons in the 50 yard radius burns alive as far as all outside that radius known.to their surprise two survived only to have their lives changed.

Randy pulling Samantha from the car"I'm glad that you talked me into leaving Alanna home with my parents."

Samantha"I didn't think it would've been wise traveling so far with a young child.i had no clue this was gonna happen."

Randy looking around"how did we survive this?"pointing around at the ashes."we should've died"

Samantha rubbing her neck"I feel like I've been drained.literally."

Randy looking at her neck"babe where did you get the marks?"

Samantha looking at him"what marks?"

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